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Bar Conversation
by Noel Rosa, translated from Portuguese by Wikisource
Original lyrics in Portuguese from MPBNet

Waiter, please fetch me
Something that I don't usually ask for
A hot slice of bread smothered in butter
A napkin and a glass of ice water

Gently close that door to the right
As I'm not used to being in the sun
Ask your regulars
What was the final score of the soccer match

Just because you've come by to clean the table
Doesn't mean i'm going to get up or pay my bill
Ask your boss
For a pen with ink, an envelope and a postcard

Don't forget to give me some matches
and a cigarette to chase away mosquitos
Tell the cigar maker to lend me a few magazines
A lighter and an ashtray

Call 34-4333 at least once
And ask for Mr. Osório
Tell him to send me an umbrella
For our office

Waiter, lend me some money
Because I left mine with the bookie
Tell your manager
To hang my bill on the peg up front