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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Jonathan Swift to Edward Harley - 2

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DUBLIN, FEB. 16, 1733.

THE bearer, Mr. Faulkner, the prince of Dublin printers, will have the honour to deliver you this. He tells me, your lordship was so gracious as to admit him into your presence, and receive him with great condescension, which encouraged him to hope for the same favour again, by my mediation, which I could not refuse. Although, for his own profit, he is engaged in a work that very much discontents me, yet I would rather have it fall into his hands, than any other's on this side.

I am just recovered, in some degree, of two cruel indispositions, of giddiness and deafness, after seven months. I have got my hearing; but the other evil hangs still about me, and I doubt will never quite leave me, until I leave it.

I hope your lordship, and lady Oxford[1] and lady Margaret[2], continue in perfect health. I pray God preserve you all, for the good of your friends, and your country.

I am, with entire respect and esteem,

Your lordship's most obedient,

and most obliged servant,

  1. Lady Henrietta Cavendish Holles, only daughter and heir of his grace John Holles, duke of Newcastle, was married to his lordship the 31st of October, 1713.
  2. This lady was married to William Bentinck, duke of Portland, July 11, 1734.