Translation:The Young Man's Love by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource

6: Memory

Was it for you that these lips trembled?
For you the sweet proffered kiss?
Can such pleasure from an earthly life flow?
Ah! How light and radiance danced before my eyes.
All my senses yearned for those lips!

A longing in those bright eyes sparkled;
A longing that beckoned me tenderly.
All reverberated in my heart.
I lowered my gaze,
And the air resounded with love songs!

Your eyes sparkled like a pair of stars.
Your golden hair cradled your cheeks.
Your glance and your smiles took wing.
Your sweet words awakened in me the deepest longing.
O Kiss! How red and fiery your mouth was!
I died, and in that most beautiful of deaths I first found life.