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Psalm 1Edit

1 Fortunate is the man who did not walk in the wicked's council And in the path of sinners did not stand, and in the seat of insulters did not sit.

2 Because if in Yahweh's teaching is his intent, and in his teaching he recites, day and night, 3 And he was as the tree planted by rivulets of water. Which will give its fruit in time, and its leaf will not wilt, and all that he does will succeed.

4 The wicked are not so, but as the chaff stalk which the wind shall push. 5 For this, the wicked will not rise in judgment, and sinners in the congregation of the just. 6 Because Yahweh knows the path of the just, and the path of the wicked will be lost.

Psalm 2Edit

1 Why should the foreigners rile, and the nations speak nothings?[1]
2 The kings of Earth line up, and [the] higher-up collude, against Yahweh, and against His annointed (m'shicho -- His messiah):
3 "We shalt disconnect their bindings, and shalt casteth away from us their tethers."[2]
4 He who settles in the skies will have mirth, my Lord wilt mock them.
5 Then He will speak onto them in his anger, and in his wrath, he shalt startle them:
6 "And I annointed my king, on Tzion (Zion), my holy mountain."

7 I will tell of a decree: Yahweh said to me, "you are My son. I, today, gave you birth."
8 Ask of me, and I will give you, nations, your bequest; and your holding, to the ends of Earth.
9 You shall doom them with a staff of iron; as earthenware you shall shatter them.

10 And now, kings, wise up; beware, judges of the land.
11 Work Yahweh with fear, and discover him, trembling.
12 Kiss purity, lest He will snarl and you lose your way, because his lip is nearly aflame, fortunate, all that shelter in Him.[3]

Psalm 3Edit

0 A lyric for David, in his flight from Avshalom, his son.[4]

1 Yahweh, how many have become my troubles, many rise against me.
2 Many say of my soul, "There is no salvation for him in God." Selah.
3 And you, Yahweh, are for me a shield, my honor, the one who holds my head high.
4 My voice to Yahweh calls, and he will answer me from his mount of holiness. Selah
5 I lay down and slept and he woke me up, because Yahweh supports me.
6 I will not fear from the multitude of people, all around set upon me.
7 Arise Yahweh, save me my God, because you have struck all my enemies cheeks, the teeth of the wicked, you have broken.
8 To Yahweh the salvation, Your blessing on your people. Selah.

Psalm 4Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David.[5][4]

1 In my calling, answer me, oh God of mine justice, the narrows you have widened for me, have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.
2 Sons of folk, to what end is my honor diminished, you shalt love the void, you shalt ask for disappointment. Selah.[6]
3 And know, that Yahweh has set aside, a pious one to him, Yahweh will hear, when I call to him.
4 Tremble inwardly, and do not sin, say to your hearts, upon laying down, and be still. Selah.
5 Give offerings for justice, and trust in God.
6 Many say, "Who will show us well? We shall carry above us, the light of your face, Yahweh."
7 You gave happiness to my heart, more than when their harvest and material increased.
8 In peace united, I shall lay down and sleep, because You Yahweh alone, secure my settlement.

Psalm 5Edit

0 To the leader over Nehiloth[7], a lyric for David.

1 Yahweh to my sayings, listen well, ponder my chant. 2 Listen to the voice of my plea, my king, my god, for to you, I will pray. 3 Yahweh, in the morning hear my voice, in the morning I arrange for you, and expect.

4 For you are not a god to seek wickedness, evil with you will not dwell. 5 Those who rave will not line up before your eyes. You have hated all workers of iniquity. 6 You shall abandon words of fraud: God abhors a man of blood and trickery.

7 And I, in your great kindness, will come to your house, I will bow down to your holy temple, in fear of you. 8 Yahweh, place me in your rightness, prevent their ambush, make straight your path for me. 9 Because there is no sincerity in their words, their innards warped, an open grave their throat, their tongues are slippery. 10 God, accuse them, they shall fall through their own advice. In their many crimes, you have rejected them, because they rebelled of you.

11 And all that shelter in you will be happy, forever will rejoice, and you will shelter them, and they will celebrate you, those your name they love. 12 Because you will bless the just, Yahweh, and with safety, with your will you shall decorate us.

Psalm 6Edit

0 To the conductor of the Shminith[8], a lyric for David:[4]

1 Yahweh, don't when snarling spite me, and don't in your fury leave me.
2 Have mercy on me, Yahweh, because I am miserable: heal me Yahweh, because my bones have frightened.
3 And my soul frightened much, and you(f), Yahweh, how long?[9]

4 Return Yahweh, release my soul, redeem me to your mercy.
5 Because in death your memory will be no more; in the underworld, who shall thank you?

6 I exhausted myself in sighing--- I will swim every night in my bed, in my tears, my couch will dissolve.
7 My eyes are enfeebled from anger, decrepit from all my detractors.
8 Recede from me, all workers of iniquity, because Yahweh has heard my weeping voice.
9 Yahweh has heard my pleading, Yahweh will take my prayer.

10 They will shame, and frighten greatly, all my enemies, they will turn back, in a moment shamed.

Psalm 7Edit

0 A Shiggayon[10] for David: who sang to Yahweh on the words of Cush a Benjaminite.[11] [4]

1 Yahweh, my God, in you I shelter, save me from all my pursuers, and rescue me. 2 Lest like a lion he devour my soul, dismember, and none to rescue.

3 Yahweh, my God, if I did this, if there is an iniquity in my palm, 4 If I dealt my tenders badly, and I evade my opponents devoid them,[12]5 My mortal enemy will chase, and gain, and trample my life to earth, and my honor flatten to the dust, Selah.

6 Arise, Yahweh, snarling, lift up towards the transgressions of my opponents, arouse to me the judgment you commanded. 7 And the testimony of the nations will circle you, and over it, up above return.

8 Yahweh will arbitrate nations, Yahweh has judged me, as my justness and innocence upon me.
9 End the evil of the wicked, please, affirm the just. And tests of hearts and will, God does, of the just.[13].
10 My shield is God above, savior of the honest heart.
11 God is a just judge, and a god in fury all days.
12 If he won't repent, he'll whet his sword, his bow will bend, and he will prepare.
13 And he prepared implements of death for him, His arrows made burning sharp.
14 Here, He will entrap illdeed, and He made pregnant the labor, and bore the lie.
15 He set a pit and dug it, they will fall. He acts undercover.

16 His works will return on his head, on his skull the violence will land.[14]
17 Thank Yahweh, as suits his justice, and sing of the name of God on high.

Psalm 8Edit

0 For the conductor of the Gitith, a lyric for David.[15]

1 Yahweh our lord, how tremendous is your name over all the Earth;
  Those that give thanks to you, for the skies.
2 From the mouths of infants and babes, you founded might. For your foes, to turn back enemy and avenger.
3 For I see your sky, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars, that you have readied.
4 What is humanity that you remember us? And man that you command him?
5 And you have diminished him a tad, from God, and with honor and glory decorate him.
6 Govern him with the works of your hands, all that you placed under his feet.
7 Sheep in all their thousands and also the beasts in my fields.
8 The bird of the sky and the fish of the sea, what passes the breadth of the seas.
9 Yahweh, our lord, how tremendous is your name over all the Earth.

Psalm 9Edit

0 For the conductor of the Mutlabben a lyric for David.[4]

1 I will thank Yahweh, with all my heart. I will tell of all your wonders.
2 I will be happy and festive in you; I will sing your name most high.
3 In turning my enemies back, they will trip and be lost in your presence.
4 Because you made my judgment and verdict, sitting on the chair of the just judge.
5 You rebuked the foreign, you left lost the wicked, erased their names, to time eternal.
6 The enemy, ended as ruins forever, and cities you deserted, these their memory was lost.
7 And Yahweh eternally sits; ready for the judgment due his chair.
8 And he will judge the population justly, will arbitrate to nations honestly.
9 And Yahweh will be a high tower for the oppressed, a high tower for troubled times.
10 And those that know your name will trust in you, because you did not abandon your petitioners, Yahweh.

11 Sing to Yahweh, settled at Zion, speak his chronicles in the nations.
12 Because the blood-coercer remembered them, he did not forget the shout of the poor.[16]

13 Have mercy on me Yahweh, behold my agony, from those that hate me; you who lifts me from the gates of death.
14 So that I may tell all your psalms in the gates of the house of Zion, I will rejoice in your salvation.
15 The foreigners have drowned in the pit of their making, in the net they concealed, their legs did catch.
16 It is known that Yahweh judges, in the work of his palms the wicked is snared. Higgayon, Selah.[17]

17 The wicked return to the underworld, all foreigners, who forget of God.
18 Because the needy will not forever be forgotten, the hope of the agonized be lost to all time.[18]
19 Arise, Yahweh, to the might of man, the foreigners will be judged in your presence.
20 Yahweh, plant fear into them, the foreigners will know that they are only human.

Psalm 10Edit

1 Why do you, Yahweh, stand distant, vanish in times of trouble?

2 After the vanity of the wicked the poor man will alight; they will trip in the plots those think up.
3 Because the wicked raves over what his soul covets, and achieves benefit, but stings at Yahweh.
4 The wicked, though his nose is high, He will not call to judgement, "There is no god", in all his plans.
5 His paths in every time prodigious, the heights of your judegements as against him, he will snort at all his opponents.[19]
6 Said to himself, "I evade the rod, so to generation after generation which is not in evil."
7 His words are full with this, and swindles and blasphemy, under his tongue, labor and unrest.
8 He will sit in the courtyard shadows, secretly will kill an innocent, his eyes staring for the mighty.
9 He will lurk in hiding, like a lion in his lair, will stalk to capture a poor man, will abduct a poor man, in the pull of his net.
10 And crouches low, and fell in his hugeness, legions frail.
11 Said in his heart, forget god, covered his face without sight forever.

12 Arise Yahweh, don't carry your hands away, don't forget the poor.[20]
13 For what did God pierce the wicked? he said in his heart, you will not demand.
14 I saw that you labor and look angry--- to give in your hand: over you, he will go away in part, to an orphan, you would be of help.
15 Break the arm of the wicked; of the evil, call forth his wickedness until you will not find it.
16 Yahweh is king of the world eternal, nations have been lost to his kingdom.
17 The hopes of the downtrodden you Yahweh have heard; ready their hearts, make your ear listen.
18 To adjudicate for the orphan and the oppressed: until humanity's infamy is no more upon the Earth.

Psalm 11Edit

1 For the conductor, for David:

  In Yahweh I sheltered. Why will you say to my soul, migrate to your mountain, bird?[21]
2 Because look, the wicked bendeth their bow, they readied their arrows on the string-- to shoot shadow into the straight of heart.
3 Because the foundation shalt be destroyed, the just, how has he acted?
4 Yahweh, his holiness in the temple, Yahweh, his chair in the sky, His eyes will take in, His eyelids test the sons of man.
5 Yahweh will test the just, and the wicked and the violent, his soul hated,
6 will shower on the wicked coals, fire and sulfur, and reeking wind, their cup's serving.
7 Because Yahweh is just, loves acts of justice, the honest shalt behold his face.[22]

Psalm 12Edit

0 To the conductor of the Shminith, a lyric for David:[4]

1 Yahweh, save us. For the pious is finished, because the believers faltered among the sons of man.
2 They will speak nothing, a man to his neighbor, a slick language-- in heart they speak not their heart.
3 Yahweh will cut down all slick language, a tongue which talks big.
4 Those that said, "To our tongue we will increase, our lips are with us: who is lord over us?"
5 "For the plunder of the poor, the cry of the impoverished, now I arise", said Yahweh: "I will lead to salvation, those they snort at."
6 The sayings of Yahweh are pure sayings: silver annealed in the crucible of the Earth; refined sevenfold.
7 You Yahweh will keep them, you will form us from this generation forever.
8 Around, the wicked walketh, the height of disvalue to man.[23]

Psalm 13Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David.

1 Til when, Yahweh, will you forget me always?
  Til when, will you hide your face from me?
2 Til when will I draw advice from within my soul? Sorrow in my heart daily.
  Til when, will my enemy rise over me?

3 Glance at my misery, Yahweh my god, light my eyes, lest I sleep in death.
4 Lest my enemy says "I will destroy him"; my detractors will celebrate, for I been struck.
5 And I trusted in your grace, my heart will celebrate your salvation.
  I will sing to Yahweh, because he compensated me.

Psalm 14Edit

1 For the conductor, for David:

  The rotten says in his heart, "There is no God". They corrupted, their plots defiled, none do good.
2 Yahweh, from the skies scoped the sons of man: to see, but is there a knowledgable one who enjoins of God?
3 All is distant, altogether they've gone away, there is none that do good, not even one.
4 For they knew, all the crooked actors, those eat my people as they eat bread, Yahweh, they did not call upon.
5 There, they feared frightfully, because God is of the righteous generation.
6 You will shame the suggestion of a poor man, because Yahweh shelters him.
7 Who from Zion will grant Israel's salvation?
  In Yahweh's return, the return of his people, Ya'akov(Jacob) will celebrate, Israel will be happy.

Psalm 15Edit

1 Lyric for David:

  Yahweh, who will reside in your tent? Who will dwell on your holy mount?
2 One who walks simply, and acts right, and speaks truth, in his heart.
3 And no tricks on his tongue, did not do his neighbor wrong, and the despicable did not admit within.
4 The scornful in his eyes is tiresome, and the God-fearing he respects, one sworn to worsen, and did not repent.
5 His money he did not give in usury, and did not take a bribe against the innocent. Who does this, shall never be struck down.

Psalm 16Edit

1 Michtam for David[24]:

  Guard me God, because in you I have sheltered.
2 I said to Yahweh, you are my lord: good to me is not except of you.[25]
3 To the holy ones, those who are on the Earth, and the great ones, I desire all for them.
4 Their sadness will multiply, those that hastened to another,
  I will not anoint anything they anointed in blood, I will not carry their names upon my lips.
5 Yahweh is my allotted portion and my cup. You buttress my fate.
6 Future lines accrue to me and pleasantly, as such your bequest improved me.
7 I will bless Yahweh who advised me, even in the nighttime my will will rein me in.
8 I have valued Yahweh over myself always, because he is to my right, lest I be struck down.
9 Therefore my heart became happy, and my honor celebrates, even my flesh will dwell in safety.
10 Because my soul will not leave off ask, you will not let your pious ones to see slaughter.
11 Inform me the way of life, in your face, fullness of joy, on your right is pleasant eternal.

Psalm 17Edit

1 A prayer for David:

  Yahweh hear justice--- listen to my call, listen closely to my prayer; my lips have no deceit.
2 From your presence came my judgment, your eyes will grasp onto the straight truth.
3 You tested my heart, you examined nights--- you joined me without finding wrong, I schemed that it not pass my lips.
4 To the doings of man, your lips speak--- I kept from the ways of the assaulter.
5 You will support my ways in your circles, lest my footsteps are struck aside.
6 I called you because you will answer me God, bend your ear to me, hear what I say.
7 Direct your mercies, savior of the sheltered by your right-hand from those arising against them.
8 Guard me, as the eyelid the pupil, in the shadow of your wing, hide me.[26]
9 From the face of the wicked, those who plunder me, my soul's enemies will surround me.
10 They fat encloseth them, their mouths hath spoken with pride.[27]
11 My steps are now enclosed, their eyes are cast to veer on the Earth.

12 He is like a lion ready to prey, as a young-lion, sitting in hiding.
13 Arise Yahweh, face him, cut him down. Your sword has given me flight from the wicked.
14 From the mortals Yahweh pressed, from the mortals, from their sorry part in life, and your treasure will fill their bellies.[28]
Sons will take the oath, and leave their surplus to their tots.
15 I in justice will grasp your presence, I will sate from awakening to your likeness.

Psalm 18Edit

0 For the conductor, for he who works Yahweh, for David: who spoke to Yahweh, these words of song, on the day Yahweh delivered him from the palm of all his enemies, and from the palm of the underworld.[29]

1 And he said: I devote myself to you, Yahweh, my strength.
2 Yahweh is my rock, my fortress, and my sanctuary. Come my adversaries at me, I will shelter in him. my shield and horn of salvation, my backrest.
3 I will call to Yahweh, most praised, and from my enemies I will be saved.

4 Death's cables wrap around me, And the currents of Valiya'al(Belial) kick at me.
5 The cables of the underworld surround me, death's snares placed before me.

6 When I am troubled, I will call to Yahweh--- and to the God of my gods will I petition. From his temple he will hear my voice, and my petition to him will come before him, into his ears.
7 And the Earth will tremble and rumble, and the foundations of mountains will unsettle, and they will tremble, because it pained him.
8 In his nose, the smoke rose, and consuming fire from his mouth, hot embers blazed from him.
9 He will rend the skies and descend, and mist under his feet.
10 And he will mount a griffin, and will fly, and will swoop on the wind's wings.[30]
11 He drew dark his hiding place, his hut around him, the darkness of water, the clouds up on high.
12 From the glow facing him, his clouds passed hail and fire-embers.
13 And Yahweh will thunder in the skies, the highest gave his voice, hail and fire-embers.
14 And he will send his arrows, and disperse them; and many lightning bolts, and will stun them.
15 And the rivulets of water will appear, and the world's foundation will reveal: from your displeasure, Yahweh, from the wind of your nose's breath.
16 Will send from on high, will take me, will pull me out of great waters.
17 Will deliver me from my enemies mightily, and from those that hate me, for they were of more force than I.
18 They will precede me on the day of my trial; and Yahweh will be for me a backrest.
19 And he will take me to the open. He will free me because I am pleasing to him.
20 Yahweh will compensate me as my justice, as the purity of my hands, he will reward me.
21 Because I kept the ways of Yahweh; and did not become wicked to my God.
22 Because all his judgments are facing me, and his laws I will not from me cast away.
23 And I would be innocent towards him, and I would be protected from my agony.
24 And Yahweh would reward me as my justice, as my hands' purity, before his eyes.

25 To the kindly you will be kind, to the man of innocence you will be innocent.
26 To the pure you will be pure, and to the trickster you will contort.
27 Because you, will save the poor nation; and high-casting eyes you will humble.
28 Because you, will light my lamp, Yahweh my god, will ameliorate my darkness.
29 Because by you, I will let run the battalion, and by my God, I will scamper over a stone wall.

30 God, his ways are innocent: God's saying adjoined: He is a shield to all that shelter in him.
31 Because who is god, except Yahweh? And who is a stone wall, leaving aside our God?
32 The god who would help me militantly, and will give my ways as innocent.
33 Likens my legs to those of does, and on my platforms will stand me.
34 Teaches my hands to war, and lays my hands a drawn bow.
35 And give me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand will support me, and your displeasure will add to me.
36 You will broaden my strides from under me, and my heels have not floundered.
37 I will chase my enemies and overtake them, and I will not return until they are annihilated.
38 I will press them, and they will not be able to rise, they will fall under my feet.
39 And you will help me militant, in war, you will subdue those that rise up under me.
40 And my enemy, you gave me their backs, from my detesters, their fortitude.
41 They will cast oaths, and none will save, to Yahweh, and he did not answer them.
42 And I will disperse them as dust before wind, as the claystuff outside I will annihilate them.
43 You took care for me from internal feuding: you put me as the head of foreigners, a nation I did not know, works for me.
44 As soon as their ears hear, so they will listen to me, the sons of the stranger will deny me.
45 The sons of the stranger wilt, and will tremble out of their enclosures.
46 Yahweh lives, and bless my stone wall, and elevate my God, my salvation.
47 The God who gives vengeance to me, and fastens people under me.
48 Who gives me escape from my enemies, even from the insurgents rising up against me, from the violent man, deliver me.
49 For this, I will thank you in the foreign nations Yahweh, and to your name I will sing.
50 The one who grows the salvations of his king, and gives mercy to his annointed--- to David and to his seed, forever.

Psalm 19Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David:[4]

1 The skies speak respect to God, and the celestial dome speaks of the work of his hands.
2 Day after day, he will produce sayings, and night after night, will deliver knowledge.
3 There are no sayings, and there are no events, but not their voice is heard.
4 To all the Earth, their lines go out, and to the edge of the world, their fill. In the sun he put a tent for them.
5 And He is as the groom emerging from his ritual canopy, as vibrant as a champion for a long race.
6 He originates at the edge of the skies, and his impact onto their edges, and there is nothing hidden from his glare.[31][32]
7 The Torah of Yahweh is guileless, soul restoring, Yahweh's witness is trustworthy, it educates the dim.
8 The commands of Yahweh are honest, heart-gladdening. The commandment of Yahweh is pure, enlightening to the eyes.[33]
9 Fear of Yahweh is pure, standing for all time. The judgements of God are truth, altogether just.
10 They are nicer than gold or much bullion, and sweeter than honey or nectar concentrate.
11 Your servant also heeds them carefully. In their keeping is great consequence.
12 Who can discern errors? Clean me from the hidden things.
13 Also from prideful acts, shelter your servant--- so they will not dominate me, these. And I will be cleansed of much crime.
14 Yahweh, my mouth's words to your desire, and the workings of my heart to your presence, Yahweh, my rock and my salvation.

Psalm 20Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David:[4]

1 Yahweh will answer you on your day of trouble, The name of the god of Ya'akov will support your back.
2 He will send you help from the holy, and from Zion will set you.
3 He will remember all your offerings, and He will make fertile your raised sacrifice. Selah.
4 Will give you as your heart desires, and will fulfill all your suggestions.
5 We will celebrate in your salvation, and in the name of our god shall grow, Yahweh all your wishes will fulfill.
6 Now I know, that Yahweh his anointed saved, that from holy sky He answered, heroic with his right will champion.
7 These in chariots, and those on horses, and we, the name of Yahweh, our god, will recall.
8 Those, they bent and fell, and we rose up, and were encouraged.
9 Yahweh, salvation! The king will answer us on the day we call.

Psalm 21Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David:[4]

1 Yahweh, your might, will gladden a king, and in your salvation, how he will rejoice much.
2 You gave him his heart's desire, and all that left his lips, you prevented not.
3 Because you will precede us with good blessings, you will drape on his head a golden overlay.[34]
4 Life, he requested of you; you gave him, length of days, to worlds end.
5 Great is his honor in your salvation; grace and glory you set upon him.
6 Because you will draw upon him blessings eternally, You gladden him blissful with your presence.
7 Because the king relies upon Yahweh, and on the kindness on high, lest he be struck.
8 Your hand will find all your enemies, your right will find your detesters.
9 You dealeth with them like a burning furnace, in the time of your presence: Yahweh in his snarling will devour them, and consume them as fire.
10 Their fruit shalt be lost from the land, and their seed from the sons of man.
11 Because they planted evil upon you, they thought up a scheme, to be consumed not.
12 Hence you shalt place your back to them, in your bowstrings, you will prepare for their presence.
13 Lift up Yahweh, in your might, we will sing and play music to your triumph.[35]

Psalm 22Edit

0 For the conductor on the Ayeleth Hashachar, a lyric for David:[36][4]

1 My god, my god, why have you abandoned me?[37]
  Far from my salvation are the words of my howl.
2 My God, I will call daily, and you will not answer, and at night, no respite for me.
3 And you are holy, settled in the psalms of Israel.
4 Upon you, relied our fathers. They relied, and you delivered them.
5 To you, they cried and fled, in you they relied and they were not humbled.

6 And I myself am a worm and not a man, despicable man, the laughingstock of a nation.
7 All that see me mock me, curl their lip and sway their head.
8 Squirm, to Yahweh he will release him, he will save him because he is pleasing to him.
9 Because you are my foundation from the womb, my insurer upon my mother's breasts.
10 Onto you, I was sent from the womb, from my mother's belly you are to me.
11 Do not distance yourself from me, because trouble is near, because there is none to help.

12 Many bulls surrounded me, the mightiest of Vashan (Bashan) crowd my head.
13 Gaped their mouths toward me, a roaring lion at prey.
14 I spilled out like water--- and all my bones disconnected.
  My heart became as wax, melted into my intestines. 15 Dried out as a potshard is my strength, and my tongue sticks in my throat;
  and you sentenced me to death's dust.

16 Because around me are dogs, a company of the evil surrounded me, as a lion's, my hands and legs.
17 I will speak about all my might, they will but glance at me their look.
18 They will divide my clothes among them, and for my royal dress they will draw lots.
19 And you, Yahweh, do not distance yourself, my resource for help, quicken.
20 Save my soul from the sword, from the dog, my individual.
21 Save me from the mouth of a lion,

  and from the horns of rams you answered.
22 I will tell your name to my brother, in crowds I will praise you.
23 Those who fear Yahweh, praise him, All the seed of Ya'akov, respect him.
  Be in awe of him, all the seed of Israel.
24 Because he did not defile and did not cast down the tribulation of the poor,
  did not hid his face from him, and when he vows to him, he listened.

25 From you my praises, in a big crowd--- my vows I will pay in witness of his fearful.
26 Let the wanting eat and be sated, they will praise Yahweh, his petitioners.
  May your hearts live to all time.
27 They will recall and return to Yahweh, all the ends of the Earth.
  They will bow before you, all the families of nations.
28 Because to Yahweh is the throne, and the governance of the nations.

29 They ate and they bowed prostrate, all those fattened of the Earth.
  Before him, all that to dust return, and his soul did not keep alive.
30 That seed that serves him, will tell of my lord to their generations.
31 They will come and will tell of his justice, the people to be born, because so he made it.

Psalm 23Edit

1 Lyric for David:

  Yahweh is my shepherd, I will not want.
2 To the pleasant grass he will herd me, to the still waters, he will guide me.
3 My soul will be restored, he will set me in the circles of right, for his name's sake.

4 Even if I walk through the death-shadow valley, I will fear not evil-- because you are with me.
  Your sceptre and your walking staff, they will comfort me.
5 You will set a table before me-- against my sorrows.
  You will sprinkle oils on my head. My cup is full.
6 Only good and kindness will pursue me, all the days of my life.
  And I settle in the house of Yahweh, for the length of my days.

Psalm 24Edit

1 For David, a lyric:

  To Yahweh the land and its contents, the world and its inhabitants.
2 For he, on the seas erected it, and on rivers prepared it.

3 Who will rise on Yahweh's mount? And who will rise on the place of his holiness?
4 The clean of hands, and pure of heart: who did not carry my soul to void, and did not swear to deception,
5 Will carry a blessing which is from Yahweh, and a charity from the god of his salvation.
6 This is the generation of his petitioners, those that ask your presence Ya'akov. Selah.

7 Carry on the gates your heads, and be carried on the openings of the world. And the honor king will come.
8 Who's he, the honor king?
  Yahweh, mightiness and champion, Yahweh, war hero.

9 Carry on the gates your heads, and carry the openings of the world. And the honor king will come.
10 Who is he, the honor king?
  Yahweh of the armies, he is the honor king. Selah.

Psalm 25Edit

1 For David:

  To you, Yahweh, I will carry my soul.
2 My God, in you I relied, let me not be shamed. Let my enemies not jeer at me.
3 Also let all that hope in you not be shamed; the traitors of their emptyness will shame.

4 Inform me, Yahweh, of your paths; teach me your ways.
5 Guide me in your reality, and teach me.
  You are the God of my salvation. For you I hoped, all day.
6 Remember your acts of mercy, Yahweh, and kindness: because they come from all times.
7 The sins of my teens and my crimes, do not remember.
  As your mercy, remember me, for your goodness, Yahweh.

8 Good and honest is Yahweh; this is why he will instruct the sinners in the path.
9 He will guide the wretched in the judgment, and will teach the wretched of his path.
10 All the arrangements of God, kindness and truth, to those that are bound to his covenant and his testimony.
11 For your name, Yahweh, and you forgave my misdeeds, because they are many.
12 Who is he, the man, God-fearing, who will instruct us in the chosen path?
13 His soul will lodge in goodness, and his arm will inherit the Earth.
14 The secret of Yahweh to those that fear him: his covenant will inform them.
15 My eyes are always to Yahweh: because he will set my feet free from the net.
16 Turn to me and forgive me, because I am poor and solitary.
17 The straights of my heart have widened free, he got me out of my crises.
18 See my misery, and my labor, and carry off all my sins.
19 See my enemies, because they have multiplied, and they hated me with a violent hatred.
20 Keep my soul and save me: I will not be ashamed because I sheltered in you.
21 Innocent and honest you made me, because I have hoped in you.

22 God redeem Israel from all its troubles.

Psalm 26Edit

1 For David:

  Judge me, Yahweh, for I have in my innocence walked; and in Yahweh trusted, I will not falter.
2 Test me, Yahweh, and try me; my heart and will are joined.[38]
3 Because your kindness is before my eyes, and I have walked in your reality.[39]
4 I have not sat with the fruitless, and to the illusionists I will not come.[40]
5 I have hated the crowd of the evildoers, and with the wicked I will not sit.
6 I will wash my palms in cleanliness; and I will surround your altar Yahweh.
7 To hear in the voice of thanks, and to tell all your wonders.
8 Yahweh, I have loved your house's den, and the place of your honor's dwelling.
9 Do not gather sins onto my soul, and men of blood onto my life.
10 Who in their hands have a plot, their right is full of bribery.
11 And I in my innocence will walk: redeem me and have mercy on me.
12 My legs stood on the level, in crowds I will bless Yahweh.

Psalm 27Edit

1 For David:

  Yahweh, my light, and my salvation, who shall I fear?
  Yahweh, the might of my life, from whom shall I frighten?
2 When the evildoers are close upon me, to eat at my flesh.
  My opponents and mine enemies, they stumbled and fell.
3 If a camp should camp against me, my heart will not fear.
  If a war will come upon me, through all that I rely.

4 One thing, I asked of Yahweh, this I will ask:
  to dwell in the house of Yahweh, all the days of my life,
  to witness Yahweh's pleasantness, and to visit in his temple.

5 Because he will watch over me in a hut on a bad day, will conceal me in the secret of his tent.
  Upon a stone wall he will raise me.
6 And now my head will rise to my enemies around me, and I will sacrifice in his tent, sacrifices of triumph.
  I will sing and I will make music to Yahweh.

7 Listen to my voice Yahweh, I will call. And have mercy on me, and answer me.
8 As you, my heart said, "Ask my presence": for your presence, Yahweh, I will ask.
9 Do not hide your face from me, do not cast me off sneering. You were my aid, do not cast me off and do not leave me, my God, my savior.
10 Because my father and my mother left me, and Yahweh gathered me.
11 Teach me, Yahweh, your paths. And set me on a level length, for the sake of those that would bind me.
12 Do not give my soul to my opponents, because they rose against me false witnesses, and they will snort violence.
13 Had it not been, I believed I would see the goodness of Yahweh in the land of the living.
14 Hope for Yahweh, strong, and your heart will embolden, and hope for Yahweh.

Psalm 28Edit

1 For David:

  To you, Yahweh, I will call--- my rock, do not deafen to me.
  Lest you be silent to me, and I was governed with those that descend to the pit.
2 Listen to the voice of mye pleading, in my vowe to you, in the carrying of my hands, to thine holy things.[41]
3 Do not pull me with the wicked, and with the crooked dealers, words of peace with their neighbors, and evil in their hearts.
4 Give to them as they mete out, as the evil of their endeavors. As their hands do, give them; give them their compensation.
5 Because they will not understand Yahweh's actions, and to the works of his hands, it shall tear them down, not build them up.

6 Blessed is Yahweh, because he heard the voice of my plea.
7 Yahweh, my might, and my shield, in him my heart relied, and I was aided. And my heart gladdened, and with my songs, I will give thanks.
8 Yahweh, thou art their might. And a mighty fort of salvation to his anointed is he.[42]
9 Save your people, and bless your bequest; and herd them, carry them, til world's end.

Psalm 29Edit

1 A lyric for David:

  Render to Yahweh, sons of gods, render to Yahweh honor and might.
2 Render to Yahweh his name's honor; bow down to Yahweh, in holiness' glory.
3 The voice of Yahweh is upon the seas, for honor he thundered, Yahweh, on many waters.
4 The voice of Yahweh in strength; the voice of Yahweh in glory.
5 The voice of Yahweh, breaks cedar trees, And Yahweh will break Lebanon's cedars.
6 He will set them to dance like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion, like the son of rams.
7 The voice of Yahweh carves out, flames of fire.
8 The voice of Yahweh will make fertile the steppe, Yahweh makes holy steppe be fertile.[43]
9 The voice of Yahweh will make fertile the does, and will denude the forests. And in his temples, all of his speak honor.
10 Yahweh, the torrent sent back. And Yahweh will sit as king til world's end.
11 Yahweh is might, to his people will give. Yahweh will bless his people with peace.[44]

Psalm 30Edit

0 A lyric: song of the dedication of the house of David.[4]

1 I will elevate to you, Yahweh, because you have raised me, and you didn't make my enemies happy.
2 Yahweh my God, to you is my petition, and you will heal me.
3 Yahweh, you raised my soul from the underworld, you gave me life, as not those who descend to the pit.
4 Sing to Yahweh his kindness, and give thanks to the memory of his holiness.
5 Because he snarls in but a moment, life is by his desire, in the evening. He will set weeping, in the morning, joy.
6 And I said, in my peace: "I will not be struck, forever."

7 Yahweh, in your desire you raised my mount in might. You hid your face, I was startled.
8 To you Yahweh, I will call, and to my lord I will plead.
9 What accomplishment is in my blood, when I descend into the pit? For does dust know you? Will it speak your reality?
10 Listen Yahweh, and have mercy on me, Yahweh, be helpful to me.
11 You have turned my mourning into dancing, you opened my sackcloth and sprinkled happiness on me.
12 In order that I will sing your honor, and not pause. Yahweh, my God, I will thank you forever.

Psalm 31Edit

0 For the conductor, a verse for David:[4]

1 In you, Yahweh, I sheltered, I will not be humbled forever. In your justice, release me.
2 Lean your ear to me, set me free quickly. He was to me a stone wall of might--- a fortified house, to save me.
3 because you are my rock and my stone wall, for your name's sake, comfort me and manage me.
4 release me from this net that they have buried to me, because you are my might.
5 In your hands, I will deposit my soul: you have redeemed me, Yahweh, true god.
6 I have hated the guardians of futile illusions, and I have trusted in Yahweh.
7 I will celebrate and rejoice in your kindness: that you have seen my wretchedness, you have known in the troubles of my soul.
8 And you did not close me in the hand of an enemy, you put my legs in the wide expanse.
9 Have mercy on me Yahweh, because I am troubled. My eyes have faltered in anger, my soul and my stomach.
10 Because imprisoned in sorrows is my life, and my years in sighing. My strength has failed in my miseries, and my bones have faltered.
11 From all my opponents I have become despicable, and much so to my neighbors, and a fear to my acquaintances. They see me outside, they wandered from me.
12 I have been forgotten as one dead of heart, I was as a lost container.
13 Because I have heard many whispers, a border around me, in their uniting together against me, they have schemed to take my soul.
14 And I in you trusted, Yahweh, I said "You are my God".
15 My time is in your hands. Save me from my enemies hands, and from my pursuers.
16 Brighten your face on your servant, save me in your kindness.
17 Yahweh, let me not be humbled because I have called on you, the wicked will be humbled, they will become still, onto the underworld.
18 You will strike dumb lying lips, that speak of the great righteous with pride and defilement.
19 How great is your good, that you have treasured for your fearing. You have acted for those who shelter in you, against the sons of man.
20 You will hide them in the secret of your presence, from the plots of man. You will in a hut watch over them, away from arguments.
21 Blessed is Yahweh: because he has made wonder in his kindness to me, in the city besieged.
22 And I have said in my haste--- I have been torn off from your presence. But still you heard the voice of my pleading, in my vows to you.
23 Love Yahweh, all his pious, Yahweh treasures the believers, and overpays the prideful actor.
24 Strengthen, and your hearts will fortify, all that attend to Yahweh.

Psalm 32Edit

1 For David, Maskil:

  Fortunate whose crime is cleared, his sin covered over.
2 Fortunate is the man that Yahweh did not think to him blight, and his spirit has no deceit.
3 Because I have been deaf, my bones wasted away--- while roaring all day.
4 Because night and day your hand was heavy upon me, turns into my breast, in the wastelands of summer, Selah.

5 I have sinned, I inform you, and my wrongdoing I did not cover over.
  I said, "I will admit upon me my crimes to Yahweh; and you will carry the blight of my sins." Selah.

6 For this all the pious will pray to you--- in a time of finding.
  Only, the flood of many waters, to him they will not reach.
7 You are a secret place for me, you will oppose my opponents.
  In songs of escape you will surround me. Selah.

8 I will educate you, and arrange you.   In the path that you will walk: I will fasten my eye to you. 9 Don't be as horses, as mules--- not understanding,
  with blinders and bridle to block his witness, lest he come near you.
10 Many pains to the wicked, and the one who trusts in Yahweh, kindness will surround him.
11 Be happy in Yahweh, and be festive, the righteous, and celebrate all the upright of heart.

Psalm 33Edit

1 The just celebrated Yahweh, glorifying is nice for the upright.
2 Thank Yahweh with a harp, on a ten-string Nevel play to him.
3 Sing to him a new song: play well in festivity.
4 Because the word of Yahweh is straight up, and all his actions are faithful.
5 He loves justice and judgment. Yahweh's kindness filled the Earth.
6 By the word of god, the skies were made. And in his nose's breath, all their ranks.
7 Gathered the waters of the seas as in a crest, gives abysses in the storehouses.
8 All the Earth will fear Yahweh, from him they will be taken aback, all the inhabitants of the land.
9 Because he spoke and it came to be, he commanded and so it stood.

10 Yahweh undid the advice of nations, set in motion the thoughts of the peoples.
11 Yahweh's advice will stand to world's end, the thoughts of his heart are to generation after generation.
12 Fortunate is the nation that Yahweh goes toward, that people he chose for his bequest.
13 From the skies, Yahweh scoped, saw all the sons of man.
14 From his edifice of residence he attended, over all those settling the land.
15 The one who crafts together their hearts, who understands all their doings.
16 There isn't the king who carries forth with much war, the hero will not save with much strength.
17 The horse is but a lie toward salvation, and in all his armor will not flee.
18 Here is Yahweh's eye to his fearful, to those that pray to his kindness.
19 To save their souls from death, and to let survive them through famine.
20 Our souls waited for Yahweh, out aid and our shield is he.
21 Because in him our heart did gladden, because in his holiness' name we relied.
22 Let your kindness, Yahweh, be upon us, as we have prayed to you.[45]

Psalm 34Edit

0 For David--- in changing his style before Avimelech, and he evicted him, and he left.[4]

1 I will in Yahweh bless every time, his praise always in my words.
2 In Yahweh my spirit will be praised, the wretched will hear and be happy.
3 Grow to Yahweh with me, and we will raise up his name together.
4 I petitioned to Yahweh and he answered me, from all my hosts he delivered me.
5 They looked upon him and shone, and their faces wilted not.
6 This poor man called, and Yahweh heard, and from all his troubles saved him.
7 An angel of Yahweh camps around those that fear him, and will free them.
8 They tasted and saw that Yahweh is good, fortunate the guy who will shelter in him.
9 Fear Yahweh his holiness, because there is no want for those that fear him.
10 Heretics were afflicted and hungered, and Yahweh's petitioners will not lack in any good.

11 Go on, my sons, listen to me. I will teach you the fear of God. 12 Who is the man, who seeks life, loves in the days to see good?
13 Guard your tongue from evil, and your lips from wily speaking.
14 Keep away from evil, and do good. Ask for peace and pursue it.
15 The eyes of Yahweh are to the just, and his ears to their petitions.
16 The face of Yahweh against those that do evil, to uproot their memory from the Earth. 17 They shouted, and Yahweh heard, delivered them from all their troubles.
18 Yahweh is close to the broken-hearted, and the depressed of spirit he will save.
19 Many are the woes of the just, and from all those Yahweh will save us.
20 Guards all his bones, not one of those has been broken.
21 Evil will kill the wicked, and those hating righteous will be faulted.
22 Yahweh redeems the soul of his servants, and all that shelter in him will not be faulted.

Psalm 35Edit

1 For David:

  Yahweh argued with those that argued with me, battled those that battled with me.
2 Tighten your shield and holster, and rise up to my aid.
3 And unsheath your spear and close against my pursuers. Say to my soul, "I am your salvation".[46]
4 They will shame and unravel, those that demand my soul, they will retreat and wilt, those that think to wrong me.
5 They will be as a stalk before the wind, and Yahweh's angel pushes back.
6 Let their path be dark and slippery, and the angel of Yahweh pursues them.
7 Because for naught did they ambush me, the pit of their net, for naught did they dig for my soul.
8 Bring to him a cataclysm, unawares, and in his net which he has buried capture him, in a cataclysm his will fall into it.
9 And my soul will celebrate Yahweh, will rejoice in his salvation.
10 All my bones will say: "Yahweh, who is like you? Rescues the poor from one stronger, and the poor wretch from one who rips him off."
11 They shalt riseth, the witnesses of violence, that which I did not know, they will ask me.
12 They will pay me bad towards good, weariness to my soul.
13 And I, they wearing sackcloth in their sickness, tormented my soul by fasting. And my prayer, to my breast reward.
14 As a brother woe to me, I have walked, as one mourning for his mother, I have prostrated my dessication.
15 And in my hobbling they became happy and massed, the crippled massed to me, and I did not know. They ripped apart, and didn't stop.
16 In the spite of mocking insult, he grinds his teeth upon me.
17 My lord, how much will you see? Return my soul from their atrocities, from the heretics my individual.
18 I will thank you in a great crowd, among a big people I will praise you.
19 Let them not be happy upon me the lying enemies, those that hate for nothing wink their eye.
20 Because they do not speak of peace, and on the calm of the Earth, they thinketh wily plots.
21 And they will widen upon me their mouths. They said: "Aha! Aha! Our eyes have seen!"
22 You have seen, Yahweh, do not deafen, lord, do not distance yourself from me.
23 Awake and put haste to my judgment, my God, and lord to my arguments.
24 Judge me as your justice, Yahweh my God, and let them not be happy over me.
25 Let them not say in their hearts, "Ah, our souls." Let them not say "We have consumed him."
26 They will shame, and will wilt, together, those that gladden on my bad. They will weak shame and effacing, those that rise upon me.
27 They will celebrate and be happy, those that seek my justice, and they will say, Yahweh will always grow, he that seeks the peace of his servant.
28 And my tongue will talk of your justice, of your praises all day.

Psalm 36Edit

0 For the conductor, for the servant of Yahweh, for David:[4]

1 The sermon of crime to the wicked is close to my heart, there is no fear of God in his eyes.
2 Because he has smooth-talked to him, in his eyes, to find his wrongdoing, to hate.
3 The words of his mouth wrongdoing and trickery, he has ceased to wise up, to improve.
4 Wrongdoing will be reckoned to his rest bed, he will post to a no good path, of evil he will not be fed up.
5 Yahweh in the sky is your kindness, your belief unto the horizon.
6 Your justice, as the godly mountains, your sentences a vast abyss, you will save man and beast, Yahweh.
7 How dear is your kindness, God, and the sons of man in the shadow of your wing will shelter.
8 They shalt satisfy from the plenty of your house, and the stream of your gentleness will quench them.
9 Because with you is the source of life, by your light we'll see the light.
10 Your kindness pulls in those who know you, and your justice to the upright of heart.
11 Do not bring on me a foot of pride, and let the hand of the wicked not uproot me.
12 There they fell, the workers of wrong, they were pushed away and could not stand.

Psalm 37Edit

1 For David:

  Don't compete with the wicked, do not envy wrongdoers.
2 Because like a harvest, they will quickly ripen, and like the green grass wilteth.
3 Trust in Yahweh, and do good. Dwell the land, and guide faith.
4 And delight in Yahweh, and he will give you your heart's wishes.
5 Gather your paths on Yahweh, and trust in him, he will do.
6 And like light he will bring forth your justice, and like high noon your judgment.
7 Be still for Yahweh, and await him. Do not compete with he who himself made success, with a man who makes intrigue.
8 Begone with fury, and abandon violence, don't compete just to do evil.
9 Because the bad shalt be cut down, and those straight with god shalt inherit the Earth.
10 And in a little bit, and there is no evil. And you examined its place, and it isn't there.
11 And the agonized will inherit the Earth, and will delight over abundant peace.
12 The wicked plots against the righteous, and sets his teeth against him.
13 My lord has mirth at him, because he sees that his day will come.
14 The wicked unsheathed sword and drew their bows, to fell the impoverished poor, to slaughter the straight of path.
15 Their sword will fall on their hearts, and their bows will break.
16 Better is the little for the righteous than the fortune for the many wicked.
17 Because the arms of the wicked will break, and the support of the righteous is Yahweh.
18 Yahweh knows their days of innocence, and their bequest will be for all time.
19 They will not shame at an evil time, and in days of hunger will sate.
20 Because the wicked will be lost, and the enemies of Yahweh, like the field flock prime, consumed in smoke, consumed.

21 The wicked borrowed, and will not pay, and the righteous forgives and gives.
22 Because from his firstborn the Earth's inherit, and they who curse him will be sundered.
23 And from Yahweh, a mans steps are prepared, and his way eased.
24 Because he will not be delegated to fall, because Yahweh supports his hand.

25 I was a youth, and I also aged, and I have not seen a righteous man abandoned, and his seed asking for bread.
26 All day he forgives and loans, and his seed is to be blessed.
27 Avoid the evil, and do good, and dwell forever.
28 Because Yahweh loves adjudicating, and will not leave his righteous. They will be protected forever, and the seed of the wicked sundered.
29 The righteous will inherit the Earth, and will dwell upon it for all time.
30 The mouth of the righteous will pronounce wisdom, and his tongue will speak judgment.
31 The teaching of God is in his heart, his steps will not falter.
32 The wicked watches the righteous, and wishes to kill him.
33 Yahweh will not leave us in his hand, and will not convict us in his judgments.
34 Hope to Yahweh, and keep his way, and he will lift you up to inherit the Earth. You will see the wicked sunder.
35 I saw a glorified wicked man, and he displays as a vibrant citizen.
36 And after a while, and he is not, and I asked for him, and he was not found.
37 Keep innocent, and see straight, because the aftermath is for the man of peace.
38 And the criminals will be annihilated together, the aftermath for the wicked is cut off.
39 And the salvation of the righteous is from Yahweh, their strength in times of trouble.
40 And Yahweh will help them and deliver them, deliver them from the wicked and save them, because they sheltered in him.

Psalm 38Edit

0 A lyric for david, a reminder.[4]

1 Yahweh, do not in your snarling reprove me, and in your glare cut me off.
2 Because your arrows landed within me, and your hand will land upon me.
3 There is no ease in my flesh in the face of your fury. There is no peace in my bones in the face of my sins.
4 Because my ill-deeds overcome my head, as a weighty burden they outweigh me.
5 My wounds vengefully fester from my ill-doing.
6 I am wrung out so much, bent. All day I walk drooping.
7 Because my loins filled with embers, and there is no ease in my flesh.
8 I am drained and rejected so much, my roar is of my heart's moan.
9 My lord, against you are all my lusts, and my sighs were not hid from you.
10 My heart is swooning, my strength left me, and the light of my eyes (those too!) is not with me.
11 Whoever loves me, and my friend, will stand to avoid my touch. Those closest to me will stand at a distance.
12 And they will spring, those who demand my soul, and those who demand my fall. They spoke distortion. They'll babble deceptions all day.
13 And I am as the deaf, I will not hear, and as the dumb, who will not open his mouth.
14 And I will be as the man who did not hear, and whose mouth does not have reproof.
15 Because to you, Yahweh, my hope has been. You will answer, my lord, my God.
16 Because I said, "Lest they will rejoice over me, over my legs' stumble;" off me they expand.
17 Because I am ready to halt, and my hurts are always before me.
18 Because I will speak my illdeeds, I will worry over my sins.
19 And my enemies, became great of life, and my detesters multiplied falsely.
20 And those who paid me bad for good, will enmify me, for my chasing goodness.

21 Do not leave me, Yahweh, my God, do not distance yourself from me.
22 Tend to my help, my lord, my salvation.

Psalm 39Edit

0 For the conductor, for Yedithun(Yeduthun), a lyric for david.[47][4]

1 I said, "I shalt guard my path, from letting my tongue sin. I shalt guard for my mouth a barrier, while still the evil is against me."
2 I kept dumb, silent, I sensed of goodness, and my pain was uprooted.
3 My heart's warmth within me--- while speaking a fire burned--- I spoke with my tongue.
4 Inform me, Yahweh, of my end, and of the measure of my days, what are they? I will know how limited I am.
5 Here you have given my days, some handspans-- and my limitation is nothing compared to you. So is every vapor-wisp of every man standing, selah.
6 Only as an image, will a man walk, only as a vapor-wisp theye wonder. He will collect and does not know who gathers them.

7 And now, what did I hope, my lord? My hope is toward you.
8 Save me from all my crimes, do not place me as the shunned of the decayed.
9 I kept dumb, I will not open my mouth. Because you did make.
10 Remove from me your afflictions, from your hands' blow I wasted away.
11 For the reproof of illdeed, you cast away a man, and dissolve as ashes his fondness. Every man is but a wisp of vapor, selah.
12 Here my prayer, Yahweh, and to my entreat pay heed, do not keep dumb, do not deafen. For I am a stranger before you, a settler, as all my forefathers.
13 Release me, and I will recoup, just before I go and am not.

Psalm 40Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David.[4]

1 A hope, I've hoped of Yahweh, and he tilted toward me, and listened to my petition.
2 And he raised me up from the rushing pit, from the miry clay, and he stood my legs on a boulder, readied my fortune.
3 And he placed in my mouth a new song, a psalm for our God.

  Many did see and fear, and relied on Yahweh.
4 Fortune to the guy who places his security in Yahweh, and did not turn to the willful, or the lying wayfarers.
5 Much have you done, you Yahweh my God. Your wonders and your thoughts are towards us. There is none compared to you. I shalt say and I shalt speak. They are too great to relate.
6 Sacrifice and offering you did not desire--- you opened your ears to me. For raised and sinstuff offer, you did not ask.

7 Then I said "Here, I've come." In the scroll of the book, of me is written.
8 To do do your will, my God, I desired. And your teaching is in my gut.
9 In my ministering justice in a great crowd, here I will not shutter my lips. Yahweh, you have known.
10 I did not hide your justice within my heart. Of your faith and your salvation I have spoken. I did not disguise your kindness and your reality before a great crowd.
11 You Yahweh, you will not shut your kindness from me. Your kindness and your reality will always reform me.
12 Because evil things flutter upon me, beyond number, my illdeeds have caught up to me, and I could not see. They were more than the hairs of my head, and my heart abandoned me.

13 Yahweh wanted to save me. Yahweh, minister to my aid.
14 They will shame and dig together, those who ask for my soul to curtail. They will fall back and disappear, those who seek bad upon me.
15 The will fall following from their shame, those who tell me "Aha, Aha".
16 They will revive and gladden in you, all who ask for you. They will say, "Yahweh will always grow", those who love your salvation.
17 And I am poor, impoverished, for me my Lord will reckon. You are my help and my sanctuary. My God, do not be late.

Psalm 41Edit

0 For the conductor, a lyric for David.[4]

1 Fortune to one considerate to the weak; on the day of evil, Yahweh will let him flee.
2 Yahweh will let him protection and life--- he will grow rich on the Earth. And do not give him to his enemies souls.[48]
3 Yahweh will set our table, on the support of weakness, all his rest-beds you overturned in his sickness.
4 I said: "Yahweh, have mercy on me. Heal me, because I have sinned against you."
5 My enemies will speak ill of me: "When will he die, and his name be lost?"
6 And if he came to see, he will speak in vain. His heart will cluster on illdeed, he will go outside and speak.
7 Together, against me they whispered, all my detesters. Upon me, they think of evil against me.
8 The words of Belya'al is molded within him, and as he lay down, he will not get up again.
9 Also the man of my peace, in whom I have trusted, eats my bread. He has lifted his heel on me.

10 And you, Yahweh, have mercy on me, and raise me up, and I will repay them.
11 In this I have know, that I am pleasing to you, because my enemy will not do evil against me.
12 And me, you have supported me in my innocence, and you stationed me before you forever.
13 Blessed is Yahweh, the God of Israel, to all the world and to world's end. Amen and Amen.

Psalm 42Edit

0 For the conductor, Masckil(learned one) to the sons of Kerach.[4]

1 As the stag longs for the water-brooks, so my soul longs for you, God.
2 My soul thirsts for God-- for a living god. When will I come and see the face of God?
3 My tears become my bread, days and nights, from their saying to me all day, "Where's your God?"
4 These I shall remember, and my soul will spill upon me, so I will pass through the hut, I will encourage them to God's house. With a sound of joy and thanks, many celebrate.
5 What for is my soul downcast? And my unrest upon me. Beseech(f) God for me, because he still revives us, salvation of his presence.
6 My God, my soul upon me is downcast. For this, I will recall you from the land of Yarden(Jordan), and the Chermons, from mount Mitz'ar(sorrow).
7 Abyss upon abyss calls out to your tubes' sound. All your wave breaks and crests passed over me.
8 Daily, Yahweh commands his mercy, and at night he sings with me, a prayer for the god of my life.
9 I will say to my god, my rock, "Why have you forgotten me? Why do I walk head down at the enemy's pressure?"
10 As murder in my bones, my foes made me shunned, in their saying to me all day "Where's your God?"
11 How downcast is my soul, and what unrest is upon me. Beseech(f) God for me, because he still revives us, salvation for my presence, and my God.

Psalm 43Edit

1 Judge me, God, and argue my arguments.
  From a nation of none kind, from a man of deceit and illdeed, let me escape.
2 Because you, my God, my fortitude, Why did you neglect me?
  Why should I walk head down, at an enemies' pressure?
3 Send your light and your truth, they shall settle me.
  They will bring me to your holy mountain, and to your dwellings.
4 And I will come to God's altar, to the god of joy of my rejoicing.
  And I will praise you on harp, God my God.
5 What will my soul be downcast for? And why will my unrest be upon me?
  Beseech(f) God, because he still revives us. The salvation of my presence, and my God.

Psalm 44Edit

0 For the conductor to the sons of Korach, Masckil(learned one).[4]

1 God, we carefully listening have heard.
Our fathers told us: you have done deedss in their days, the days of old.
2 You, by your hand, bequeathed nations and planted them. You have made bad for peoples, and set them free.
3 Because not through their swords did they inherit land, and by their arms they did not save themselvse.
  But by your right hand and arm, and the light of your face, because you wanted them.
4 You are him, my king God, command Yaakov's(Jacob's) salvation.
5 With you, our foes are smitten, in your name, our insurgents tamp down.
6 For in my bow I won't trust, and my sword will not save me.
7 For you have saved us from our foes, and to our detesters you laid shame.
8 In God we praised all day, and your name we will thank forever, Selah.

9 But you neglected, and you waste us, and you will not come out within our ranks.
10 You dost set us back, from the foe, and why, our detesters rejoiceth.
11 You have give us feed like sheep. And among the nations dispersed us.
12 You sell your nation for no fortune, and you did not give their price as much.
13 You made us shunned of our neighbors, strike and mockery for our surrounding.
14 You made us an example among the nations, head-shaking in the nationalities.
15 All day, my waste is against me, and the my face's shame cloaked me.
16 From the teasing taunter's voice, from the enemy's presence, and the avenger.
17 All this, you bringeth to us, and we forgetteth you not. And we did not make lie of our covenant.[49]
18 We will not turn back our hearts, nor redirect our steps from thine proceedings.
19 Because you have pushed us away into a jackal's place, and you cloaked us in death-shadow.
20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, and we spread our hand to a foreign God,
21 then God will discover this, because he knows the secrets of the heart.
22 Because we are being killed over you all day, we are thought of as sheep for slaughter.

23 Awake! Why will you sleep, my lord? Arise, do not neglect forever.
24 Why will you hide your face? You forget our torment and our pressure.
25 Because our soul sank to the dust, our stomach stuck to the earth.
26 Rise up, help us, and reclaim us for your mercy's sake.

Psalm 45Edit

0 For the conductor of Sheshanim for the sons of Kerach, Masckil, a song of friendship.[4]

1 A good thing overfills my heart. I say, my works are for a king! My tongue, the pen of a quick writer. 2 You have out-beautified all men, desirability is forged in your lips. For this God has blessed you, forever. 3 Belt your sword on a hero's thigh--- your praise and your majesty. 4 And in your majesty, prosper your ride, for the thing of truth, and the modesty of justice. And your teaching of the awesomeness of your right hand.

5 Your arrows are sharp. Nations will fall under you, in the heart of the king's enemies. 6 Your Godly chair is forever and ever, the straight up staff is your reign's staff. 7 You have loved justice, and you will hate evil. For this, God your God annointed you, of your friends, in joyful oil. 8 All your clothes are Myrrh and Aloes of Cassia, from ivory tools, mine have made you happy.

9 The daughters of kings are among your dearest. She is posted lordly at your right in the pure gold of Ophir. 10 Listen, daughter, and see, tilt your ear, and forget your people and your father's household. 11 And the king will desire your beauty, because he is your lord, and bow down to him. 12 And the daughter of Tzor, the wealthy of the people with an offering will beseech for your presence. 13 All the honor of the king's daughter inwards, in gold checkers she is dressed. 14 With weaves she will be led to the king, virgins behind her, her friends, brought to you. 15 She will be led with happiness and joy, she will be brought to the king's dwelling.

16 After your fathers will be your sons. You will place them as ministers over all the land. 17 I will recall your name generation after generation. For this, people will thank you forever and ever.

Psalm 46Edit

0 For the conductor for the sons of Kerach, over 'alamoth, a song.[4]

1 For us, God is shelter and might. An aid for troubles, present much.
2 For this we won't fear as the Earth transforms, and as the mountains are struck to the heart of sea.
3 His waters, they will mount and froth, the mountains will rumble to his pride. Selah.

4 A river. it's branches will gladden the city of God, the holiness of higher dwellings.
5 God is in among her, lest she is struck, God will help her just before morning.
6 The nations were stunned, the kingdoms were struck, he gave his voice, the land flowed off.
7 Yahweh's is with us in ranks, Jacob's God is a backrest for us. Selah.

8 Go and grasp Yahweh's doings, he who lays waste on the Earth,
9 pacifies wars, to the end of the Earth, will break up the bow, and mince the spear. Carts he burned in fire.

10 Accept and know that I myself am God.
   I rise over nations.
   I rise over Earth.

11 Yahweh is with us in ranks, Jacob's God is a backrest for us, Selah.

Psalm 47Edit

0 For the conductor of the sons of Kerach, a lyric.[4]

1 All peoples, clap your hands. Sound out to God with a joyful noise.
2 Because awesome is highest Yahweh, a great king over all the Earth.
3 He will attest nations beneath us, and nationalities under our feet.
4 He will choose our bequest for us, the genius of Jacob, whom he loved, Selah.
5 Yahweh arose sounding, Yahweh, in the sound of a Ram's horn.
6 Sing to God, sing! Sing to our king, sing!
7 Because God is king of all the Earth. Sing, Masckil! 8 God is king over nations. God sits on his holy throne.
9 The gifts of the people were gathered--- for the God of Abraham. Because to God are the Earth's shields, most high.

Psalm 48Edit

0 A lyrical song for the sons of Kerach.[4]

1 Yahweh is great and is much praised--- in the city of our God, his holy mount.
2 Beautifully scenic, felt on all the Earth. Mount Zion stretching north, the municipality of a vast king.

3 God, in its mansions, made known his resting place.
4 Because here the kings were fated, they passed together.
5 They saw, so were stunned, startled, made haste.
6 Their holdings shook there, afflicted as if in labor birthing.

7 In a westward wind, you will break the ships of Tarshish.
8 As we have heard, so we have seen.
  In the city of Yahweh's ranks, in the city of our God.
  God will ready it for all time, selah.

9 God, we have imagined your kindness, within your dwelling.
10 As your name, God, thus is your praise onto the ends of the Earth. Your right arm fills with justice.
11 Mount Zion gladdens--- the daughters of Yehuda(Judah) will be festive, for your judgements sake.

12 Surround Zion, and encircle it. Tell of its greatness.
13 Extend your hearts to its fortifications, travel its mansions, so that you will tell to the last generation.
14 Because this is Yahweh our God, forever and ever. He will guide us beyond death.

Psalm 49Edit

0 For the conductor for the sons of Korach, a lyric.[4]

1 Hear this, all peoples. Listen, all inhabitants of the biosphere.
2 Both the renowned and also the ordinary, the rich and poor together.
3 My mouth will speak wisdom, and my heart's talk is understanding.
4 Toward an axiom, I will tilt my ear, I will start my riddle on a lyre.

5 For what do I fear when evil is here? Illdeed is at my heels, surrounds me.
6 Those that trust in their ranks, and glory in their great wealth:
7 A man in no way redeems a brother. He will never give God his fee.
8 And their life's redemption is expensive, and forever lacking.
9 And he will live still forever, will not see the slaughter pit.
10 Because he will see, the wise ones will die--- the foolish and the bright together perish. They left their ranks for others.
11 Withyn them their households,forever--- their dwelling from generation to generation. They named the land with their names.
12 And a man stayeth not in glorye, he is governed as the beasts he resembles.
13 This is their way, whye the foolishe, and those after them, of their mouth's talk will desire. Selah.

14 As sheep, they sailed to the underworld, death will shepherd them.
  The righteous will oversee them in the morning, and their form to the underworld's erosion, a waste toward it.
15 Only God will redeem my soul from the hand of the underworld, because he will take me. Selah.

16 Do not fear because a man enriches, because the honor of his house will be much.
17 Because he will at his death not take all that, and his honor will not go down along with him.
18 Because his soul in his life will be blessed, and he will thank you because you have made good for yourself.

19 Look onto the generation of his fathers. For eternity they will not see light.
20 A man has visited, and will not understand. He is governed as the beasts he resembles.[50]

Psalm 50Edit

1 a lyric for Asaf:

  God, Yahweh God, spoke and called out to Earth, from the sun's rise until its set.
2 From Tzion(Zion), of general beauty, God appeared.
3 He came to us, and did not deafen. A fire consumed before him, and around him was very stormy.
4 He will tear up the skies above, and the Earth, to judge his people.

5 Gather to me, my kind ones, those who enact my covenant upon the altar.
6 And the skies will testify of his justice, because God, he is a judge, selah. 7 Listen my people, and I shall speak, Israel. And I will testify to you.

  I am God, your God.
8 I will not reprove you over your offerings, and your sacrifices are always before me.
9 I will not take a bull from your house, nor billy-goats from your enclosures.
10 Because for me is every anymal of the field, the livestock in the thousand hills.
11 I have known every fowl of the hill, and my field ziz is with me.[51]
12 If I will be hungry, I would not tell you, because mine is the world's disk and fullness.
13 For will I eat the flesh of the bulls, and drink the blood of he-goats?

14 Raise offer to God in thanks, and give your vows to the higher one.
15 And call me on a day of trouble. I will release you, and you will respect me.

16 And to the evil, God said:

  What is it for you, to speak my laws? And will you carry my covenant with your mouth?
17 And you have hated tradition, and you cast my words behind you.
18 If you saw a thief, then you ran with him. And your part is with adulterers.
19 You send your mouth for evil, and your tongue always has deceit.
20 You will return to your brother, and speak. To your mother's son you will give abuse.
21 This you have done, and I have deafened--- you imagined that I would come to be like you.
  I will reprove you extensively to your witness.

22 Between us, please [know] this, those that forgetteth God: lest I will predate, and none rescue.
23 A sacrifice of thanks shalt show me respect, and the one that makes his path [right], I shalt show him of the salvation of God.

Psalm 51Edit

-1 For the conductor, a lyric for David. 0 When the prophet Nathan was coming to him, when he came to Bath-Sheva'(Bathsheba).[4]

1 Have mercy on me, God, by your kindness.
  As your pity is great, wipe out my crimes.
2 Cleanse me much of my ills, and purify me of my sins.
3 Because I have known of my crimes, and my sin is always before me.
4 To you, you alone, I sinned, and I did evil in your eyes.
  So that your sayings would be right, you would win your judgement.
5 So in illdeed I corrupted, and in sin my mother conceived me.
6 Therefore truth you sought securely, and in the sealed off, you informed me of wisdom.

7 Rid my sin with a hyssop bunch, and I will purify.
  Cleanse me, and I will be whiter than snow.
8 Sound out in me, joy and happiness. They will rejoice, the bones you denied.
9 Your face, hide, from my sins. And erase all my ill-deeds.

10 God created for me a pure heart. And a right spirit, he renewed within me.
11 Don't cast me way from your presence, and your holy spirit do not take from me.
12 Respond to me with the rejoicing of your salvation, and a generous spirit will support me.

13 I shalt teach criminals your ways. And sinners will come back to you.
14 Save me from bloodshed, God, God of my salvation, my tongue will spiritedly speak your justice.
15 My lord, open my lips, and my mouth will speak your glory.
16 Because you did not desire offering, and I will give it. You will not want an offering.
17 God's sacrifice is the broken spirit. The broken heart pushed away--- God, you will not belittle.

18 With your will, improve Zion. Build Jerusalem's fortifications.
19 Then you will desire justice-sacrifices, offering and whole-offering.
  Then they will raise up, on your altar, bulls.

Psalm 52Edit

-1 For the conductor, Masckil, for David, 0 In the coming of Do-ag the Edomite, and he told Sha-ul, and said to him: "David comes to the house of Achimelech."[4]

1 What will you rave over evil for, hero? God kindness is all day.
2 Distorted will your tongue be considered. Like a stropped razer, it makes swindle.
3 You have loved evil over good, lie over right saying, Selah.
4 You have loved all the things of Bela', the swindling tongue.
5 God also will shatter you forever. Will cut you, and evict you from a tent, and your roots from the land of the living, selah.
6 And the just will hear and will fear, and of him they will make fun.[52]
7 Here is the guy that did not place God as his security, and he relied on his great wealth, he will be brave in his distortion.
8 And I am, as a robust olive tree, in the house of God. I trusted in God's kindness, forever and ever.
9 I will thank you forever, because you have done it, and I will hope to your name, because it is good, against your mercies.

Psalm 53Edit

0 For the conductor on Macheleth, Maschil, for David.[4]

1 The rotten said in his heart, "There is no God." They corrupted and defiled perversion. None do good.[53]
2 God from the sky scoped on the sons of man, to see, but is there one learned, enjoining of God?
3 All of it receded, together bygone, there is no good-doer, there is not one.
4 For they know, those doing wrong. Ate up my people, like eating bread. To God they did not call.
5 There fearfully they feared, there was no fear. Because God scattered the bones of your besieger. They shamed, because God rejected them.

6 Who from Zion will provide Israel's salvation?
  When God returns his interned people, Jacob will rejoice, Israel will gladden.

Psalm 54Edit

-1 For the conductor of music-making, Masckil, for David. 0 In the coming of the Ziphites, and they said to Saul, "For David is hiding within us."[4]

1 God, save me with your name, and adjudicate me with your power. 2 God, hear my prayer. Listen to my mouth's sayings.

3 Strangers rose up against me, and the proud have asked for my soul. They put God against them, selah. 4 Here is God helping me. My God in the supports of my soul. 5 He will return the evil to my foes. Let them thirst of your reality.[54]6 In thanks I will raise altar to you. I will thank your name, Yahweh, for it is good. 7 Because from every trouble it has saved me, and my enemies, my eyes have seen.

Psalm 55Edit

0 For the conductor of music-making, Masckil, for David.[4]

1 God, listen close to my prayer, and do not ignore my plea.
2 Listen to me, and answer me. I am worn down in my conflicts, stunned.
3 From the sound of the enemy, from facing the wicked's yoke.
  Because they will strike illdeed upon me, and snarling will unravel me. 4 My heart withers within me, and deathly terror fell upon me.
5 Fear and trembling came at me, and horror covers me.
6 And I will say, "Who will give me a wing like the dove? I will fly and I will inhabit.
7 Look, I will wander far; I will dwell in the desert." Selah.

8 I will hasten for me a shelter from the wind swelling in storm.
9 My lord swallowed up, divided their tongue; because I have seen violence and strife in the city.
10 Day and night, He will revolve her upon her fortifications, and illdeed and labor within her.
11 Distortion within her, and He will not summon away from her widths oppression and fraud.
12 Because it is not an enemy which affronted me, that I could carry. Not of my detesters did one grow over me, that I could hide from him.

13 And You, mortal as my thigh, my champion and my buddy.
14 Who together will carry a sweet secret, in the house of God will emotionally walk.
15 Shalt deathstrike upon them, they will descent to underworld for life, because evils are in their dwellings, within them.

16 I will call to God, and Yahweh will save me.
17 Evening and morning and noon, I am conflicted and stunned, and he will hear my voice.
18 He redeemed my soul in peace, from those nearing me, because my opponents came in numbers.
19 God heard, and responded to them, and He sits of old, selah. For whom there doth be no substitute, and they will not see God.

20 Sent his hand at his subjects, desecrated his covenant.
21 They were flattered by his tongue, and his heart is war. His words were easier than oile, but theye were drawn swords.
22 Cast out to Yahweh, He will love you, and he will finance you. He will not ever strike the righteous.
23 And You, God, send them down to the slaughter pit, men of blood and fraud, they will not fulfill their days, and I will rely on you(f).[55][56]

Psalm 56Edit

0 For the conductor over the distant Yonath-Elem(dove cove?), for David, a michtam, as the philistines held him, in Gath(wine-press).[4]

1 Have mercy on me, God, because man set sights on me. All day, a fighter presses upon me.
2 My foes have set sights all day, because the fighters against me are many, most high.
3 By day I will fear. I will upon you rely.
4 With God, I will praise his words.
  In God I have relied, I will not fear. What will flesh do to me? 5 All day, they will trouble my things. Upon me are all their thoughts, for evil.
6 They will dwell, they will scope, these shall guard my heels, as they hoped for my soul.
7 Do not let ill-deed escappe, why? Snarling, God has reduced peoples.

8 My wanderings, you have reckounted, put my teardrops in your flask, here in your recounting.
9 Then my enemies will turn back, the day I call out. This I know, because God is for me.
10 In God, I will praise a thing, in Yahweh, I will praise a thing.
11 In God I relied, I will not fear. What will a man do to me?
12 Over me, God, are your promises. I will pay thanks to you.
13 Because you have saved my soul from death, even my feet from defeat. To walk before God, in the light of life.

Psalm 57Edit

0 For the conductor over Tashchet, a michtam for David, in his fleeing from Saul in the cave.[4]

1 Have mercy on me, God, have mercy, because in you is the shelter of my soul, and in the shadow of your wing I will shelter, until the twisted, it passes.

2 I will call to God on high, to the God who completes beyond me. 3 He will send from the skies and will save me. Affront to he who seeks me. Selah. God will send, his kindness and his reality.

4 My soul is among lions, I will lie in embers, the sons of man, their teeth are spears and arrows, and their tongue a sharp sword.
5 Exalted over the skies, God, Your honor is over all the Earth.
6 They readied a net, to trip me-- my soul bent down, they dug out a trap before me, they fell within it. Selah.

7 My heart is steady, God, my heart is steady. I will sing, and I will make music.
8 Awake, my honor, awake, the Nevel and the harp. I will awake the dawn.
9 I will thank you among the nations, my lord, I will sing of you in the peoples.
10 Because your mercies are great onto the skies, and onto the horizon is your reality.
11 Exalted over the skies, God. Your honor is over all the Earth.

Psalm 58Edit

0 For the conductor over Tashchath, a michtam for David.[4]

1 Do ye really speaketh justice? Do ye really judgeth upright, sons of man?
2 Yet in your heartes, ye worke wronges, in the lande, you set loose your hand's violence.
3 The wicked are estranged from the wombe, they wronged from the belly, lying words.
4 Theyre venome to them is like the snayke venome, as the deaf asp stopped up the ear.
5 Who doesn't listen to the voice of whisperers, is the clever binder of schemes.
6 God has wrekked his teethe in his mouth, from the jaws of mighty lions Yahweh broke.
7 The melt like water, they will walk to them. He will bend his arrows, as if they were circumcisions.
8 As a snail walks in slime, misborn of woman doth not see the sun.
9 Before your pots can behold a thorn, like the living wind, he will defend us.[57]
10 The righteous will gladden because he foresaw the vengeance, he will wash his footpalms in the blood of the wicked.
11 And man will say, fruit is only for the just. Judgments on earth are only of God.[58]

Psalm 59Edit

0 For the conduction over Tashcheth, a michtam for David; as he sent Saul and they had been keeping the house, for putting him to death.[4]

1 Save me from my enemies, my God. From those that rise against me, lean me back.
2 Save me from the workers of illdeed, and from men of blood, save me.
3 Because here they have stalked for my soul, bold ones set upon me, I did not commit crime, and I did not commit sin, Yahweh.
4 Without illdeed they shalt want and they will prepare; arise towards me and see.

5 And you Yahweh, God of ranks, God of Israel, summon yourself to command all the nations.
  Don't forgive all the workers of illdeed, Selah.
6 They return the evening, like curs, yelping, and turn about a city.
7 Lo, they doth bring in their mouths, swords, in their lipps,, because who will hear?
8 And you, Yahweh, doth jest at them, you will mock at all the nations.
9 His might towards you I will keep, because God is my backrest.
10 God, his mercy will advance me. God, make me feared by my foes.
11 Do not kill them, lest my nation will forget. Moveth them with your army, and cutteth them down, our sheild, my Lord.
12 Their mouth's sinns, their lips words, and they will be captured by their planning, and cursing and lies they will tell.
13 Consume them in glayre, consume them and they begone. And they will know that God governs of Jacob, to the ends of the Earth. Selah.
14 And they will return at evening, like curs, yelping, and turn about a city.
15 They shalt move to eat, if they did not sate, and they will lodge.
16 And I will sing of your might, and I will celebrate at morning your mercy. Because you were a backrest for me, and a shelter on the day of my troubles.
17 My might, to you I will sing. Because God is my backrest, God of my mercies.

Psalm 60Edit

-1 For the conductor over Shushan-Aduth, a michtam for David, for teaching. 0 When he acted at Aram-Naharayim(crest of two rivers) and Aram-Tzova, and he turned Yoav back, and he struck of Edom at Gey-Melach(Salt valley), twelve thousand.[4]

1 God, you negleckted us, brokken us. You snarled; return to us.
2 You thunnder Earth, shattered, clefte it, broake it, because it doth swaye.
3 You shouwed your people hardshippe, you drunk us wines appoisonned.
4 You gave your fearful sign to bandy, because of Koshet, selah.[59]

5 For the sayke of escapeing your friends. Save with your right hand, and answer me.[60]
6 God spoke in his holiness, I rejoyced. I will divide Shechem, and measure out the valley of Succoth.
7 Gilad is to me, Menasheh is to me, and Ephraim, my head's fortress, Judah my lawmaker.
8 Moav, my washbasin, over Edom I will cast my shoes. Over me, Pleshet(Philistia), hesitate!

9 Who will lead me to the fortress city? Who will guide me to Edom?
10 For you, God, have neglected us, and God will not come out in our ranks.
11 Bring to us aid from foe, and for naught is salvation from man.
12 With God, we will make our ranks, and he will humble our foes.

Psalm 61Edit

0 For the conductor of music-making, for David.[4]

1 God, hear my festivity, listen to my prayer.
2 From the end of the Earth, I will call to you--- as you wrap my heart. You, on the rock higher than me, will set me.
3 Because you were a shelter for me, a great tower, from the face of an enemy.
4 I will live in your tent forever, I will cover in the shelter of your wings. Selah.

5 Because you, God, have heard my vow. You gave inheritance to those that fear your name.
6 You will add days to a king's days, his years, like to generation and generation.[61]
7 An eternal reign before God, kindness and truth doth preserve him.
8 Thus I will sing your name to time, to pay my vows, day by day.

Psalm 62Edit

0 For the conductor over Yeduthun, a lyric for David.[4]

1 Only to God does my soul stand still. From him is my salvation.
2 Only he is my rock and my salvation, my backrest, I will not be too much struck.
3 To what point will you attack a man, all of you murder, as a leaning wall, a depressed fence.
4 From his elevation, they will consult to topple him, they will want a lie. Their mouths will bless him, and within they curse. Selah.

5 Only to God does my soul stand still, because from him is my hope.
6 Only he is my rock and my salvation, my backrest, I will not be struck.
7 Upon God are my redemption and honor, the rock of my might, my shelter, in God.
8 Trust him at all times, people--- pour your hearts before him. God is a shelter for us. Selah.

9 Only a vapor-wisp are the sons of man, the disappointing sons of folk. They will rise on the scales, they are from one vapor-wisp mirage.
10 Do not trust the confidence man, and of the embezzler do not startle. If your holdings shrink, do not take it to heart.
11 One, God has spoken, two, I heard this: Strength is but of God.
12 And to you is the lord of kindness: because you will pay to each man as his deeds.

Psalm 63Edit

0 A lyric for David, as he was in the Judean desert.[4]

1 God, you are to me, I will seek you.
  My soul thirsts for you, my flesh longs for you,
  On a parched and weary land, without water.

2 So in the holy, I have experienced you, to see your might, and your honor.
3 Because your kindness is better than life, My lips shall praise you.<br/ 4 Thus I will bless in my life, to your name I will lift my palms.
5 Like fat-flesh and roast-fat, my soul will sate, and my lips will be rejuvenated, my mouth will raise praise.

6 As I recall you on my bed, I recite to you on the watchtowers,
7 because you were a help to me. And in the shadow of your wings I will refresh.
8 My soul clings toward you, on me, your right hand has rested.
9 And they, demand my soul for disaster. They will come in underground.
10 They will be undone by the sword, they will be a serving for foxes.

11 And the king will rejoice in God. All that vows to him will become praised, as the liar's mouth will sell out.

Psalm 64Edit

0 For the conductor. A psalm by David.

1 O God, hear my voice when I speak. Save my life from the threat of an enemy.

2 Shelter me from the secret [plots] of the wicked, from the whims of those who do unjustice.

3 Who have sharpened their tongue like a sword, who have nocked bitter words like an arrow,

4 [with which] to shoot an innocent in secret. They shall shoot him suddenly, without fear.

5 They strengthen themselves with evil words, they tell tales in order to lay obstacles, they said: "Who will see them?"

6 They search for misdemeanors, they lay hidden snares. The inner thoughts and heart of man are mysterious.

7 But God shall shoot them suddenly with an arrow. That shall be their blow.

8 And He shall trip them with their tongue. All who see them will be joyful.

9 And all men shall fear, and say: "[This is] the work of God!", and [from] His deed they will learn.

10 The righteous one shall rejoice in Yahweh, and take shelter in Him, and let all those with an honest heart gain glory.

Psalm 65Edit

0 For the conductor. A psalm. A song by David.

1 Yours, God, is the silent glory in Zion, and to You a vow shall be paid.

2 Hearer of prayer, all flesh shall come to You.

3 Matters of injustice are too weighty for me. You will redeem our crimes.

4 Happy is [he whom] You shall choose and draw close, [who] shall dwell in Your courtyards. We shall be satisfied by the bounty of Your house, in

Psalm 77Edit

0 For the Leader, on Yeduthun, by Asaf, a song.[4]
1 My voice is to God, and I will cry out; my voice is to God, and He shall give ear to me.
2 On the day of my distress, I sought God; my hand at night oozed and will not abate; my soul refused to be comforted.
3 I will remember God and I will moan; I will speak and my spirit will become faint, Selah.
4 You held my eyes from [getting any sleep]; I was stricken and will not speak.
5 I thought of days of yore, ancient years.
6 I will recall my music at night; with my heart I will speak and my spirit searched.
7 "Will God forsake [me] forever and will nevermore be appeased?
8 Is His kindness ended forever? Finished saying for all generations?
9 Has God forgotten graciousness? Has He, in anger, shut off His mercy?” Selah.
10 And I said, "This is to infirm me, this change of the right hand of the Most High."
11 I will recall the deeds of God when I will remember from time immemorial Your wonder.
12 And I meditated over all Your work, and of Your deeds I will speak.
13 God, Your way is in sanctifying. Who is a great god as God?
14 You are the God Who works wonders; You made known among the peoples Your might.
15 You redeemed with [Your] arm Your people, the sons of Yaacov and Yosef, Selah.
16 The waters saw You, God, the waters saw You, they shall tremble, the deeps shall even quake.
17 They poured forth thick waters; the skies let out a voice, even your arrows shall go.
18 The sound of Your thunder in the wheel; the lightning illuminated the world; the earth trembled and roared.
19 In the sea is Your way, and Your path in many waters; and Your steps were not known.
20 You led like sheep Your people by the hand of Moshe and Aharon.

Psalm 90Edit

1 A prayer by Moshe, man of God.
  God, a shelter You have been for us, in generation after generation.
2 Before mountains were born, and Earth and inhabited land were created, and from everlasting to everlasting, You are God.
3 You shall bring a man down to a crushing point, and You said, "Return, sons of men."
4 For a thousand years in Your eyes like a bygone yesterday, for it will pass away, and a watch in the night.
5 You flowed them; they shall be sleep; in the morning, like grass he shall pass away.
6 In the morning, it shall blossom and was rejuvenated; toward evening, it shall be cut off and shall wither.
7 For we perished by Your wrath, and by Your anger we were dismayed.
8 You have placed our iniquities before You, our youth before the light of Your countenance.
9 For all our days have passed away in Your anger; we have consumed our years as a thought.
10 The days of our years because of them are seventy years, and if with strength, eighty years;
  and their greatness is toil and pain, for it was quickly shorn off and we flew away.
11 Who knows the power of Your anger, and as Your reverence, Your wrath?
12 To number our days, so inform, and we shall bring a heart of wisdom.
13 Return, God. Until when? And be consoled regarding Your servants.
14 Satiate us in the morning [with] Your kindness, and we will sing and will rejoice throughout all our days.
15 Make us happy as the days that You afflicted us, the years when we saw evil.
16 May Your work appear to Your servants, and Your majesty unto their sons.
17 And may the pleasantness of God, our God, be upon us,
  and the work of our hands, establish for us,
  and the work of our hands, establish it.

Psalm 100Edit

1 A song of thanksgiving: all the Earth, testify to Yahweh.
2 Serve Yahweh in happiness, come to him in festivity.
3 Know that Yahweh is God. He, not we, made us, his people, sheep of his herding flock.[62]
4 We came to his gate in thanks, to his courtyard in celebration, thank him, bless his name.
5 Because Yahweh is good, his kindness is forever, and his faith onto generation after generation.

Psalm 105Edit

1 Give thanks to God, proclaim His Name; make known among the peoples His deeds.
2 Sing to Him, play music to Him, speak of all His wonders.
3 Boast of His Holy Name; may rejoice the heart of those who seek God.
4 Search for God and His Might; seek His Presence constantly.
5 Remember His wonders, which He performed, His miracles and the judgments of His mouth.
6 The seed of Abraham His servant, the children of Yaacov, His chosen ones.
7 He is God, our God; throughout all the earth are His judgments.
8 He remembered forever His covenant, a word He had commanded to a thousand generations,
9 Which He cut with Abraham, and His oath to Yitzchak,
10 And He set it up to Yaacov as a statute, to Israel an everlasting covenant,
11 Saying, "To you I shall give the land of Canaan, the lot of your inheritance."
12 When they were few in number, hardly dwelling in it.
13 And they walked from nation to nation, from a kingdom to another people.
14 He let not a man rob them, and He reproved on their account kings.
15 "Do not touch My anointed ones, and to My prophets do not harm."
16 And he called a famine upon the land; every staff of bread He broke.
17 He sent before them a man; for a slave was Yoseph sold.
18 They afflicted with fetters his foot; [in] iron came his soul.
19 Until the time of the coming of His word, the saying of God purified him.
20 A king sent and released him, a ruler of peoples and loosed him.
21 He made him master unto his household and ruler on all his possessions.
22 To bind up his princes at his wish, and his elders he shall make wise.
23 And Israel came [to] Egypt, and Yaacov sojourned in the land of Cham.
24 And He made His people very fruitful, and He made it stronger than its adversaries.
25 He turned their heart to hate His people, to plot against His servants.
26 He sent Moshe His servant; Aharon whom He chose.
27 They placed upon them the words of His signs and miracles in the land of Cham.
28 He sent darkness and it darkened, and they did not disobey His word.
29 He turned their waters to blood, and He killed their fish.
30 Their land swarmed with frogs, in the rooms of their monarchs.
31 He spoke and a mixture came; lice throughout their entire boundary.
32 He made their rains into hail; fire, flames in their land.
33 And it struck their vine and their fig tree, and it broke the wood of their boundary.
34 He spoke and locust came, and nibbling locusts without number.
35 And it consumed all grass in their land, and it consumed the produce of their soil.
36 And He smote every firstborn in their land, the first of all their strength.
37 And He took them out with silver and gold, and there was no pauper among His tribes.
38 Egypt rejoiced with their departure, for their fear had fallen upon them.
39 He spread out a cloud for shelter, and fire to illuminate the night.
40 He asked, and He brought quail, and bread of heavens shall sate them.
41 He opened a rock and waters flowed; rivers went in the deserts.
42 For He remembered the word of His Holiness with Abraham His servant.
43 And He took out His people with joy, with singing His chosen ones.
44 And He gave them lands of nations, and the toil of regimes they shall inherit.
45 In order that they shall keep His statutes, and His teachings they shall observe. Halleluyah!

Psalm 111Edit

6 The power of His works He has declared to His nation, to give them the heritage of the nations.

Psalm 115Edit

1 Not to us, Yahweh, not to us, but to Your name give honor, to Your kindness, to your reality.
2 Why would the foreigners say: "Please, where is their God?"
3 And our God is in the sky, everything he wished, he has done.
4 Their statues are silver and gold, done by the hands of man.
5 They have mouths, but will not speak. They have eyes, but will not see.
6 They have ears, but will not hear, they have a nose, but will not smell.
7 Their hands will not feel, their legs will not walk. Their throats will not voice.
8 Like them will be their makers, all that trust in them.

9 Israel, trust in Yahweh: He is their helper and their defense.
10 House of Aaron, trust in Yahweh: He is their helper and their defense.
11 Those who fear God, trust in Yahweh: He is their helper and their defense.
12 Yahweh will bless our memory, will bless the house of Israel, will bless the house of Aaron,
13 Will bless those who fear God, the little along with the big.
14 Yahweh will add onto you, on you and onto your sons.

15 Blessed are you to Yahweh, maker of the skies and the Earth.
16 The skies are skies for Yahweh, and the Earth he gave to men.
17 The dead will not give-praise-to-Yah, and not those that descend into stillness.
18 And we will bless Yah, from now until forever, give-praise-to-Yah(Halelu-Ya/Hallelujah).

Psalm 117Edit

1 Give blessings to the Lord, all you nations; Give praise to the Lord, all you nations
2 For His greatness, mercy, and trust are eternal: hallelujah!

Psalm 121Edit

1 A song of ascents, I will lift my eyes up to the hills, from where will my help come from?
2 My help come from Yahweh, maker of the sky and of the earth.
3 He will not allow your foot to be moved, he will not sleep from keeping you.
4 He will not slumber nor sleep, he who guards Israel.
5 Yahweh is your keeper, Yahweh is the shadown that is on your right hand.
6 The will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.
7 Yahweh will guard you from all evil, will guard you soul.
8 Yahweh will keep your going out and your coming in, from now, until forever.

Psalm 134Edit

A song of the ascents.
1 Behold: bless Yahweh, all you servants of Yahweh, who stand in the house of Yahweh at night.
2 Raise your hands to the sanctuary, and bless Yahweh.
3 May Yahweh bless you from Zion, he who made the heavens and the earth.

Psalm 135Edit

1 Halleluyah! Hail the name of Yahweh! Hail, you servants of Yahweh!
2 Who stand in the house of Yahweh, in the courts of the house of our God.
3 Halleluyah, for Yahweh is good! Sing to his name, for it is pleasant!
4 For Yah chose Jacob for himself, Israel for his special care.
5 For I have known that Yahweh is big, and our Lord more than all gods.
6 All that Yahweh desired he has done: in the heavens and the earth, in the seas and all deeps.
7 Who raises up the chosen from the ends of the earth, who has made lightnings to rain, who finds wind from his treasures.
8 Who struck the eldest of Egypt, from man to beast.
9 He sent signs and wonders in the midst of Egypt, in Pharaoh and all his servants.
10 Who struck many nations, and killed powerful kings:
11 Sihon, the king of the Amorites; and Og, the king of Bashan; and all the kingdoms of Canaan.
12 And gave their lands as an inheritance, an inheritance for Israel his people.
13 Yahweh is your name forever, Yahweh your remembrance from generation to generation.
14 For Yahweh shall judge his people, and reconsider about his servants.
15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the work of man's hands:
16 They have a mouth, but do not speak; they have eyes, but do not see.
17 They have ears, but do not give ear; a nose, but there is no breath in their mouth.
18 May their makers be like them, all who trust in them.
19 House of Israel, bless Yahweh! House of Aaron, bless Yahweh!
20 House of the Levites, bless Yahweh! Fearers of Yahweh, bless Yahweh!
21 Blessed is Yahweh from Zion, he who dwells in Jerusalem. Halleluyah!

Psalm 137Edit

1 By the rivers of Babylon, was where we sat and also wept, when we remembered Zion.
2 On the willows within it, we hung our harps,
3 because our captors asked us there, for words of song Our tormentors. for happiness: "Sing to us, from the songs of Zion"

4 How would we sing Yahweh's songs on a foreign land?
5 You, if I forget, Yerushalayim, be forgotten my right arm,
6 my tongue cling to my palette, if I do not remember you, if I don't raise Yerushalayim above my highest joys.

7 Yahweh, remind the sons of Edom of Jerusalem's day, Those who say, "raze, raze it, onto its foundation"
8 The plundered daughter of Babylon, would that he pay you your compensation, as you compensated us,
9 would that he would grasp and smash your toddlers against the rock.

Psalm 150Edit

1 Halleluyah! Praise God in His Holiness, praise Him in the firmament of His might.
2 Praise Him for His mighty deeds; praise Him as the muchness of His Greatness.
3 Praise Him with the blast of a shofar; praise Him with psaltery and lyre.
4 Praise Him with a drum and dance, praise Him with instruments and flute.
5 Praise Him with ringings of hearing; praise Him with ringings of blast.
6 Every soul shall praise God! Halleluyah!

Psalm 151Edit

1 I was Small among my brothers, and the youngest in my father's house I tended the sheep
2 My hands made a harp, and my fingers fashioned a lyre
3 And who will tell my LORD? It is him that hears.
4 It was he who sent his messenger, and he who took me from my father sheep, and anointed me with his anointing oil.
5 My brothers were tall and hansome, but the LORD was not pleased with them..
6 I went out to meet the Philistine, and he cursed me by his own idols
7 But I drew his own sword and beheaded him, and took the disgrace from the people of Israel

Psalm 152Edit

Note: Psalms 152 to 155 are additional Psalms found in two Syriac biblical manuscripts to date and several manuscripts of Elias of al-Anbar's "Book of Discipline." Their level of traditional prominence in the Syriac churches remains unclear.


  1. יֶהְגּוּ-רִיק literally-- speak void, figuratively, talk hot air. The words for "nothingness" or "meaningless" are wrongly translated into "vanity" in several places.
  2. מוֹסְרוֹתֵימוֹ this is aramaic-y Hebrew, indicated by faux olde-English.
  3. נַשְּׁקוּ-בַר anachronistic christian apologia sometimes translates as "Kiss the son", i.e. Jesus, interpreting "bar" as Aramaic for son. Needless to say this is not the intended meaning. The word bar means purity of some sort.
  4. 4.00 4.01 4.02 4.03 4.04 4.05 4.06 4.07 4.08 4.09 4.10 4.11 4.12 4.13 4.14 4.15 4.16 4.17 4.18 4.19 4.20 4.21 4.22 4.23 4.24 4.25 4.26 4.27 4.28 4.29 4.30 4.31 4.32 4.33 4.34 4.35 4.36 4.37 4.38 Make the introductory verse before the actual psalm verse 0, so that the psalm itself is numbered starting from 1, in parallel with non-rabbinical sources.
  5. The word לַמְנַצֵּחַ appears in many psalms. On its face, it means "winner" or "champion", but it could also be the leader of a group of musicians. I tried "maestro", but it was too silly, so conductor.
  6. Sons of man is sons of Adam, בְּנֵי אִישׁ, which is literally "sons of man", here "sons of folk" is different and more colloquial.
  7. נְּחִילוֹת some sort of settlements--- who knows what--- I translated the word as conductor, except here, where it is not overwhelmingly likely that this refers to a musical instrument.
  8. שְּׁמִינִית root meaning eight, eight string instrument?
  9. ואת This is the feminine form of you, which is traditionally corrected to the masculine form וְאַתָּה
  10. שִׁגָּיוֹן uptempo style?
  11. שִׁגָּיוֹן here "Shiggayon", uptempo style?
  12. אִם-גָּמַלְתִּי, שׁוֹלְמִי רָע ; וָאֲחַלְּצָה צוֹרְרִי רֵיקָם I think שׁוֹלְמִי here means the ones that are square with me, in the sense of payments and deals, but it is more often given more literally as one-who-is-at-peace-with-me. I chose tenders as a payment word with similar peaceful connotations. רֵיקָם means "absent these" or "absent them", (see exodus 34:20)
  13. Literally, tests the hearts and kidneys, the kidneys being the traditional biblical seat of the will.
  14. The word rendered "skull" is actually the top of the head.
  15. Gitith--- Instrument?? The word is derived from wine-press.
  16. עניים, the poor, is traditionally corrected to עֲנָוִים, the tortured, the agonized, or the afflicted
  17. הִגָּיוֹן Higgayon--- signal for resounding music
  18. ענוים, the agonized, traditionally corrected to עֲנִיִּים which are the poor, in exact counterpoint to the previous correction
  19. The snorting can be interpreted as snorting the judgements (meaning saying the judgements of God while snorting), or preferably, just snorting at the opponents without saying anything at all, just in anger or derision. This English admits the two interpretations, with similar order of preference.
  20. עניים, the poor, is traditionally corrected to עֲנָוִים, the agonized.
  21. נודו which is the plural form of migrate, is traditionally corrected to נוּדִי, although the next word הַרְכֶם is still plural, so that the sentence is not grammatical on its face, unless "Tsipor" is the name of a mountain, but this is a clunky construction.
  22. הַשָּׁתוֹת, יֵהָרֵסוּן ,יִדְרְכוּן קֶשֶׁת ,יֶחֱזוּ פָנֵימוֹ, three Aramaic tinged phrases are rendered here by faux old-English.
  23. Faux old English indicates Aramaic tinged hebrew, in this psalm: יִתְהַלָּכוּן walketh.
  24. מִכְתָּם golden verse?
  25. The actual punctuated word is אָמַרְתְּ which is the feminine form of "you said", but it could have been "I said" too.
  26. כְּאִישׁוֹן בַּת-עָיִן this is translated differently in most places--- "As the Ishon does the daughter of the eye"--- the "daughter of the eye" is translated as the "apple of the eye". It seems much more natural to translate this as the pupil, which is its idiomatic meaning.
  27. חֶלְבָּמוֹ סָּגְרוּ this is a bit difficult to understand--- it means "they closed their milk/fat" (the biblical word for a person's fat is the same as the word for milk). I couldn't fathom what it could mean to "close milk", which is the interpretation of some commentators, so I followed this translation by a native Hebrew speaking rabbi, who translated this as their fat closes in on them, or that they become enclosed in fat. The faux old English here is to emphasize the Aramaic style possessive case marker.
  28. וצפינך, your treasure, is traditionally corrected to וּצְפוּנְךָ, your treasured ones, so that the verse reads: your treasured ones, fill their bellies, changing the sentence from declarative to imperative. I avoided the correction, since the text seems better without it.
  29. Verse 0 to number the psalm from 1
  30. The word translated as "Griffin" is כְּרוּב Cherub, but not a naked baby or a human angel. A Griffin is a similar creature, possibly a cognate.
  31. מֵחַמָּתוֹ , this has a bit of a triple meaning: heat, anger/wrath, or the sun, glare might be the closest in capturing all the meanings.
  32. This verse is most transparently interpreted in the cosmology of Genesis: a flat Earth domed onto its edges by a water-bearing solid sky.
  33. בָּרָה I translate this to purity, which is surely very close to the intended meaning, but it is a little mysterious to me.
  34. עֲטֶרֶת פָּז a wrapping of gold, it is possibly intended to be a perceptual aura of gold, a golden halo, rather than a literal crown of gold.
  35. תְּשִׁיתֵמוֹ פִּרְיָמוֹ are both Aramaic tinged, and to preserve this flavor, I put faux old English where these possessive cases appear
  36. אַיֶּלֶת הַשַּׁחַר lit. evening doe-- a musical instrument?
  37. The Hebrew is slightly different than the traditional Hebrew rendering of Jesus' last words, here it is עֲזַבְתָּנִי, left me, instead of "Sabachtani", ensnared me. Since the traditional English for Jesus' last words are, "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me", I made this different. The lowercase "god" refers to "eli" while "elohi" would get uppercase.
  38. צרופה means joined, but it is singular and the subject is plural. The literal meaning of the verse is my heart and kidneys are joined(sing), but it is not grammatical. It is traditionally corrected to צָרְפָה. I don't know what this word means, but it is traditionally translated to "test", so that the verse reads "test my heart and kidneys", or "my heart and will are tested".
  39. אֲמִתֶּךָ can mean "existence" or "truth", so I use "reality" to capture the connotations. Truth is the usual translation.
  40. מְתֵי-שָׁוְא literally those-of-death-in-vain, I translated to "fruitless", but often translated as "men of falshoods" with the meaning of מְתֵי being "mortals". נַעֲלָמִים is literally disappearers, I translated to illusionists. It is often translated dissemblers.
  41. Aramaic tinged phrasing, rendered as faux old English.
  42. aramaic again
  43. the word translated "steppe" here means "desert" in modern hebrew, and it is traditionally translated as "wilderness", but steppe is most accurate, since it does not refer to a wilderness with trees. The word steppe is a little too obscure in English compared to the Hebrew equivalent, which essentially refers to almost everywhere in the traditional land of Canaan.
  44. The translation tries to approximately keep the distinctive meter of the Hebrew.
  45. The word מְיַחֲלִים I gave as "those that pray", but it is often rendered "those that wait". I chose this word because a similar root means "shelter in", "lower down", and another related root means to "wish you", in the sense of "I wish you peace".
  46. The word יְשֻׁעָתֵךְ translated "your salvation" indicates in its traditional pronunciation a feminine you, although David is a dude. The spelling would be identical for the expected masculine form.
  47. Yedithun is corrected in the Masoretic text to Yeduthun, although both references are obscure to me.
  48. The word יאשר (will grow rich) is traditionally corrected to וְאֻשַּׁר (and he has grown rich) which is a prettier construction which is essentially the same in biblical Hebrew.
  49. Your covenant in Hebrew, but the meaning is that the Hebrews did not break the covenant. In English, "make a lie of your covenant" sort of implies that "you" break it.
  50. The close similarity to Ecclesiastes in content is not accompanied in this psalm by a close similarity in Hebrew style, at least not to my ears.
  51. (50:11) "ziz", the griffinlike/cherublike mythological animal.
  52. The literal translation is "the just will see and will fear", but "They will see" is "Yir-u" and "they will fear" is "Yir-a-u", which is a very salient repetition and rhyme. To preserve this, I gave the English rhyme "hear/fear" which is similarly salient.
  53. This is almost identical to psalm 14. The only difference isהִתְעִיבוּ עֲלִילָה in 14, vs. וְהִתְעִיבוּ עָוֶל, here "defiled plots" vs. "defiled perversion".
  54. In the first sentence of this verse, שֹׁרְרָי means "my foes", and elsewhere, but it's meaning is superficially "those that sing of me", which is absurd. I took it to be a later version of the word צּררי which means "foe".
  55. God is represented here by a feminine you in the traditional pronunciation.
  56. Generally, this psalm is somewhat schizophrenic. It is clearly an edit of three psalms, a standard "save me from my enemies" early psalm, a "Masckil heart David" middle psalm, and "why God, have you abandoned us?" later psalm. The references to abandoning the covenant and the words easier than oil are definitely later. The buddies running through the house of the lord is definitely middle, and the "strike down our opponents" talk is definitely early. Because of this unevenness, it is difficult to translate the psalm consistently.
  57. This verse is obscure to me, in particular, כְּמוֹ-חַי כְּמוֹ-חָרוֹן, יִשְׂעָרֶנּוּ, "Chai", "Charon", "Yesha'arenu" are all obscure, as is the use of יָבִינוּ earlier, in regards to pots.
  58. The first part of this psalms is very heavily Aramaic tinged, and the whole psalm is in a Aramaic influenced Hebrew which I find difficult to translate accurately. This relies on the 1917 translation more.
  59. This whole intro is heavy Aramaic.
  60. "And we answered" ועננו/we-ananu is corrected to "and answer me" וַעֲנֵנִי/we-anani, which makes a lot more sense here, so I kept the correction.
  61. This is given as "Add days to the kings!" making it a command as opposed to a declarative statement. Both readings are possible, but I think the tone of the Psalm is quiet. It is possible that this was changed from a declaration because of the tradition that David wrote it, in which case this would be a bit of hubris on the author's part, asserting that Yahweh would give him long life. But David is certainly not the author.
  62. ולא (וְלוֹ) אֲנַחְנוּ The text without the parenthesized correction means "and not we", or in context "it's not we that did it", which is how I translated it. The homophonic parenthesized correction translates to "we are to him", which also makes sense in context, but I think it is best to stick to the original text, except where there are obvious typos, and this is not one of those cases.