US Coast Guard NOK wounded notification

US Coast Guard NOK wounded

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones
123 Main Street
Somewhere, CA 95123

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones

With concern I regret to inform you on behalf of the United States Coast Guard that your (specify relationship, name, rate/rank, SSN) is (critically or seriously ill or injured) as a result of (provide brief description of circumstances of illness or injury). This occurred on (date) at (specify location). Your (specify relationship) is presently hospitalized at/on board (show location of place hospitalized) where you are assured that (he/she) is receiving the best possible medical care. Your great anxiety is understood and when further reports are available concerning (his/her) condition you will be informed.

(Name and Phone # of CG Contact) has been assigned to give you every possible assistance.

Please be assured of the heartfelt concern and prayers of your (specify relationship) shipmates at this time of uncertainty. I join you in prayer for his/her speedy recovery.

(Name, rate/rank, and title of unit commanding officer)