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A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Sacred Songs/The wounded Side of Jesus

15. The wounded Side of Jesus.

There is an everlasting home
Where contrite souls may hide,
Where death and danger dare not come—
The Saviour's side!
It was a cleft of matchless love
Open'd when he had died,
When mercy hail'd in worlds above—
That wounded side.

Hail! Rock of ages, pierc'd for me,
The grave of all my pride,
Hope, peace, and heav'n are all in thee,
Thy shelt'ring side.
Thence issued forth a double flood,
The sin-atoning tide,
In streams of water and of blood,
From that dear side.

Hail, only living Fount of bliss,
In joy and sorrow tried,
No refuge for the heart like this,
Thou spear-pierc'd side!
Hail, thou the golden gate of heaven!
The entrance for the bride,
From whence the crown of life is giv'n,
Sweet Jesu's side!