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About 4,000 km2


Limits of territorial waters: 12 nm (fishing 200 nm; exclusive economic zone 200 nm)

Coastline: about 2,525 km


Population: 155,000 (July 1982), annual growth rate 2.2%

Nationality: noun—French Polynesian(s); adjective—French Polynesian

Ethnic divisions: 78% Polynesian, 12% Chinese, 6% local French, 4% metropolitan French

Religion: mainly Christian; 55% Protestant, 32% Catholic


Official name: Territory of French Polynesia

Type: overseas territory of France

Capital: Papeete

Political subdivisions: five districts

Legal system: based on French; lower and higher courts

Branches: 33-member Territorial Assembly, popularly elected; 5-member Council of Government, elected by Assembly; popular election of two deputies to National Assembly and one senator to Senate in Paris

Government leader: High Commissioner and President of the Council of Government Paul NOIROT-COSSON, appointed by French Government

Suffrage: universal adult

Elections: every five years, last in May 1977

Political parties and leaders: Le Front Uni, autonomist coalition, Francis Sanford; Tahoeraa Huiraatira, conservative Gaullist, Gaston Flosse

Voting strength (1977 election): Le Front Uni, 14 seats; Tahoerra Huiraatira, 10 seats; independents, 9 seats


GDP: $636.8 million (1976), $4,550 per capita

Agriculture: coconut main crop

Major industries: maintenance of French nuclear test base, tourism

Electric power: 67,000 kW capacity (1981); 160 million kWh produced (1979), 1,074 kWh per capita

Exports: $21 million (1977); principal products—coconut products (79%), mother-of-pearl (14%), vanilla (1971)

Imports: $419 million (1977); principal items—fuels, foodstuffs, equipment

Major trade partners: imports—59% France, 14% US; exports—86% France

Aid: France $91 million (1978)

Budget: $180 million in 1979; ODA and OOF commitments from Western (non-US countries)

Monetary conversion rate: 100 CFP=1NZ$ (1971)


Highways: 3,700 km, all types

Ports: 1 major, 6 minor

Airfields: 38 total, 38 usable; 16 with permanent-surface runways, 2 with runways 2,440-3,659 m, 14 with runways 1,220-2,439 m

Civil air: about 3 major transport aircraft

Telecommunications: 17,302 telephones (12.9 per 100 popl.); 72,000 radio and 14,000 TV sets; 5 AM, 2 FM, and 6 TV stations; 1 ground satellite station


Defense is responsibility of France