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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Jonathan Swift to Martha Whiteway - 2

FEB. 18, 1735-6.

I PITY you and your family, and I heartily pray for both: I pity myself, and my prayers are not wanting; but I pity not him[1]. I count already that you and I and the world must lose him: but do not lose yourself. I was born to a million of disappointments: I had set my heart very much upon that young man; but I find he has no business in so corrupt a world. Therefore pray take courage from christianity, which will assist you when humanity fails: I wish I were in his condition, with his virtues. I am a little mending, to my shame be it spoken. I shall also lose a sort of a son as well as you: only our cases are different; for you have more, and it is your duty to preserve yourself for them. I am ever your most affectionate and obedient, &c.

  1. Theophilus Harrison, esq., a young gentleman of three and twenty, who was then upon his death bed.