The definitive cure of constipation

Chronic constipation
by Arnold Ehret

The second part of this booklet is an essay by Dr. Benedict Lust. Although the copyright on the booklet says 1922, and thus that date probably puts the entire booklet into the public domain, from internal evidence it is clear that Lust's essay was written (or re-edited) after the age of Television. Thus it is not included here.



Copyright 1922, Dr. Benedict Lust

The Internal Uncleanliness of ManEdit

Chronic constipation is the worst and most common crime against life and mankind--a crime unconsciously committed, and one whose full enormity is not yet fully realized. It stands accused of being one of the principal causative factors of all physical and mental diseases. I know as a fact, from my practical experience with thousands of chronically diseased, that the life of man, and the extent of his mental and spiritual capabilities are largely influenced by the condition of the alimentary tract. It is certainly very important that the brain and nerves of man are supplied with pure blood, and are not dependent on blood, polluted with impurities, arising from an unclean alimentary canal. "Unclean" is too mild a word, when we are dealing with the worst kind of a filthy condition.

It is a fact that man, the product of the present "civilized" society of this much vaunted "advanced" twentieth century, is born unhealthy, because his mother, during pregnancy, is almost invariably suffering from constipation. And I say further, that while in this state, she usually eats two to three times as much as is necessary. This causes the so-called normal, more or less healthy man, to be somewhat encumbered from infancy. And to a much greater extent, is the constipated one--who is loaded with such a mass of internal filth, that it can only be called "indescribable." His alimentary tract, reaching up from the mouth of the anus to his throat, is filled with a morbid mucus--undigested, decayed and retained food-substances, all of which are in a state of fermentation and putrefaction. His intestines have never had a perfect cleansing during his entire life. At the conclusion of each discharge, the anus must be artificially cleansed, which shows that the internal walls of the intestines must also retain, after each passage, quantities of this same filth.

A physician of Berlin, whose life work was the performing of autopsies, stated that 60 per cent of all the corpses contained in the alimentary canal various foreign mater--worms and putrefied feces--and he further stated that in nearly all cases the walls of the intestines and colon were lined with a crust of hardened feces, making it evident that these organs had degenerated to a state of utter inefficiency. Progressive American physicians are rapidly awakening to the fact that retained fecal matter is one of the chief causes of disease. Autopsies are constantly revealing indescribable filthy astounding conditions. One physician publishes the following:

"I have found a prototype of the cause of all diseases of the human body, the foundation of premature old age and death. Surprising as it may seem, out of two hundred and eighty-four cases of autopsy held, but twenty-eight colons were found to be free from hardened feces and in a normal and healthy state. The others, as described above, were to a more or less extent incrusted with hardened, rotten, rejected food material. Many were distended to twice their natural size throughout their whole length with a small hole through the center and almost universally these last cases mentioned had regular bowel evacuations daily. Some of them contained large worms from four to six inches in length.

"My experience from day to day developed startling discoveries in the form of worms and nests of eggs, that we daily get from patients, accompanied by blood and pus. As I stood looking at the colon and reservoir of death, I expressed myself in wonder that any one can live a week, much less for years, with such a cesspool of death and contagion always with him. The absorption of the deadly poison back into the circulation cannot help but cause all the contagious diseases. The recent treatment of hemorrhage of the bowels in typhoid fever has shown it to be caused by maggots and worms eating into the sensitive membrane and tapping a vein or artery. In fact, my experience during the past ten years has proven, by the rapid recovery of all diseases after the colon was cleansed, that in the colon itself lies the basic cause of almost all human ailments."

That this revolting and indescribable condition arises from the almost universal ignorance of right selection of food, reveals why the "Mucus less Diet Healing System" is such an important discovery and development for the regeneration of mankind.

On the outside, the man of today is carefully groomed, perhaps unnecessarily and over carefully clean; while inside he is dirtier than the dirtiest animal--whose anus is as clean as its mouth, provided said animal has not been "domesticated" by "civilized" man.

Long ago Naturopathy proved, that in every disease there is a constitutional encumbrance of foreign matter, a clogging-up of the system. That statement of fact is not sufficiently explicit. The encumbering matters, substances which would become dangerous if they were foreign to the body, and of no use to the system, consist of masses of accumulated feces, undigested food, morbid mucus, and retained superfluous water, all in a state of fermentation and decomposition. Truly, chronically constipated man constantly carries in his intestines a veritable cesspool, by which the blood stream is continually polluted and poisoned, a fact which only a skilled observer can at once detect by facial diagnosis. Official medical science and the inexpert layman do not suspect "constipation" when the individual consumes from three to five meals a day, while he is having one so-called, good bowel movement. Man imagines that his "comfortable fatted" body is a sign of health; at the same time he is as much in fear of a cold wind and "germs" as he is of the devil. When such a "well-fed" man who is usually constipated, takes a fast or is put on a "mucus-less diet"--as I have advised hundreds as their last resort--will discharge masses of putrescent filth, fetid urine loaded with mucus, salt, uric acid, fat, drugs, albumen and pus, according to his disease.

The most surprising effect of these treatments is the immense quantity of the discharged feces and the fetid exhalation from both the mouth and skin. But the most important "discharge" is the elimination through the circulation into the urine. The urine of everybody will then show a sediment of mucus as soon as he fasts a little or reduces the quantity of his food, or makes a change toward natural, mucus less foods. Doctors call it "disease" and it is in fact a self-cleansing process of the body.

This self-elimination through the circulation is the body's most wonderful healing work of every disease. To control this process by food and food quantities is the only true, natural and most perfect therapeutic art of healing and is in no other "treatment" so successfully accomplished as in the "Mucus less Diet Healing System."

This elimination--especially that of the sick man after a long period of misery, suffering and unsuccessful medical treatment--is man's "greatest event." He now realizes what he had never thought of--and what only a few physicians in the world have ever understood as I did, through thousands of cases--that mostly all civilized men are walking, living cesspools, due to chronic constipation.

All his former unsuccessful treatments now appear to him in a tragic-comical light. He now knows exactly where the source of his suffering is to be found, no matter what the name of the disease may be. He now understands that he was wrongly and ignorantly treated by the doctors who "suppressed the disease," without eliminating the filth, which was retained in his entire system, especially in his alimentary canal, since childhood, and which condition constituted the principal causative factor of the disease.

The Effect of LaxativesEdit

I believe that neither physicians nor laymen really know or understand how and why the body performs the laxative effect of these different remedies. Official medical science knows very little about the "why" of the drugs. Their application is based upon the experience only that each one has "a special effect."

All laxatives contain more or less poisons, that is, to enter the circulation in a concentrated form. The protective instinct of the body reacts instantly by a greater water supply into the stomach from the blood in order to dissolve and weaken the dangerous substance; the intestines are stimulated for increased and quickened activity, and so the "solution" is discharged, only taking parts of the feces along. This is the physiological explanation, and you can see that the effect is an abnormal stimulation of vitality in general, and of the intestinal nerves in particular. It is an open secret that all laxatives finally fail, because the constantly overloaded intestines are being over-stimulated by the laxatives and thereby slowly paralyzed. To continually increase the laxatives year after year, instead of changing the diet, means SUICIDE--slow, but sure.

The Real and Deeper Cause of ConstipationEdit

Constipation itself is a disease, and a really "severe" one, at that, because in severe cases it burdens the system with a heavy load of filth, sometimes weighing as much as ten pounds or more. Disease as such is an abnormal, unnatural condition; even "orthodox" physicians agree on that. We should expire slowly and painlessly, when vitality is exhausted, had we not lived with disease and suffering. That cases of "natural death" are becoming more infrequent nowadays is further proof of the depths we have sunken into in the "swamps of civilization."

Constipation--this most common disease--has not decreased or improved in spite of thousands of remedies for sale on the market, and in spite of so-called medical science; simply, because the "diet of civilization" is unnatural. The human intestines are not organized at all for this unnatural food to either digest it perfectly, or to expel the unused residue.

Very little is known about foods that are constipating, and those of the opposite kind. What I wrote and proved in my book, "Rational Fasting and Regeneration Diet," regarding the fundamental causative factors of all diseases, constitutes the deepest insight known into the nature of chronic constipation.

Don't you know that bookbinder's paste is made of fine white flour, rice or potatoes? That glue is made from flesh, gristle and bones? Don't you know how sticky these substances are? Don't you know that skimmed milk, buttermilk and cream are the best ingredients to furnish sticky base for colors for painting? That the white of eggs will stick paper or cloths so perfectly that it resists dissolution in water? Every housewife and cook knows how oils and fats stick to the sides of a pan. At least 90 per cent of the "diet of civilization" contains these sticky foods and man stuffs himself daily with awful mixtures of them. Thus the digestive tract is not only clogged up through constipation, but literally glued together with sticky mucus and feces.

Herewith the "mystery" of chronic constipation is unveiled and the story told of the fundamental causative factor of all diseases. Disease is but internal uncleanliness--this simply states a true but woeful fact. Fruits, green leaf and starch less vegetables do not contain these pasty, gluey mucus substances and are natural foods--yet little credit has been given them by doctors or laymen. I will lift the veil and show why they fail to understand. Fruit acids and mineral-rich vegetable juices dissolve the pasty mucus encumbrances. Fruit sugar causes and develops their fermentation and forms gases. This so greatly feared fermentation of the inside filth is another necessary stirring up "process" to prepare them for elimination. Acid and fermented starch and glue lose their sticky ability as soon as they ferment. If an average meat eater or a child fed mostly on starchy foods accidentally eats too freely of good, sweet fruits, a "revolution" in the alimentary canal, with diarrhea usually sets in, and fever is caused through the increased fermentation.

In severe cases, if a doctor stops the diarrhea and feeds, as is usually the procedure, the patient dies, because Nature was kept from accomplishing the cleansing process. The partly dissolved poisons remain in the system, causing death.

The patient literally suffocates in his own mire of filth, accumulated during his life from wrong food material and over-eating. If he does not die, his case ordinarily becomes chronic, which means: Nature is continually trying to expel poisonous mucus and gases, in spite of all obstructions and counteracting remedies. The constipation merely aggravates the process. Instead of eating less, and then only loosening foods, the chronic patient stuffs himself more and more with wrong foods, becomes fatter every day and even takes pleasure in his increased weight. In fact, this over-weight, called health by the misguided ones, is mostly accumulated feces--water--and various kinds of filth. In most cases of tuberculosis, these conditions are typical. Five to six meals a day and one bowel movement or even less--no wonder he takes on weight, looks "full of vigor"--but can never be cured.

Nourishing and Curing LaxativesEdit

No advance physician will deny the relation between any disease and constipation. But today people are far away from Nature and the truth, and they are kept more and more in darkness--when taken sick they do just the opposite of what they should do. The slightest indisposition, a little headache or cold, which is the result of insufficient bowel movement, is treated with more, and so-called better eating--in spite of a decreased appetite. This is the main reason why Influenza, the "Flu," became a fatal disease. Formerly "Flu" was as easy to cure as the harmless "Grippe"--a self-cleansing process of the body, mostly prevalent in springtime. Knowing nothing of "scientific medicine," germs, eta., the patient instinctively followed his lack of appetite, took a mild laxative and very rapidly recovered; usually he felt much better after than before the "healing" disease. Today, he is falsely taught that a germ is responsible--and not his dangerous unhygienic habits. He eats too much, which is against the law of Nature, instead of fasting the way every ailing animal cures itself. But the amount of internal impurities and auto-toxins of man exceed those of any diseased animal. A long fast, therefore, would kill the majority of sick men; however, they would not die by starvation, but would become suffocated from their own poisonous filth. As an authority in fasting I know full well the reason why a fast is so feared by most people, and that it has been misapplied by laymen. It is a crime to advise a constipated patient to fast until his tongue is clean, before removing the "deposits of poisons" from his intestines. I could only succeed in curing very old, severe cases of chronic constipation by relatively long fasts. Man, in regard to health, is more degenerated than any kind of animal. He lost his reason, so to say, about matters of which he thinks the animal has none at all. Yet! his intelligence places him far above the animal and enables him to assist Nature to overcome obstructions and difficulties that could become dangerous. That is the philosophical sense of the Art of Naturopathy.

Therefore, if you want to cure chronic constipation perfectly and without any harm, you must change your diet, and instead of using foods which produce disease and constipation, eat really nourishing foods which loosen up, dissolve and cure. But people are ignorant regarding this truth just as they are about fasting, and they try to do things without previous experience or knowledge, and failure is usually the result. What I call "Mucusless Diet" consists of fresh, ripe fruits and starchless vegetables, for they are the ideal foods, and the fundamental remedies for all diseases. Of course, the application must be intelligently advised by a practitioner graduated from my school of the Mucusless Diet Healing System, or a personal knowledge can be received through the study of my book, the "Mucusless Diet Healing System."

It is an "eating-your-way-to-health" treatment, and consequently the most reasonable method of curing, because wrong eating is the causative factor in all diseases.

These mucusless, nourishing and "laxative," that is dissolving foods, form new blood; the best blood that has ever run through your veins--and at once start the so-called constitutional cure of the body. The circulation of the new blood, permeating every part of the system, dissolves and eliminates the morbid mucus, which is clogging up the entire human organism; it especially loosens the deep-seated impurities in the intestines and renovates the whole system. This, then is the great enlightening fact--why constipation not only can be perfectly cured, but why the "Mucusless Diet" cures when all other treatments have failed.

In severe cases of chronic constipation it is advisable in the beginning, to use as a help, a harmless laxative, to remove the solid obstructions of feces in the intestines; in other words, to eject the worst filth out of a clogged-up pipe system. Enemas consisting of clear, warm water are also a good help in the beginning.

Among numerous laxatives on the market those of botanical origin are the least harmful. After many years of experience, I have prepared a "special mixture" of this kind. It has the advantage of removing the old, solid feces, obstructions and mucus, from the intestines, without causing the usual diarrhea and constipation as an after effect. It is to be used in the beginning only, as an aid, and will not have to be used continually. As soon as the intestines are cleansed from the retained masses of feces and other obstructions and the mucusless or mucus-lean diet is taken up, you will realize the truth of the previously stated facts. You will then perceive with both your eyes and with your nose that I have not exaggerated. And you will become convinced that the state of obstruction was not only localized in your intestines, but that all passages of your entire system were obstructed and constipated with mucus, from your head to your toes.

You will then experience the formerly unbelievable fact--that any kind of disease--even those considered incurable by all doctors--under my treatment soon begin to improve and are finally cured, if a cure is at all possible, simply because the source of poisoning of the system--the chronic constipation--is eliminated. Then the new blood, derived from natural food, circulates "unpoisoned" through the entire system and dissolves and eliminates every local symptom, even in the most deep-seated cases; and it removes the impurities of the entire system, which were mainly supplied from the deposits of poisons and morbid mucus in the intestines, which condition is called Chronic Constipation.


"Life is a tragedy of nutrition" is a statement I made many years ago. Everyone knows we dig our graves with our teeth, but the saddest of all is the present-day superstition of 99 per cent of the people--the most highly educated and the ignorant--the healthy as well as sick--the rich and the poor--that we must eat more concentrated food when weak or sick. Concentrated food, high protein and starchy foods are the most constipating which, as shown in this booklet, accumulate in the form of waste in the alimentary canal. The so-called "good stool" daily is in reality constipation and you may now see that constipation is the main source of every disease and that the average person suffering from constipation can only be healed perfectly by a diet, free from STICKY--GLUEY--PASTY properties and that is a MUCUSLESS DIET.

You may improve your elimination temporarily through laxative remedies--special physical exercises--vibration, massages and various other methods, but you cannot clean out the old obstructions from the alimentary canal and regenerate and cleanse the whole system as long as you eat the same mucus and toxic-forming foods which have caused and continue causing your constipation and all other ailments of the human body.