United States Code/Title 15/Chapter 2A

Title 15 — Commerce and Trade
Chapter 2A — Securities and Trust Indentures


§ 77a Short title
§ 77b Definitions; promotion of efficiency, competition, and capital formation
§ 77b-1 Swap agreements
§ 77c Classes of securities under this subchapter
§ 77d Exempted transactions
§ 77e Prohibitions relating to interstate commerce and the mails
§ 77f Registration of securities
§ 77g Information required in registration statement
§ 77h Taking effect of registration statements and amendments thereto
§ 77h-1 Cease-and-desist proceedings
§ 77i Court review of orders
§ 77j Information required in prospectus
§ 77k Civil liabilities on account of false registration statement
§ 77l Civil liabilities arising in connection with prospectuses and communications
§ 77m Limitation of actions
§ 77n Contrary stipulations void
§ 77o Liability of controlling persons
§ 77p Additional remedies; limitation on remedies
§ 77q Fraudulent interstate transactions
§ 77r Exemption from State regulation of securities offerings
§ 77r-1 Preemption of State law
§ 77s Special powers of Commission
§ 77t Injunctions and prosecution of offenses
§ 77u Hearings by Commission
§ 77v Jurisdiction of offenses and suits
§ 77w Unlawful representations
§ 77x Penalties
§ 77y Jurisdiction of other Government agencies over securities
§ 77z Separability
§ 77z-1 Private securities litigation
§ 77z-2 Application of safe harbor for forward-looking statements
§ 77z-3 General exemptive authority
§ 77aa Schedule of information required in registration statement


§ 77bb “Corporation of Foreign Security Holders”; creation; principal office; branch offices
§ 77cc Directors of Corporation; appointment, term of office, and removal
§ 77dd Powers and duties of Corporation, generally
§ 77ee Directors of Corporation, powers and duties generally
§ 77ff Accounts and annual balance sheet of Corporation; audits
§ 77gg Annual report by Corporation; printing and distribution
§ 77hh Assessments by Corporation on holders of foreign securities
§ 77ii Subscriptions accepted by Corporation as loans; repayment
§ 77jj Loans to Corporation from Reconstruction Finance Corporation authorized
§ 77kk Representations by Corporation as acting for Department of State or United States forbidden; interference with foreign negotiations forbidden
§ 77ll Effective date of subchapter
§ 77mm Short title


§ 77aaa Short title
§ 77bbb Necessity for regulation
§ 77ccc Definitions
§ 77ddd Exempted securities and transactions
§ 77eee Securities required to be registered under Securities Act
§ 77fff Securities not registered under Securities Act
§ 77ggg Qualification of indentures covering securities not required to be registered
§ 77hhh Integration of procedure with Securities Act and other Acts
§ 77iii Effective time of qualification
§ 77jjj Eligibility and disqualification of trustee
§ 77kkk Preferential collection of claims against obligor
§ 77lll Bondholders’ lists
§ 77mmm Reports by indenture trustee
§ 77nnn Reports by obligor; evidence of compliance with indenture provisions
§ 77ooo Duties and responsibility of the trustee
§ 77ppp Directions and waivers by bondholders; prohibition of impairment of holder’s right to payment; record date
§ 77qqq Special powers of trustee; duties of paying agents
§ 77rrr Effect of prescribed indenture provisions
§ 77sss Rules, regulations, and orders
§ 77ttt Hearings by Commission
§ 77uuu Special powers of the Commission
§ 77vvv Judicial review
§ 77www Liability for misleading statements
§ 77xxx Unlawful representations
§ 77yyy Penalties
§ 77zzz Effect on existing law
§ 77aaaa Contrary stipulations void
§ 77bbbb Separability

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