Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District/Concurrence Stewart

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United States Supreme Court

393 U.S. 503

Tinker  v.  Des Moines Independent Community School District

 Argued: Nov. 12, 1968. --- Decided: Feb 24, 1969

Mr. Justice STEWART, concurring.

Although I agree with much of what is said in the Court's opinion, and with its judgment in this case, I cannot share the Court's uncritical assumption that, school discipline aside, the First Amendment rights of children are co-extensive with those of adults. Indeed, I had thought the Court decided otherwise just last Term in Ginsberg v. New York, 390 U.S. 629, 88 S.Ct. 1274, 20 L.Ed.2d 195. I continue to hold the view I expressed in that case: '(A) State may permissibly determine that, at least in some precisely delineated areas, a child-like someone in a captive audience-is not possessed of that full capacity for individual choice which is the presupposition of First Amendment guarantees.' Id., at 649-650, 88 S.Ct. at 1285-1286 (concurring in result.) Cf. Prince v. Massachusetts, 321 U.S. 158, 64 S.Ct. 438, 88 L.Ed. 645.

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