The Writings of Carl Schurz/To Mrs. Schurz, October 23d, 1855


Watertown, Oct. 23, 1855.[1]

I might recently have been initiated into local politics. The State elections will be in November. The present governor, Barstow, who would like to be re-elected, is travelling about the State stumping for himself. He attended a large meeting here yesterday. A few days ago a delegation of citizens came to me, and asked if I would make the address of welcome to the governor and advocate his re-election. The present administration has been managing the finances of the State in such an unscrupulous way, and altogether their political principles are so entirely opposed to mine, especially in regard to National politics, that I declined their request and refused to support Barstow. By the way, I have frequently been asked if I would not take part in politics as soon as possible, and I am assured on all sides that I could be elected to the State assembly as soon as I should consent to be a candidate. So there is a possibility of our spending some months in Madison, the State capital, a year from this winter. I realize more and more what a wide field is open to me here and that, in a way, I need only grasp the opportunities presenting themselves in order to succeed. Many stimulating interests will come into our lives and variety and change will not be lacking.

  1. Translated from the German.