I. Home By Richard Le Gallienne Page 11
II. The Bohemian Girl Henry Harland 12
III. Vespertilia Graham R. Tomson 49
IV. The House of Shame H. B. Marriott Watson 53
V. Rondeaux d'Amour Dolf Wyllarde 87
VI. Wladislaw's Advent Ménie Muriel Dowie 90
VII. The Waking of Spring Olive Custance 116
VIII. Mr. Stevenson's Forerunner James Ashcroft Noble 121
IX. Red Rose Leila Macdonald 143
X. Margaret C. S. 147
XI. Of One in Russia Richard Garnett, LL.D. 155
XII. Theodora, a Fragment Victoria Cross 156
XIII. Two Songs Charles Sydney 189
XIV. A Falling Out Kenneth Grahame 195
XV. Hor. Car. I. 5 Charles Newton-Robinson 202
XVI. Henri Beyle Norman Hapgood 207
XVII. Day and Night E. Nesbit 234
XVIII. A Thief in the Night Marion Hepworth Dixon 239
XIX. An Autumn Elegy C. W. Dalmon 247
XX. The End of an Episode Evelyn Sharp 255
XXI. 1880 Max Beerbohm 275
XXII. Proem to "The Wonderful Mission of Earl Lavender" John Davidson 284

I. Study of a Head By H. J. Draper Page 7
II. A Sussex Landscape William Hyde 45
III. Hôtel Royal, Dieppe Walter Sickert 80
IV. Bodley Heads. No. 1: Mr. Richard Le Gallienne Walter Sickert 80
V. Portrait of Mr. George Moore Walter Sickert 80
VI. Rustem Firing the First Shot Patten Wilson 118
VII. A Westmorland Village W. W. Russell 144
VIII. The Knock-out A. S. Hartrick 152
IX. Design for a Fan Charles Conder 191
X. Bodley Heads. No. 2: Mr. John Davidson Will Rothenstein 203
XI. Plein Air Miss Sumner 235
XII. A Lady in Grey P. Wilson Steer 249
XIII. Portrait of Emil Sauer P. Wilson Steer 249
XIV. The Mysterious Rose Garden Aubrey Beardsley 273
XV. The Repentance of Mrs. * * * * Aubrey Beardsley 273
XVI. Portrait of Miss Winifred Emery Aubrey Beardsley 273
XVII. Double-page Supplement: Frontispiece for Juvenal Aubrey Beardsley 273


Volume IVJanuary, 1895

The Editor of The Yellow Book can in no case hold himself responsible for unsolicited manuscripts; when, however, they are accompanied by stamped addressed envelopes, every effort will be made to secure their prompt return.

The Yellow Book

An Illustrated Quarterly

Volume IV January, 1895

London : John Lane, The Bodley Head, Vigo Street
Boston : Copeland & Day
Agents for the Colonies : Robt. A. Thompson & Co.

Ballantyne Press
London & Edinburgh

This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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