The Writings of Carl Schurz/From James A. Garfield, October 15th, 1880

Mentor, Oct. 15, 1880.

My dear Schurz: At last we have got down to the bottom of our news-bag—on the election of last Tuesday, and find the extent of the victory. It is clear to me that the chief force which produced the result was the fear of patriotic business men that they could not safely entrust the country and its great material interests in the hands of a party so full of dangerous and reactionary tendencies as the present Democracy.

The drift of the debate during the last three weeks has been very markedly in the business direction. Our friends in Cleveland were deeply impressed by your speech as were also the people of Toledo. Your work was felt and appreciated every where. I hope you will be able to strike some more blows, at the nerve centers, between now and November. I hear that there is some antagonism between the German Republican leaders in New York City, which it is thought you might do much to allay. Of this you know better than I. I shall be glad to know how the field looks to you now. With thanks for your very effective work, and with kind regards.