Travel Advisory No. 81-31A

Travel Advisory No. 81-31A - Pakistan  (1981) 
United States Department of State
Travel To Pakistan (1981)

Issued on 17 August, 1981, by the U.S. Department of State − Bureau of Consular Affairs

No. 81-31A
Travel Advisory

Passport Services / Bureau of Consular Affairs
Department of State / Washington D.C. 20524
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August 17, 1981

Travel to Pakistan

Before traveling to Pakistan, American citizens should be aware of the following updated visa requirements:

30 day visas are available at Pakistani airports for tourists only. As these visas are rarely extended beyond the 30 day time permitted, tourists planning to stay longer should secure visas before coming to pakistan. Any traveler coming into Pakistan overland from India must, repeat, must have a valid visa, as 30 day visas are not, repeat, not issued at the overland border crossing point at Wagha.

Any non official American who is in Pakistan for more than 30 days must register with the government's foreigner office. Exit permits are required for those who have stayed longer than 30 days before they are allowed to leave the country. All Americans traveling to Pakistan on official business or for private employment are required to have a visa before arrival, and as the government of Pakistan's clearance process is often lengthy, we urge those coming to apply at the nearest pakistani embassy or consulate as far in advance of their scheduled arrival as possible.

This supersedes requirements set forth in department publication M-264 'Visa' Requirements of Foreign Governments.

Expiration date: indefinite.






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