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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Michael Clancy to Jonathan Swift - 1


DEC. 27th, 1737.

WHEN I strive to express the thorough sense I have of your humanity and goodness, my attempt ceases in admiration of them. You have favoured my performance with some degree of approbation, and you have considered my unfortunate condition by a mark of your known benevolence: from my very soul I sincerely thank you. That approbation, which in some more happy periods of my life would have made me proud even to vanity, has now in my distress comforted and soothed my misery.

If I did not fear being troublesome, I should do myself the honour of waiting upon you, if you will be pleased to permit me to do so. At anytime I am ready to obey your command; and am, with the utmost respect and gratitude, sir, your most obliged humble servant,