The Writings of Carl Schurz/From Murat Halstead, February 16th, 1877

Cincinnati, Feb. 16, 1877.

I do not know that there is any reason why when I have anything on my mind about you that I should not write it to you.

It is my impression that Hayes will rule out in his Cabinet appointments all candidates for the Presidential nomination. This of course excludes Bristow along with Morton and Blaine.

I know that Hayes feels that you should be recognized by the Administration and satisfied, and I want him to appoint you to the Cabinet. It is my guess that he will have Evarts and Sherman in the Cabinet for the State and Treasury Departments, and I want you to get the Interior, and as a matter of fact I hope to work in my way to that end with some effect.

I would like to feel that I am not crossing your wishes in this—and I do not know how to get at it except by writing to you in this way with the completest understanding that you are not under the slightest obligation to reply.

Perhaps, however, I am on the wrong track—that in all sincerity you would prefer not to go into the Cabinet, but abroad to Austria—though I think not.

At any rate I am resolved to give Hayes a push on the subject. I thought of the State Department at first—but the premiership is only nominal and the Interior would give the best field for work.

Now, I would not venture to write to you like this if I did not feel that you know just why I do it—and that I have been thoroughly candid.