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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Jonathan Swift to Martha Whiteway - 5

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NOV. 27, 1738.

I NEVER liked a letter from you on your usual days of coming here, for it always brings me bad news. I am heartily sorry for your son's continuing his illness, and that you have now two patients in your house. In the mean time pray take care of your health, chiefly your wicked colick, and Mrs. Harrison's disposition to a fever. I hope at least things will be better on Thursday[1], else I shall be full of the spleen, because it is a day you seem to regard, although I detest it, and I read the third chapter of Job that morning[2]. I am deafer than when you saw me last, and indeed am quite cast down. My hearty love and service to Mrs. Harrison. I thoroughly pity you in your present circumstances. I am ever yours entirely. God support you!

  1. Dr. Swift's birthday.
  2. This chapter he always read upon his birthday.