The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Josiah Hort to Jonathan Swift - 1


FEBRUARY 23, 1735-6.

I SEND you the whole piece[2], such as it is: I fear you will find the addition, pursuant to your hint, heavy; for I could not get my imagination warmed to the same degree as in the former part. I hope you will supply what shall be wanting of spirit; and when you have pruned the rough feathers, the ands and thats, &c. you will send the Kite to the Faulconer, to set it a flying. I am your very faithful and obedient servant.

May not I claim three or four copies when printed?

  1. Dr. Josiah Harte, afterward archbishop of Tuam.
  2. A satire on Quadrille, for which Mr. Faulkner the printer was sent to Newgate.