The World Factbook (1990)/Iraq-Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone

Iraq-Saudi Arabia Neutral Zone

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 See regional map VI


Total area: 3,520 km²; land area: 3,520 km²

Comparative area: slightly larger than Rhode Island

Land boundaries: 389 km total; 191 km Iraq, 198 km Saudi Arabia

Coastline: none—landlocked

Maritime claims: none—landlocked

Climate: harsh, dry desert

Terrain: sandy desert

Natural resources: none

Land use: 0% arable land; 0% permanent crops; 0% meadows and pastures; 0% forest and woodland; 100% other (sandy desert)

Environment: harsh, inhospitable

Note: landlocked; located west of quadri-point with Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia


Population: uninhabited


Long-form name: none

Type: joint administration by Iraq and Saudi Arabia; in July 1975, Iraq and Saudi Arabia signed an agreement to divide the zone between them, but the agreement must be ratified, however, before it becomes effective


Overview: no economic activity


Highways: none; some secondary roads

Defense Forces

Note: defense is the joint responsibility of Iraq and Saudi Arabia