Translation:Cheikh Anta Bake to the Nigerien Ambassador in Rome (February 7, 2001)

Forged letter purporting to be by Cheikh Anta Bake

08-02-2001 11:18 DE MINAFET-NIGER A 0039063751807 P.01

Republic of Niger

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cooperation and African Integration

Directorate of Judicial and Consular Affairs

Niamey, 07 Feb. 2001

Message A [orig. “Messaggio” in Italian – decrypt only]

Very urgent Very urgent Very secret Very secret

Niger ambassador in Rome

We kindly ask you to contact our Iraqi partner in Rome to transmit [to tell, to communicate] to him 558 18 [information concerning?] the transformation of U 238 Stop.

The percentage of U 235 could pass from 0.7 percent up to 80 percent [Stop] It will [or it would] be necessary to inform our partner that we could have the possibility to have the DU processed. Stop

The exported merchandise [will] transit through Turkey

Commander of the mining base


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