Lapsus Calami (Apr 1891)/To T. M. W.

Dated 1890, "To T. M. W." was first published in the "Circuit Songs" section of the first edition of Lapsus Calami. It was dropped from the third edition and never reinstated.

To T. M. W.

(Air: Drink to me only.)

Drink to me only with thine eyes and I'll pledge thee with mine,
Leave but some coffee in thy cup and I'll not ask for wine.
A circuit dinner, as I know, doth ask a drink divine,
Yet would I scorn the mess champagne, could I get but that liquor of thine.
I sent thee late a prosy brief, not so much honouring thee,
As in the hope that thou wouldst work and I should get the fee.
Thou sent'st it back: it was endorsed with judgement against me.
'Tis still unpaid and smells I swear of lemonade and tea.