This is my speech (ISN 006)

This is my speech (ISN 006)  (2005) 

This is my speechEdit


I did not get captured. I voluntearly came to Americans & its allies & turned my self in. There were other people as well that were turning themselfs in and I was among them.


I will be providing living for my family. I will be in service of my father and my family. We have some land and I will be farming in it. Any my goal is, that I'm a tailor and I would like to share a shop in the Bazzar of the District with someone else and continue my tailoring profession, so I can survive and provide living .


My behavior & conduct is known to everyone here in the camp, that I've not even once had any problems with the guards and did not acted in a rude way. Actually I'm totaly against having a bad attitude or being rude, and I've always obeyed camps rules & regulations.


I'm not a threat

(a) I'm a member of a poor family. I do not own any properties and denies from nature's goodies.
(b) Neither I, no my father have ever been a Khan, or a Sherrif , or any seniors of the village. I still do not have any
(c) All my life, I did not work with any parties or groups and never had relations with them or ever know them.
(d) Never carried gun in my life, nor I received one from anybody.
(e) I've never intermediated anybody and never had any enimosity with anyone.
(f) The government can monitor my everyday activities, weather I stay at home or work somewhere in my country. They can see for themselfs to realize who I am, what will I be doing and to find out everything I said were a fact or not? So the above are six different explanations to you, that I am not a fact (threat)
(a) I shouldn't be detained any longer, because I've never caused any problems for you (America) or created one. I voluntearly came to you people.
(b) I did not fight with anybody nor I ever used a gun against anybody.
(c) And with Americans & its allies. I've never caused any kind of interruption of made any wrong move.
(d) If this is a crime because I'm a muslime or an Afghan or if I spent a few night with Taliban due to my obligations and necesseites , allots of Afhgans had to go through that, that shouldn't be considered a sin.
(e) Another thing I'm a poor person, no body is out there to look for me.
(f) Thusfar , there is no reason for this, that I should be detained here, nor I have committed any crime. If on top of all of this I'm still detained here, then I leave everything in your hands, so you can fairly judge into the matter.

Wheather I can not a threat, I have wrettin 6 sections (illegible) and also about my further detension , & have also writtin 6 sentances.


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