The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/Trespassers in Parks and Ponds Act 1275

Trespassers in Parks and Ponds Act 1275  (1275) 

This act is no longer in force and may have been substantially amended by later Acts.

Offences committed in Parks and Ponds. Robbing of tame Beast in a Park.

It is provided also, for Trespassers in Parks and Ponds, That is any be thereof attained at the Suit of the Party, great and large Amends, shall be awarded according to the Trespass, and shall have three Years Imprisonment, and after shall make Fine at the King's Pleasure (if he whereof) and the shall find good Surety, that after he shall not commit like Trespass;

(2) and if have not whereof to make Fine after three years Imprisonment he shall find like surety; and if he cannot find like Surety, he shall abjure the Realm;

(3) and if any being guilty thereof be fugitive, and have no Land nor Tenement sufficient (whereby he may be justified) so soon as the King shall find it by Enquest, he shall be proclaimed from County to County; and if he come not, he shall be out-lawed.

(4) It is provided also and agreed, That if non do sue within a Year and a Day for the Trespass done, the King shall have the Suit;

(5) and such as be found guilty thereof by lawful Enquest, shall be punished in like manner in all Points as above is said.

9 H 3. Stat 2. c.10,11.(6) and if any such Trespasser be attained, that he hath taken tame Beasts, or other Thing, in the Parks by Manner or Robbery, in comming, tarrying, or returning, let the Common Law be executed upon him , as upon him that is attained of open Theft and Robbery, as well at Suit of the King, as of the Party. [1]

  1. Altered by 1 Ed. 3 Stat 1, c, 8.