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The first resolution of the Pirin Macedonian Workers Party


November 5th-6th, 1944

1. Gorna Djumaja region, which consists of Gorna Djumaja, Razlog, Nevrokop, Svetivrach and Petrich districts, is geographically, economically and ethnographically an inseparable part of Macedonia.

2. After a half-century-long heroic struggle for emancipation, finally the foundations for a free Macedonian state have been laid. On Ilinden, August 2nd, of this year, the first Macedonian National Council (ASNOM) was convened and it proclaimed Macedonia a federal state in the framework of a federal Yugoslavia.

3. The population of the Gorna Djumaja region has always, most actively, participated in the liberation struggle of the whole Macedonian people. With their active participation under the banner of the Fatherland Front in the struggle against Bulgarian fascism in the most recent years the Party and the population of the Gorna Djumaja region were aware that a victory over fascism would clear the way for the resolution of the Macedonian issue, the unification of the three parts of Macedonia into a single Macedonian state.

4. The reunification of the Gorna Djumaja region with the Macedonian state is in the interest of the fraternal Bulgarian people. This clears the way for a South Slav federation, which will consolidate the friendship between the peoples of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria and which will guarantee their freedom.

5. After the establishment of a fascist dictatorship in Bulgaria in 1923, a terrorist regime of Greater-Bulgarian Vrhovists, traitors to the May Manifest, was imposed in the Gorna Diumaja region. This regime did not permit until May 19th, 1934 the legal existence of Bulgarian political parties in Gorna Djumaja. At the same time, in the period until September 9th of this year, a Communist party organization operated there in clandestine circumstances. Until September 9th, in the established committees of the Fatherland Front and in Partisan detachments except for communists and people who did not belong to any party there were no representatives of any other party.

From the above statement it is obvious that the Conference has decided that it is necessary to reorganize the activity of the Party organization preparing the region for its reunification with the Macedonian state. The Conference has stated that the practical implementation of reunification should be a part of a friendly accord between the Macedonian federal government, the Supreme Government of Tito's federal Yugoslavia and the Fatherland Front government of Bulgaria.

For the appropriate realization of these preparations the Conference has decided:

1. In the future the Party organization will be called COMMUNIST PARTY OF MACEDONIA (CPM), thus by the same name as the Party organization in free Macedonia.

2. While the Dolna Djumaja region is administered by Bulgaria, the regional committee of the Party will retain Party links and receive Party directives from the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers' Party (c) with autonomous rights on all issues pertaining to Macedonian problems.

3. The regional committee will preserve close ties with the Communist Party of Macedonia in order to coordinate all activities relevant to the questions of unification and the development of a Macedonian state as well as to prepare for the reunification of the regional Party organization with the Communist Party of Macedonia.

4. The regional Party committee will propose that the Fatherland Front committees in the region, in view of the adjustment of our general political life to that in Macedonia, should appoint MACEDONIAN NATIONAL LIBERATION COMMITTEES under the Fatherland Front and that the Regional Committee should establish links with the ASNOM 'presidium.

5. The regional committee of the Party should, through the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Workers' Party (c) ask the leadership of the Bulgarian Agricultural National Party as well as Social Democratic Party not to establish their party organizations in this region, since such did not exist until September 9th, and to advise their sympathizers in the Gorna Djumaja region to adjust their political life to that in Macedonia. The conference, in order to avoid all misunderstanding of this point, states that it is against any kind of limitations of democratic rights and freedom of the Macedonian people.

Only fascists will not be free in Macedonia.

AM. — Fond: VMRO. K 33, Doc. 2280-2284.

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