Poems (Botta)/To Elizabeth Barrett Browning


I have not met thee in this outward world,
Bounded by time and space; but in that realm,
O’er which imagination holds her reign,
There have I seen thy spirit face to face,
Majestic, and yet lovely. There have I
Sat at thy feet to listen to thy voice,
And as the symphony sublimely rose,
Reverence and awe had held me spell-bound there,
But that there fell upon my listening ear
Low breathing sighs, the sound of falling tears,
The under-tone of human love and woe,
That touched the trembling chords of sympathy,
And drew me near to thy great woman’s heart.

Thou crownéd queen of Song! from this free land
That owns allegiance only unto God
And Genius, his anointed, o’er the sea
I send my vows of homage, and my heart
Sends love and blessings unto thee and thine.