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4Q88 Psalms f , translated from Hebrew by Wikisource
This scroll was found in Qumran Cave 4. It contains fragments of several Psalms as well as some apocryphal psalms.

Psalm 22Edit

Psalm 107Edit

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Apostrophe to ZionEdit

Eschatological HymnEdit


The masses

will worship God for He hast

came to judge everything

and to [get] rid the earth of evil

so that sinners shall find no repose at all

the heavens shall give their due

and there will be no wrong doings here

The earth will produce crops in its season

and they shall not fail

The fruit trees shall [...] of their vineyards

ans their springs shall not be dry

The poor shall eat, for those [people] who follow the LORD will not be hungry.

Apostrophe to JudahEdit

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