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Translation:Announcement of the Revolutionary Council No. 28 dated November 27, 1958

Announcement of the Revolutionary Council No. 28 dated November 27, 1958
(Thai: ประกาศของคณะปฏิวัติ ฉบับที่ ๒๘ ลงวันที่ ๒๗ พฤศจิกายน ๒๕๐๑)

by the Government of Thailand, translated from Thai by Wikisource


No. 27[1]


WHEREAS pleasant ancient relations and confraternal closeness between Thailand and Cambodia, her neighbouring friend, have recently grown worse—from the Cambodia’s unsuccessful claim for the Temple of Phra Wihan, situated on a portion of Thai territory, to Thailand’s being persistently attacked by the broadcasting radios and newspapers in Phnom Penh—His Majesty’s Government has always forborne herself from any reaction which may place Cambodia in danger of injury; even after the Revolutionary Council has taken over the national administration, the Council was still certain that there exists a way to fathom out a good understanding which would soon ease up this situation, the Government of Cambodia, however, started severing the diplomatic relations with Thailand on the basis of such a paltry reason stunning the whole political world, and it ought to be feared that Cambodia is carrying out any evil schemes;

AND WHEREAS the Council raises concerns over the safety of Thailand and her people to a greater extent than anything else and, having held a careful survey along the borderline from Changwat Ubon Ratchathani to Changwat Trat, considers that, apart from the absolute closure of borders, it is necessary to increase the border defence; it is hereby announced:

1. That all the border defence forces are commanded to be militant against any invasion or violation; and that any such act, including border invasion or outlaw treatment against the Thai people, is to be dealt with by the most decisive and vehement resistance and reactions;

2. That the Police Department is commanded to, sixfold and without delay, deliver to the Temple of Phra Wihan the border patrol police forces; that the situation of the Temple is to be deemed the holy land of the Thai people which can be violated by no aliens;

And that the National Flags of Thailand are commanded to be raised there, so that they would clearly be seen.

Announced this 27th Day of November, 2501 (1958).

Field Marshal Sarit THANARAT,
Leader of the Revolutionary Council.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 75/part 100/special issue/page 1/November 27, 1958.

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