An Inn for Journeying Thoughts/Theiss of the Monterey

Boston: The Gorham Press, pages 26–27


When the battle bugles play,
And the battle-flags are flying,
Mid mad music of the fray,
'Tis not hard for soldiers—dying.

But when none is there to tell
Who would crave to dare or die?
Who would face the fires of hell—
Asking not—nor caring—why?

It was but the other day
One there was who knew not fear,
On the war-ship, "Monterey,"
Theiss, the gallant engineer.

His the best and bravest daring;
When the war-ship's boiler burst,
Not for gain or glory caring,
He was in the death-cloud first.

With the bravest volunteer
Who has gone his hero's way,
Rank him—Theiss, the engineer
Of the war-ship, "Monterey."

With his comrades of the crew,
Strong of heart and firm of lip,
While the death blast round them blew,
There they stayed to save the ship.

Of such stuff are heroes made;
With a will they worked away;
Life was duty, death their trade;
But they saved the "Monterey."

Nail our banner to the mast;
Of such spirits brave and bold,
He was neither first nor last;—
We've the metal and the mold!