US Coast Guard NOK death notification

US Coast Guard NOK death

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones
123 Main Street
Somewhere, CA 95123

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones

I deeply regret to inform you on behalf of the United States Coast Guard that your (specify relationship, rate/rank, SSN) died on (date) at/aboard (place) as a result of (provide a brief description of cause of death). Your (specify relationship) died while in the service of his/her country. Please accept my most heartfelt sympathy in your great loss.

We hope we can be of assistance to you in your bereavement. We will transport the remains, with an escort, to any place you designate. Also, we will allow you an amount toward funeral and interment expenses not to exceed $6900, for burial in a private cemetery or $5,500 if remains are consigned to a funeral director prior to interment in a national cemetery or $600 dollars if remains are consigned directly to a national cemetery.

(Name and Phone # of CACO or DAO) has been assigned to give you every possible assistance.

Please be assured of the heartfelt sympathy and prayers of your (specify relationship)'s shipmates. A letter setting forth the circumstances of death will follow.

(Name, rate/rank, and title of unit commanding officer)