USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21-23, 1914

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21-23, 1914  (1914) 
various officers of the ship

USS Prairie Logbook April 21, 1914Edit

Commences and until 4:00 amEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21, 1914, at 0000 hrs
  • Made hourly inspection of lower decks.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • Boatswain U.S.N.

4:00 to 8:00 amEdit

  • USS Utah not in outer harbor at daylight having left at about 1:45 and seen standing to Northward.
  • At daylight USS Utah sighted standing in, then out to the Northward.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: Brandt), Ensign, U.S.N

8:00 am to meridianEdit

  • Received 338 lbs bananas from J.G. Woollen, Vera Cruz, Mexico, for general mess. Weight checked by Ensign F.A. LaRoche, U.S.N.
  • At 8:00 the Captain and First Colonel W.C. Neville left the ship and went aboard the Florida, returning at 8:45.
  • At 8:45 commenced to get all boats down, preparatory to landing.
  • At 9:00 the Captain went to the American Consulate and informed the Consul that we were to land this morning for the preservation of law and order, and requested the Consul to send all refugees off to the Esperanza and to notify all consulates, and when the landing actually commenced to notify the military authorities.
  • At 9:40 Ensign E.O. McDonnell, USN, by direction of the Captain, called on Captain of Carlos V, informed him we would land military force this forenoon to occupy Vera Cruz. He wished to know if he might land. Ensign McDonnell merely repeated the instructions.
  • Ensign McDonnell then made call on Rear Admiral Cradock informing him we would land military force this morning and occupy Vera Cruz. He said he thought that Admiral Fletcher would want him to get out but it would require some time to get up steam e also said the Admiral promised him plenty of notice and he got none, but he guessed he would stay and take his chance and asked that Ensign McDonnell inform Admiral Fletcher he would call.
  • Ensign E.P. Nikinson called on commanding officer of San Juan de Ulloa and informed him that our troops were about to land and that any aggressive move would be immediately followed by our opening fire, special attention being called to any movement indicating the use of the torpedo tube. The commanding officer wished to know if this was a declaration of war and was told that the marines were to land for the purpose of maintaining law and order only. The commanding officer said that he understood the message, and that if we opened fire he would be obliged to return it.
  • USS Utah stood in and anchored in previous berth at 9:56.
  • At 11:12 embarked marines …

[end of page]

(signature: illegible), Lieutenant USN)

8:00 to Meridian (continued):Edit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21, 1914, at 1112 hrs
  • … and effected landing on Ward Line Pier No. 4, Lieutenant Colonel W.C. Neville U.S.M.C., in command, in obedience to signal from Flagship to land immediately. / The landing was effected without any resistance.
  • Ensign E.O. McDonnell, U.S.N., landed with this party for duty as Brigade Signal Officer.
  • At 11:35 the marines from the USS Utah and the entire landing force of the USS Florida landed.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • Ship’s company went to general quarters, manned port battery and #1 three-inch gun of starboard battery.

(signature F. A. LaRoche), Ensign, U.S.N.

Meridian to 4:00 pmEdit

  • At 12:16 scattering firing commenced on shore, followed by volley firing and automatic guns.
  • Sniping from the housetops and from the docks was observed from this ship, many of the bullets falling close aboard or striking the USS Prairie.
  • Oliver, C.L. (ESc-R), received a superficial flesh wound in the left knee by a bullet apparently fired from the Naval Academy.
  • At 12:45 the fire control party in the fore top sighted mounted troops on the hills west of Vera Cruz. This fact was reported to the Flagship.
  • At 1:06, in obedience to signal from the Flagship to open fire on enemy’s troops, six shots were fired from #2 gun at 2 thousand five hundred to three thousand yards range. These had the effect of dispersing the troops.
  • To stop observed sniping along the waterfront, three three-inch shells were fired into a barge named “Verano”, and the same number were fired at the Naval Academy
  • Several shots were also fired at the unfinished building in the market place, where much sniping was observed.
  • At 1:10 the Commander Detached Squadron, U.S. Atlantic Fleet, the Chief of Staff [Captain Henry M. Huse] and the Flag Secretary came on board.
  • Sent in to beach in response to signals, 25 boxes of 30 cal. ammunition.
  • [01:30 pm?] Issued arms and 720 rounds ammunition to USS Florida’s and Utah’s boat crews.
  • Received following wounded aboard during watch:
- Place
- Smith
- Leahy
- Swartz
- Cameron
- Fisburne
- belonging to the USS Florida.
- Nans
- Harsberger
- Copeland
- Mangels
- Nickerson
- Kwopick
- belonging to the USS Utah
- Draine
- Davidson
- McMillan
- Shaker
- Peterson
- Reed
- belonging to marine battalion.
  • Sent Boarding Officer to Hamburg American Steamer Ypiranga to inform him of American occupancy of town, and to order him not to get underway until he received further orders from the Admiral.
  • At 2:15 received on board and confined Manuel [Castillejos?], a prisoner of war found carrying arms on shore.
  • At 2:45 the USS Utah’s seaman battalion landed on Pier #4.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: E.P. Nikinson), Ensign, U.S.N.

4:00 to 6:00 pmEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21, 1914, at 1600 hrs
  • At 4:15 the weather signal on Castle San Juan de Ulloa was hauled down.
  • At 4:30 Ensign F.A. LaRoche, U.S.N., left the ship on duty to Spanish Cruiser CARLOS V, to inform him that he remained in the harbor at his own risk.
  • Tested search lights and found them in good condition.
  • The following named wounded men were sent to the USS Florida:
- Smith
- Leahy
- Cameron
- and Place
  • At 5:55 Ensign F.A. LaRoche, U.S.N., left on duty to Spanish Cruiser CARLOS V.
  • Issued 75 lbs. of coffee to USS Florida’s battalion.
  • At 5:30 the USS Utah got underway and shifted berth nearer to and to northward of northeast breakwater outside, anchoring at 5:45.
  • Sent to Marine Regiment disembarked from this ship the following entrenching tools:
- 26 pick axes
- 25 short handled shovels
- 26 axes
- 8 sledges
- 1 pick mattox [sic: mattock]
  • And the following articles:
- 7 stretchers
- 54 oil lanterns
- and 3 galvanized iron buckets.
  • James M. Davidson, claiming to be a British subject and an employee of the “Terminal” was arrested and sent on board for bearing arms against the United States on the report of Jack Strunger, also claiming to be a British subject. Davidson was released and sent on shore for lack of sufficient evidence to hold him. The witness, Strunger, was also landed.
  • Ensign E.S.R. Brandt, U.S.N., with machine guns opened fire on pilot office from which Mexicans had been discovered firing intermittently at the ship.
  • Sent on shore for use of Marine Batallion from this ship:
- 6 cases salmon
- 6 cases corned beef
- 2 bags sugar
- 50 lbs coffee
- 1 case salt
- 1 case pepper
- and 300 loaves bread.
  • During watch fired 3” S.A. [Starboard Aft?] guns at points from where Mexicans were found to be firing at this ship.
- Three inch 50 cal. service ammunition expended, 20 rounds.
- 30 cal. rifle ammunition model 1906 expended, 150 rounds.
  • Received on board the body of S. Martin, Private, U.S.M.C., 2nd Regiment, Advance Base Brigade, who was killed in action today.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: S H Drummond?), Boatswain, U.S.N.

6:00 to 8:00 pmEdit

  • Intermittent firing in city during watch.
  • On request of Rear Admiral Fletcher, U.S.N., medical officers from HMS ESSEX and Spanish Cruiser CARLOS V reported on board to assist with wounded.
  • Four Mexican prisoners were received under guard from Commander Naval Forces ashore, names as follows:
- Francisco Suchiche
- Leonardo Saloz
- Estanislao Myia
- and Juan Mauzanar
- who were placed in confinement in ship’s brig for safe keeping by order of the Captain.
  • Trained search light on pilot house on Sanidad Wharf and prepared machine [guns and?] rifles on after wheel house for instant use.
  • Got up and distributed on main deck rifles and ammunition.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: Brandt)
  • Ensign, U.S.N.

8:00 to midnightEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 21, 1914, at 2000 hrs
  • USS San Francisco was sighted standing in toward harbor, and at 8:50 USS San Francisco anchored off Promenade Pier.
  • At 9:00 USS San Francisco got underway and anchored about three hundred yards ahead of this vessel.
  • At 8:00 sent an armed party of twenty men to Ward Line Pier to assist in shifting the berth of the Ward Line Steamer Guantanamo, the crew of that vessel having refused to move the vessel; this party returned at 9:20.
  • At 9:22 the Captain of the USS San Francisco called aboard in obedience to signal from the Detach Squadron Commander.
  • At 10:22 Manuel Gonzalez, a civilian, was sent out to the ship by the Commander of the Naval Forces ashore, and was placed in confinement by direction of the Captain.
  • At 11:20 sighted the USS Chester standing in from the north.
  • The surgeons from the HMS ESSEX and the Spanish Cruiser CARLOS V returned to their ships.
  • Intermittent firing in the town during the watch.
  • Kept after search light trained on Promenade Pier and had all gun’s crews sleep by their guns.
  • The USS Utah had search lights trained on harbor and breakwaters during the entire watch.
  • At 11:15 Ensign H. Dodd, U.S.N., reported on board from USS Florida in obedience to signal from the Commander Detach Squadron, U.S. Atlantic Fleet.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: F.A. LaRoche), Ensign, U.S.N.

USS Prairie Logbook April 22, 1914Edit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 22, 1914, at 0000 hrs

Commences and until 4:00 a.m.Edit

  • At 12:05 USS Chester stood inside of breakwater and anchored astern of Esperanza and at 1:40 the Commanding Officer of the Chester [W. A. Moffett] came aboard to report to Commander Detached Squadron [Fletcher].
  • At 2:00 five ships of the Atlantic Fleet anchored outside the breakwater.
  • The Commander Detached Squadron [Fletcher] with the chief of staff and flag secretary left the ship at 2:00 to report to the Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet [Badger], on board the Arkansas, and returned at 3:25.
  • Ensign M.S. Hersey, USN, reported on board for duty with Commander Detached Squadron [Fletcher].
  • At 3:15 a company of marines from the Chester landed at pier number four.
  • Ships outside engaged in preparations for landing.

(signature: M. Milme?), Lieutenant, USN

4:00 to 8:00 amEdit

  • At 4:05 USS Chester’s landing force disembarked at pier #4.
  • At 4:10 USS New Hampshire’s landing force disembarked at pier #4.
  • At 4:30 USS Arkansas’ landing force disembarked at pier #4.
  • And USS South Carolina’s landing force at same time and place.
  • At 5:15 USS Hancock and a U.S. Naval Auxiliary anchored outside breakwater.
  • Porfirio Torres was sent on board as a prisoner having been found bearing arms against the United States.
  • At 6:30 USS Minnesota anchored outside breakwater.
  • All merchant vessels [that were] anchored outside shifted berth to positions below southern breakwater outside [away from the military action?].
  • The following stores were sent to the marine Regiment from this ship:
- 259 lbs corned beef
- 259 lbs salmon
- 600 lbs sugar
- 600 lbs coffee
- 1600 lbs hard bread
  • At 7:25 the Spanish Cruiser Carlos V got underway and proceeded to sea.
  • orces on shore engaged in taking the town, attacking the cuartilla (sic) causing enemy to evacuate same.
  • SS Prairie, USS San Francisco, USS Chester, and USS Florida engaged in shelling the town where occupied by opposing forces.
  • Ammunition expended:
- 15 rounds of three-inch 50 cal.
- 270 rounds of 30 cal. model 1906 rifle ammunition.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.

(signature: W.J. Drummond?), Boatswain, USN

8:00 am to meridianEdit

  • Firing continued in town in central and southern section.
  • Chester, Prairie and Florida shelling town in direction of barracks and prison.
  • At 9:00 Norwegian steamer Haakon stood out of harbor.
  • Received following Mexican prisoners on board from Commander Naval Forces on shore, and confined same, by order of Captain:
- Vensente Gereda (wounded)
- Manuel Arce, and
- Celso Jimenez
- Marceleon Garcia
- Julian Gemendez
- Juan Cecilio Mendez, and
- Domingo León (last named arrested as spy and sent out by American Consul).
  • Received following wounded:

[end of page] (signature: M Milne?), Lieutenant, USN

8:00 am to meridian, continuedEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 22, 1914, at 0900 hrs
USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 22, 1914, at 0900 hrs
- Pinkowski … from New Hampshire
- Kapplen … from South Carolina
- Pedro P. Lamevide, friendly citizen of Vera Cruz
  • By direction of the Chief of Staff, Captain H. McL. P. Huse [Henry McLaren Pinckney Huse], USN, sent following Mexican prisoners under guard to San Francisco for confinement, they having sent out to Prairie by Commander Naval Forces on shore:
- Tuon Cantriras
- Tasinto Herales
- Andres Hernandez
- Mestaur
- Felipe Exendera
- Leonardo V. Montero
- Benjamín H. Gasca
- Augustin Forro (or Fono)
- Adolfo Piuzan
- Nioblas G. Tuniz
- Pedro Ysperna
  • At 9:30 Steamship Esperanza got underway and shifted berth to position outside breakwater.
  • At 10:00 USS Michigan anchored outside breakwater.
  • At 10:20 Commander-in-Chief, US Atlantic Fleet [Badger], came on board with staff.
  • At 11:45 Solace anchored at entrance of harbor.
  • Issued to marines on shore
- 40 barrels of water and following provisions:
- 3,888 lbs. corned beef
- 2,832 lbs. salmon
- 900 lbs. coffee
- 1,200 lbs. biscuit
- 900 lbs. sugar
  • Admiral Badger and staff left ship at 11:30.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.

(signature: Brandt), Ensign, USN

Meridian to 4:00 pmEdit

  • The USS HANCOCK discharged two tug loads of marines on pier number four at 12:30.
  • At 1:00 USS Sonoma came alongside and received the following wounded men:
- Draine
- Swartz
- Gisburne
- Davidson
- Peterson
- McMillan
- Nanz
- Harsberger
- Shaker
- Copeland
- Reed
- Mangels
- Nickerson
- Kwopick
- Finkowski
- Kapplen
  • And the following Mexicans:
- Vincente Peroda Rosas
- Manuel Arce
- Pedro Lamidio
  • Also transferred to the SOLACE the body of Private S. Martin, USMC, who was killed in action yesterday,
  • At 1:00 USS MINNESOTA got underway and stood into inner breakwater and at 1:39 anchored in berth previously occupied by the Spanish cruiser Carlos V.
  • At 1:35 the Commanding Officer of the USS MICHIGAN called on the Commander Detached Squadron, US Atlantic Fleet.
  • At 1:55 Admiral Fletcher and staff went ashore to Brigade Headquarters.
  • Supplied 40 gals. of gasoline to the motorboat of the USS UTAH.
  • At 2:30 the English steamer San Eduardo stood out and anchored in the outer harbor.
  • At 2:45 the USS LOUISIANA stood in and anchored in the outer harbor.
  • At 3:15 the USS MINNESOTA sent three cutter loads of marines ashore to landing on Pier #4.
  • At 3:00 J. Ayling, a sergeant of the 16th Company USMC, returned aboard and was sent to the sick bay with a very badly bruised leg.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • Sent one cutter load of filled water breakers and two cutter loads of stores to 2nd Regiment of Marines.
  • The ship’s commissary sent the following stores to ...

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At around 1500 hrsEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 22, 1914, at 1530 hrs
  • ... the USS SAN FRANCISCO:
- 80 lbs. butter
- 1000 lbs, sugar
- 576 lbs, corned beef
- 80 lbs. lard
- 144 lbs. bacon
- 871 lbs. fresh beef.
  • Intermittent firing on the outskirts of the town during the watch.
  • Held an informal muster of the crew during the watch: no absentees,

(signature: F.A. LaRoche), Ensign, US Navy

4:00 to 6:00 pmEdit

  • At 4:15 Admiral Fletcher and staff returned to the ship.
  • At 4:50 the Mexican Steamer Tehuantepec stood in and moored on our starboard hand, distant about one hundred yards.
  • At 5:25 MINNESOTA’s Batallion landed on Promenade Quay.
  • At 5:50 Admiral Fletcher and staff left the ship/
  • At 5:55 MICHIGAN’s Batallion landed.
  • The Mexican gunboat Progreso maneuvered off harbor during watch.
  • Desultory firing on shore during watch.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.

(signature: E.P.Frostinson?), Ensign, US Navy

6:00 to 8:00 pmEdit

  • Transferred to Marine Regiment ashore:
- 1 chest of carpenter tools
- 12 mattocks
- 24 axes
- 6 sledges
- 200 rolls toilet paper
- 1 tarpaulin
- 11 breakers (Marine)
- 2 breakers (Navy)
- 66 oil lanterns
- 1 coil six-thread manila
- 50 axe handles
- 1 box lantern globes
- 8 sets artillery harness
- 20 saddles
- 20 bridles
- 20 halters
- 20 saddle blankets
- 2 three-inch landing guns mark VII, numbers 1154 and 1156 with tools, accessories and spare parts
- 2 thee-inch landing guns carriages mark V numbers 247 and 148
- 2 sights mark VII model II numbers 7181 and 7183
- 148 ammunition chests
- 208 shells three-inch L.G. shrapnel L&F S.P. D1091
- 2 holders for cross-wires
- 2 panoramic sights
- 2 range quadrants
- 2 trail wheels
- 50 boxes (60,000 rounds) small arms ammunition
  • At 6:20 Mexican gunboat Progreso put to sea from outer harbor.
  • At 6:55 Mexican Steamer Tehuantepec was boarded by Ensign F.A. LaRoche, USN, and instructed not to move.
  • Occasional light firing of rifles on shore during watch.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.

(signature: W.J.Drummond?), Boatswain, US Navy

8:00 pm to midnightEdit

  • Staff of Admiral Fletcher left ship with effects, for Headquarters on shore.
  • SAN FRANCISCO searched northern breakwater between San Juan de Ulloa and shore with search-lights throughout watch.
  • CHESTER illuminated territory around Naval College until 10:30.
  • Desultory light firing heard on ...

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USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 22, 1914, at 2300 hrs
... outskirts of town during first hour of watch.
  • Made hourly inspections of lower decks.
  • Signals as per signal record book.

(signature: Brandt), Ensign, USN

USS Prairie Logbook April 23, 1914Edit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 23, 1914, at 0000 hrs

Commences and until 4:00 a.m.Edit

  • Made hourly inspections of lower decks.
  • The San Francisco searched breakwater between San Juan de Ulloa and town with searchlight throughout the watch.
  • Chester turned searchlight on Eastern side of Promenade Quay from 3:00 to 3:10.
  • An occasional shot was fired well back in the town during the watch.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: F.A. LaRoche)
  • Ensign, USN

4:00 to 8:00 amEdit

  • An occasional single shot was fired in city during watch.
  • Inspected ship between beginning of watch and all hands [?].
  • San Francisco continued using searchlights until daylight.
  • (signature E.P. Nickinson)
  • Ensign, USN

4:00 to 8:00 am continuedEdit

  • Ensign E.P. Nickinson, USN, with guard of two men, boarded the Mexican steamer Tehuantepec and took charge of that vessel while shifting berth to position alongside city dock.

8:00 am to meridianEdit

  • Occasional single shots fired in the city first hour of watch.
  • By order of Captain, A.G. Duff (O.S.) was placed in solitary confinement for five days on bread and water, for gross neglect of duty.
  • At 8:10 the USS Nashville was sighted in the offing and anchored outside of breakwater at 8:35.
  • By order of the Captain, released from solitary confinement on bread and water G. Freeman (M.Att.3c) the unexpired portion of the punishment awarded him being remitted.
  • The following provisions and stores were sent to the Marine Regiment from this ship:
- 100 gals. gasoline
- 10 carts (hand)
- cooking utensils for field oven
- 1 set drag ropes for 3” field guns
- 1 sponge for same
- 6 corn brooms
- 4 hospital tent flies
- 3 sets of tent poles
- 6 cases tomatoes
- 5 gals motor oil
- 1 tarpaulin
- 300 lbs rice
  • The following provisions were sent to the US Consulate:
- 5 lbs butter
- 12 loaves fresh bread
- 15 lbs ham
- 2 doz eggs
- 6 lbs milk
  • At 10:30 British steamer San Eduardo entered harbor and anchored at Pier #5.
  • Commander H.O. Stickney, USN, was this day appointed Inspector of the Port of Vera Cruz by order of the Commander U.S. Naval Forces ashore.
  • Held informal muster of ship’s company: no absentees.
  • Issued four rations to Utah’s gig’s crew and three rations to USNA Jason’s motorboat’s crew.
  • Ensign E.P. Nickinson, USN, was ordered to duty with Commander H.O. Stickney, USN, at Custom House at Vera Cruz.
  • The wives of two prisoners were allowed to converse with their husbands, Francisco Suchiche and Juan Mauzanas.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: W.J. Drummond?)
  • Boatswain, USN
  • (signature: M Milne)
  • Lieutenant, USN

Merdian (sic) to 4:00 pmEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 23, 1914, at 1200 hrs
  • Merchant steamers entering and leaving port under direct of Captain of the Port.
  • LOUISIANA landed Marine guard.
  • At 2:10 steamer LIBERTAD went alongside Fiscal Mole and landed passengers.
  • Hamburg-American line Ypiranga went alongside Fiscal Mole.
  • The U.S. Ensign was hoisted on board the S.S. GOBERNADOR.
  • Mexican prisoners were exercised on deck for forty five minutes and allowed to bathe.
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: E.N. Brandt)
  • Ensign, USN

4:00 to 8:00 pmEdit

  • At 4:15 the ESPERANZA got underway and stood out.
  • The FLORIDA’s first steamer [one of the picket boats] returned six rifles previously borrowed from this ship.
  • Gave thirty three bags of coal to Utah’s steamer.
  • At 5:00 LOUISIANA’s landing party was disembarked.
  • At 5:00 the NASHVILLE stood out to the east.
  • Received thirty four boxes of shot guns and thirteen cases of fuses from the shore to be stored on board this ship; these articles having been captured ashore.
  • The SOUTH CAROLINA sent one motor sailer full of landing force ashore.
  • At 5:35 the Holland-American liner ANDIJK stood in to the breakwater and anchored.
  • Sent the following stores to marine officers of second regiment, from the ship’s commissary:
- 24 cans milk
- 24 lbs bacon
- 25 lbs bread (fresh)
- 1/2 case corn
- 1/2 case tomatoes
- 1/2 case fruit
- 45 lbs potatoes
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book
  • (signature: F.A. LaRoche)
  • Ensign, U.S. Navy

6:00 to 8:00 pmEdit

  • At 6:30 by order of Commander R. Stone, USN, Adjutant General of Forces on shore, released Lic D. Domingo Leon, a native held as a prisoner on board.
  • Transferred to NEW HAMPSHIRE
- 1 coil of 21 thread manila.
  • Sent to marine regiment from this ship:
- 6 cases of hard bread
- 1 signal lantern complete
- 12 charges for signal lantern
- 2 signal flags 4 ft.
- 2 signal flag staffs 3 lengths
- 3 colt lanterns
- 10 saddles complete
- 17 picks
- 24 lanterns oil:
- 18 axe:s
- 1 cart: harness
- 24 lantern globes [glass]
- 2 sets wagon harness
- 6 copper boilers
- 1 crate pick handles
- 8 sledges
- 1 water breaker
- 1 gal neats-foot oil
- 8 signal flags 4 ft.
- 100 charges Colt lantern
- 7 signal flagstaff 3 lengths
- 1 coil 3/4” manila rope
- 1 block and tackle
  • Signals as per Signal Record Book.
  • (signature: W.J. Drummond)
  • Boatswain. USN

8:00 to midnightEdit

USS Prairie (AD-5) Logbook April 23, 1914, at 2000 hrs
  • Transferred to Brigade Quartermaster ashore
- 24 cases hard bread
- 2 cases tomatoes
- 8 cases prunes
- 1 bbl. pickles
  • Vera Cruz light was placed in commission, revolving in about 14 seconds.
  • Made hourly inspection of lower decks.
  • Gun’s crews slept alongside guns of main battery, with riflemen in both gangways.
  • Signals as per signal record book.
  • (signature: Brandt)
  • Ensign, U.S. Navy