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The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift/Volume 18/Letter from Unknown Person to Jonathan Swift - 3

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MONTROSE, DEC. 17, 1734.

SOME people here having flattered me that I have a genius for poetry, and my circumstances a little favouring it, I have resolved to turn my thoughts that way: I have already tried my talent on some little amusements, and have had the pleasure in secret to see them pretty well received; but few here being much conversant in that study, can be proper judges; and as I would not venture my character abroad in the world without the advice of those who have succeeded in it, I thought I could not more properly apply than to you, who have been pretty happy that way. What I mean is, that you would be pleased to furnish me with a theme to try my genius, with what rules you may think necessary. I expect your compliance with this, as it is the first, at least of this nature, you ever had from this place; and as soon as it is finished, you may expect a copy of the performance from, sir, your most humble servant,

* * * * * * [1].

  1. As this letter seems to have been written by some very young adventurer in poetry, we choose to suppress the name, especially as we cannot tell what answer he received from Dr. Swift, or whether afterward he applied himself with success to Apollo and the Muses.