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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 13/From Voltaire to Charles Jean-Baptiste Fleuriau – 1

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JUNE, 1727.

HITHERTO I have confined myself to a tacit admiration of your management of the publick affairs of Europe; but it is impossible for a person, who has your glory so much at heart, and for whom you have a sincere affection, to keep silence any longer, and not to present his sincere compliments to you upon the wisdom of your conduct.

Besides, I could not decline the honour, which the celebrated dean Swift does me, in offering to deliver this letter to your lordship. I am sensible that he is already known to you by fame, and that you are desirous of his acquaintance. He does honour to a nation which you highly esteem. You have perused the translations of several pieces attributed to him; and who is more capable than you, my lord, of discovering the beauties of an original, even through the veil of an inelegant version? I apprehend you will not be sorry to dine in company with dean Swift, and the president Henault: and I also flatter myself, that the liberty I take in introducing to your acquaintance one of the most extraordinary men that England ever produced; one who is most capable of forming a just idea of your truly great qualities, will be considered by you as a token of my sincere attachment to your person.

I shall ever remain, with the most profound respect and esteem, my lord, your lordship's most obedient humble servant,