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Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Mohammad Lameen Sidi Mohammad


Department of Defense
Office for the Administrative Review of the Detention of Enemy Combatants
at US Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

1 March 2005

From: Presiding Officer
To: Mohammad, Mohammad Lameen // Sidi
Via: Assisting Military Officer
Subject: Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Mohammad, Mohammad Lameen // Sidi


An Administrative Review Board will be convened to review your case to determine if your continued detention is necessary.


The Administrative Review Board will conduct a comprehensive review of all reasonably available and relevant information regarding your case. At the conclusion of this review me Board will make a recommendation to: (1) release you to your home state or to a third state; (2) transfer you to your home state, or a third state, with conditions agreed upon by the United States and your home state, or the third state; or (3) continue your detention under United States control.


The following primary factors favor continued detention:

a. Commitment

The detainee traveled to Pakistan in support of a Jihad against the United States.


The detainee attempted to obtain false identification in an effort to enter Afghanistan.


The detainee was captured in Pakistan as he attempted to cross the border into Afghanistan.

b. Training

The detainee learned how to field strip and fire an AK-47 assault rifle at a Lashkar Taiba safe house.

c. Connections/Associations

In a village located just outside Peshawar, the detainee and eight other fighters moved between four different Lashkar Taiba houses.


Lashkar e Tayyiba (LT) ("Army of the Righteous") is listed in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Terrorist Organization Reference Guide as a terrorist organization.


The detainee signed up for missionary work with Tabligi Jamiat (JT) to attain entry into Afghanistan.


The Jama'at Al Tablighi, a Pakistan based Islamic missionary organization is being used as a cover for action by Islamic Extremists.

d. Intent

The detainee stated mat he went to Afghanistan to fight the Americans.


The detainee decided to go on Jihad after becoming angered over the U.S. air attacks in Afghanistan. He felt it was his duty as a Muslim.


The following primary factors favor release or transfer:


The detainee said never heard of al Qaida until after the 11 September 2001 attacks. He is only aware of the attacks on the World Trade Center;he believes the attacks were wrong, because Islam teaches that it is wrong to kill innocent women and children. He does not know anyone that is a member of al Qaida.


Detainee perceived Bin Laden as one of the Muslim people, who may have been right or may have been wrong as a human being. Detainee also felt that Bin Laden made many mistakes, such as the events of 11 September 2001, which cost the lives of many innocent people.


You will be afforded a meaningful opportunity to be heard and to present information to the Board; mis includes an opportunity to be physically present at the proceeding. The Assisting Military Officer (AMO) will assist you in reviewing all relevant and reasonably available unclassified information regarding your case. The AMO is not an advocate for or against continued detention, nor may the AMO form a confidential relationship with you or represent you in any other matter.