The Book of Scottish Song/Tho' simmer smiles

Tho' simmer smiles.

[The first verse and chorus of this song are by Tannahill. The last verse but one is by Motherwell. The other stanzas are by Mr. Gibson, teacher, Greenock. R. A. Smith, who possessed Tannahill's fragment, set it to a Highland air, which he took down from the voice of a country girl in Arran.]

Tho' simmer smiles on bank and brae,
An' nature bids the heart be gay;
Yet a' the joys o' flow'ry May,
Wi' pleasure ne'er can move me.

Hey Donald! howe Donald!
Think upon your vow, Donald!
Mind the heathery knowe, Donald,
Whare ye vow'd to lo'e me.

When first ye climb'd the heath'ry steep,
Wi' me to wear my father's sheep,
The vows ye made ye said ye'd keep,
The vows ye made to lo'e me.
Hey Donald, &c.

But love is but a weary dream,
Its joys are like the summer scene,
Whose beauty is the sunny beam,
That dazzles to deceive me.
Hey Donald, &c.

I downa look on bank or brae,
I downa greet where a' are gay;
But, oh! my heart will break wi' wae,
Gin Donald cease to lo'e me.
Hey Donald, &c.

My father has a haddin braw,
His setting sun's just gaun to fa',
And Donald thou sall get it a',
My Donald gin ye'll lo'e me.
Hey Donald, &c.