Littell's Living Age/Volume 126/Issue 1629/Thou and I

For works with similar titles, see Thou and I.


Strange, strange for thee and me
Sadly afar;
Thou safe, beyond, above,
I 'neath the star;
Thou where flowers deathless spring,
I where they fade;
Thou in God's paradise,
I 'mid the shade.

Thou where each gale breathes balm,
I tempest-tossed;
Thou where true joy is found,
I where 'tis lost.
Thou counting ages thine,
I not the morrow;
Thou learning more of bliss,
I more of sorrow.

Thou in eternal peace,
I 'mid earth's strife;
Thou where care hath no name,
I where 'tis life.
Thou without need of hope,
I where 'tis vain;
Thou with wings dropping light,
I with time's chain.

Strange, strange for thee and me.
Loved, loving ever;
Thou by life's deathless fount,
I near death's river;
Thou winning wisdom's lore,
I strength to trust;
Thou 'mid the seraphim,
I in the dust.

Phœbe Cary.