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Bouvet Island
(territory of Norway)

World Factbook (1990) Bouvet Island.jpg

 See regional map XII


Total area: 58 km²; land area: 58 km²

Comparative area: about 0.3 times the size of Washington, DC

Land boundaries: none

Coastline: 29.6 km

Maritime claims:

Contiguous zone: 10 nm
Continental shelf: 200 meters or to depth of exploitation
Extended economic zone: 200 nm
Territorial sea: 4 nm

Climate: antarctic

Terrain: volcanic; maximum elevation about 800 meters; coast is mostly inacessible

Natural resources: none

Land use: 0% arable land; 0% permanent crops; 0% meadows and pastures; 0% forest and woodland; 100% other

Environment: covered by glacial ice

Note: located in the South Atlantic Ocean 2,575 km south-southwest of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa


Population: uninhabited


Long-form name: none

Type: territory of Norway


Overview: no economic activity


Ports: none; offshore anchorage only

Telecommunications: automatic meteorological station

Defense Forces

Note: defense is the responsibility of Norway