Translation:Mamadou Tandja to Saddam Hussein (July 27, 2000)

Forged letter purporting to be from Mamadou Tandja




NIAMEY, 07/27/2000

Mr. President[1],

I have the honour of referring to the agreement #381-NI 2000 concerning the supply of Uranium signed at Niamey on July 06 2000 between the government of Niger and the government of Iraq by their respective representative official delegates.

This supply equals 500 tonnes of pure uranium annually, to be delivered in 2 phases.

Having seen and inspected this matter, I approve it, and each of the parties, in full, by virtue of the powers conferred on me by the constitution of May 12 1966.[2]

Consequently, I pray you consider this present letter like it is a formal instrument of approval by the Government of the Republic of Niger which finds itself rightfully engaged.

Please accept, Mr. President, the assurances of my highest consideration.

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  1. The President of Iraq in 2000 was Saddam Hussein
  2. Note that the constitution had been replaced several times, most recently in 1999, and would not have been referenced as "the Constitution of 1966"
  3. The president of Niger in 2000 was Mamadou Tandja