The letters of John Hus/Letter 51, To his Friends after the Pope's Flight

For other English-language translations of this work, see Letter of Jan Hus to his friends (after 20 March 1415).

LI. To his Friends after the Pope’s Flight

(Without date: March 21, 1415)

I have been much comforted by the visit of the Bohemian nobles; but I was grieved that I could not see you. Master Christian has left to carry a despatch of Lord Henry’s,[1] and so has Master Jesenicz. The Council is in confusion, I fancy, because of the Pope’s flight. The reason as I have learnt is: in all our transactions whether contemplated or actually in hand God should be put first, human reason second. This they have ignored, with the result that you see, etc.

If God shall give me a happy issue, I will not forget the faithful friend—you know whom I mean: if the issue is otherwise, I commend him to you.[2]

I have got to know that Lord Wilhelm[3] is my friend. Please give him my thanks.

I noticed Baron Wenzel de Duba in tears while he was speaking to me. Lord Mysska[4] was very friendly.

  1. Lacembok’s. For the arrest and release of Christian Prachaticz see p. 196, n. 1. It is possible that the real cause of his departure was concealed from Hus, though cf. p. 212.
  2. Gaoler Robert again.
  3. Wilhelmus (a good instance of Hus’s Latin) is probably William Zajiic of Hasenburg (see p. 232, where he is associated with Mysska).
  4. Wenzel Mysska de Hradek, whose name we find on the petition of the Polish and Czech nobles of May 13 (see infra, pp. 204 and 232).