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Translation:Announcement of the Revolutionary Council No. 1 dated October 20, 1958

Announcement of the Revolutionary Council No. 1 dated October 20, 1958
(Thai: ประกาศของคณะปฏิวัติ ฉบับที่ ๑ ลงวันที่ ๒๐ ตุลาคม ๒๕๐๑)

by the Government of Thailand, translated from Thai by Wikisource


No. 1[1]


WHEREAS the Revolutionary Council, consisting in the Land Staff, the Maritime Staff, the Air Staff, the Police Staff and the Civilians, has, in the Name of the Thai People, taken over the power of national administration this October 20, BE 2501 (1958), 21:00 hours, it is hereby announced that all the private citizens are commanded to carry out their occupations as before, that all the public officers are commanded to discharge their duties as usual, that every person is commanded to remain calm, that no person is permitted to perform any act likely to place the Nation in danger of unrest, that no armed forces are allowed to be moved unless by virtue of the orders of the Leader of the Revolutionary Council and that the commanders of all armed forces are commanded to serve and follow the same orders.

It is also announced to all the military officers and the police officers that, in this seizure of power, none of their commanders are changed, that they are commanded to be subject to the authority of their existing commanders and that they are commanded to hear the orders of such commanders.

Announced this 20th Day of October, 2501 (1958).

Field Marshal Sarit THANARAT,
Leader of the Revolutionary Council.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 75/part 81/special issue/page 3/October 20, 1958.

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