The World Factbook (1982)/Definitions, Abbreviations, and Explanatory Notes

Definitions, Abbreviations, and Explanatory Notes:Edit

Dates of Information:

  • Population figures are projected estimates for 1 July 1982; the average annual growth rates listed are projected estimates for the period mid-1981 to mid-1982,
  • Military manpower estimates are as of 1 January 1982, except the numbers of males reaching military age, which are projected averages for the five-year period 1982-86.
  • In addition, although research for this edition was generally completed in January 1982, major political developments through 25 April 1982 have been included.

Fiscal Year: The abbreviation FY stands for fiscal year; all years are calendar years unless otherwise indicated.

GDP and GNP: GDP is the total market value of all goods and services produced within the domestic borders of a country over a particular time period, normally a year. GNP equals GDP plus the income accruing to domestic residents arising from investment abroad less income earned in the domestic market accruing to foreigners abroad.

Imports, Exports, and Aid: Standard abbreviations used in individual entries throughout this factbook are c.i.f (cost, insurance, and freight), f.o.b. (free on board), ODA (official development assistance), and OOF (other official flows).

Land Utilization: Most of the land utilization percentages are rough estimates. Figures for "arable" land in some cases reflect the area under cultivation rather than the total cultivable area.

Maritime Zones: Fishing and economic zones claimed by coastal states are included only when they differ from territorial sea limits. Maritime claims do not necessarily represent the position of the United States Government.

Money: All money figures are in contemporaneous US dollars unless otherwise indicated.

Oil Terms: Barrel (bbl) and barrels per day (b/d) are used to express volume of crude oil and refined products; a barrel equals 42.00 gallons, 158.99 liters, 5.61 cubic feet, or 0.16 cubic meters.

Some of the countries and governments included in this publication are not fully independent, and others are not officially recognized by the United States Government.