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Max Havelaar or the Coffee auctions of the Dutch trade company  (1860) 
by Multatuli, translated from Dutch by Wikisource
This is a Wikisource translation of Max Havelaar.

Persons in the bookEdit

The following persons have different names in reality, in the Dutch book and/or in the translation.

Person True name Name in the Dutch book Name in this translation Occurrence
The actual author Eduard Douwes Dekker (1820-1887) Multatuli Last chapter
Assistant-Resident (jan 1856-feb 1856) Max Havelaar Chapters written by Stern
Former Assistant-Resident Sjaalman Shawlman Chapters written by Drystubble
Havelaar's wife Everdina Huberta van Wijngaarden, named 'Tine' (1819-1874) Tine Chapters written by Stern
Havelaar's son Jan Pieter Constant Eduard Douwes Dekker, named 'Edu' (1854-1930) Max Chapters written by Stern
Shawlman's daughter Elisabeth Agnes Everdine Douwes Dekker, named 'Nonnie' (1857-1933) Nonnie Chapters written by Drystubble
General of Padang Andréas Michiels (1797-1849) Vandamme Told by Max Havelaar
Havelaar's predecessor Carolus Slotering Chapters written by Stern
Controller Abraham van Hemert (1825-1880) Verbrugge Chapters written by Stern
Lieutenant Petrus Collard (1825-1895) Duclari Chapters written by Stern
Resident Carel P. Brest van Kempen (1815-1865) Slijmering Sliming Chapters written by Stern
Preacher fictitious Wawelaar Shatterbuck Chapters written by Drystubble
Coffee broker fictitious Droogstoppel Drystubble Chapters written by Drystubble
Governor-General Albertus Duymaer van Twist (1809-1887) the Governor-General Chapters written by Stern
Governor-General's successor Charles Pahud (1803-1873) Chapters written by Stern


Note: the author did not number the chapters and he wrote no titles. The fictitious authors, numbers and titles are mentioned below to facilitate navigation.