Translation:French Nursery Rhymes/The Turkey

French Nursery Rhymes  (1881) 
C. B., translated from French by Wikisource
The Turkey


Me, I dress well,
Me, I look grand,[2]
Me, I am fat and handsome!
My feather is black,
My back is shimmering,[3]
My crop[4] is of ruby.

See my head,
My red plumage;
See and admire, all of you!
The echo is prepared,
He repeats to you
My solemn gobbling.[5]

My tail, it is
Well-furnished and beautiful!
Look, it is a sun.
All shine and tremble;
Who of you are like me?
Am I not without equal?

It rustles,
It spreads,
My velvet feathers!
Make way for me,
And let me pass
Triumphantly in the poultry-yard.

  1. Dindon (s.m.), turkey.
  2. Se carrer (v.p.), to strut, to look big, grand.
  3. Moire (s.f.) moire, watered silk;de moire, brilliant, shining.
  4. Jabot (s.m.), crop.
  5. Glou-glou (s.m.), gabbling.