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Sleeping Beauty  (1900) , translated from Spanish by Wikisource

Sleeping Beauty




In a faraway land where powerful kings reigned, a little princess was born, and the Fairies were invited to her baptism as her godmothers. After the religious ceremony,


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a sumptuous banquet was served in the palace and the Fairies ate with gold utensils trimmed with gemstones, given by the parents of the newborn. When the guests had sat in their seats at the table, there entered


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into the hall one very old Fairy, who did not receive an invitation because she was presumed dead. The kings showed her to a preferred place; but, but they could not provide her with gold utensils like the other Fairies, so the old lady, feeling annoyed, begin murmuring through her teeth.

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At the end of the banquet, each of the godmothers gave the little princess a special gift; but the spiteful old lady foretold that "the little girl would cut the palm of her hand with a spindle and the wound would cause her to die."

One of the good fairies, when leaving heard the sad prophecy, returned to the child's side and caressing her, said—I cannot prevent you from hurting your hand with a spindle;

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but instead of killing you, I can make the wound cause you to fall into a deep sleep that will last one hundred years, and this is what will happen. To prevent the happening of the sad prophecy, the kings prohibited, under extremely severe penalties, the utilization of spindles in the entire kingdom, and such as notified to all kingdom subjects, by means of edicts and

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people that read them in all villages and places. Notwithstanding the effort, when the princess turned sixteen, while roaming though the palace rooms reached a covey hole, inhabited by an old lady, who unaware of the king's edicts, was threading on a spindle.

—What a distracting occupation!—the princess said upon seeing her, and as she was a lively person and as the prophecy needed fulfillment, she took over the spindle and it went through her hand, and the old lady could not prevent it.

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The young woman fell on the floor, and the old woman, believing she was dead, began screaming asking for help. To her cries, soon arrived the kings and all palace servants,and immediately requested the presence of the fairy that protected the princess, who at the was at at a distance of two thousand leagues. A dwarf, wearing boots that advanced twenty leagues with every step, set off immediately in search of the fairy; the fairy mounted on a strange car, driven by a black young man, showed up

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at the palace a few hours later. —She is asleep— the fairy said upon seeing the princess, as she was already resting in a sumptuous bedding, and such, that when she wakes up in one hundred years, she is not surprised when seeing around her strange things and persons, the servants and chamber maids that work for her will also sleep for one century, in the same condition, without growing old or changing all those things surrounding her.

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And, the fairy touching all things and persons destined to sleep one hundred years, with her magic stick, they all they all instantly went to sleep. The kings then left the palace, that was in the middle of the forest, and ordered by edicts that no one went near it, which could not be done anyway, because soon

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grew around it an infinite number of trees, large and small, that formed a sort of wall, completely preventing passage of humans. One hundred years later, the son of the then king of the country, went hunting nearby, and his servants informed him that in the old palace, whose towers could be seen above the large trees

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of that impenetrable forest, a very beautiful princess slept since one century earlier. The prince, with a heart, inflamed by sudden love, went towards the wall of trees and thorn growths, and it opened to allow him in; but it then closed again after him, so his group could not follow him.

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He went into he ancient palace, and after going through many galleries and rooms, where he only found people sleeping, reached the bedroom where the beautiful princess rested, at the precise moment when her, waking up, returned again to life.

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The prince, astonished at the sublime beauty of an enchanting young woman, went to his knees and declared his love. As all servants of the palace, woke up at the same time, both youngsters went to a luxurious parlor where they were served a splendid and succulent banquet, with the craziest joy. The prince then returned to his regal palace and told his parents what had happened to him. The entire court,

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dressed for the occasion, went to the forest, and after admiring the extraordinary beauty of the genteel princess, took her into the city, where the couple got married immediately, celebrating with such motive, large parties in the entire kingdom. Three years later the king died, and the prince

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took the crown, when he had already fathered two beautiful children named Aurora and sol (a girl and a boy). The mother of the new king was an ogre and, as she hated her daughter in law and her little grand kids ordered the cook to kill each day one of them, and serve them cooked; but the cook, feeling for the kids and young and beautiful queen, instead of obeying the mother queen, took the children into hiding.

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The ogre, upset ordered to fill a large tank with frogs, snakes and of all kinds of animals, with the purpose of throwing in it both children and their mother, to enjoy seeing them die and eat them later... but, at the moment when this monstrous crime was to occur, the king, the children's father, appeared, and immediately ordered that the vile execution be stopped.

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The ogre, upon seeing her diabolic plans frustrated, threw herself in the tank and the frogs and snakes there ate her in a moment. Such is the fate of bad people that enjoy making good people suffer!

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