Translation:Annex 1

Forged document purporting to be by the Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs

ANNEX 1 The direction of judicial affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the person of his Excellency the Minister and the support of [orig. “la tien”? Possibly “le soutien,” with the backing/support of... A possible variant would be “ the person of his Excellency the Minister concurring with the Ministry of Mines in the person of....] the Ministry of Mines in the person of the Minister in Charge, gathered in assembly, declared as follows:

  • The State Court, called upon to deliver an opinion in accordance with Article 20 of Ordinance n° 74-13 of July 5th, 2000, concerning the creation, composition, attribution[s] and functions of the State Court, arraigned in the Palace Council Chamber of the said Court on Wednesday July 7th, 2000, at nine o’clock;
  • Read the letter n° 488/MJ/SO of July 3rd, 2000, of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation:

Requesting to solicit a favourable opinion from the State Court on the following points [accounts, clauses]:

  • If on one hand the Protocol of Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Niger and the Government of Iraq concerning the purchase of pure uranium, signed on July 6th 2000, in Niamey conforms to the laws of the Republic of Niger, and if it constitutes a valid and binding engagement for the Republic;
  • If further it had been duly signed and approved by the Government of Iraq in compliance with all administrative norms applicable and thus constituting for the said government a valid and binding agreement;


That the State of Niger has satisfied all the requirements of constitutional law and all other principals of law for a valid and lawfully binding assumption of all obligations resulting therein [from, within] the Protocol of Agreement;

That the representative of the State of Niger and the representative of Iraq, who have signed in the names of their respective governments, had the lawful power of representation.

Were present Misters:

Mamadou Malan Aouami, President of the Court of Niger; Hadj Nadjir, Counsellor [or advisor, lawyer] of the Government of Iraq, Mahamane Boukari, Acting Counsellor [or advisor, lawyer] of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Niger, in the presence of Mr. Bandiaire Ali, Attorney General of Iraq, and with the assistance of Master Maiga Ali, Chief [first] Clerk.