United States Statutes at Large/Volume 1/3rd Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 10

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 1
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Third Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 10

Jan. 2, 1795
Chap. Ⅹ.—An Act authorizing the transfer of the Stock standing to the credit of certain States.

Certain stock standing to the credit of a state to be transferred to its creditors.
1794, ch. 37.
1797, ch. 14.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That at any time within two years from the passing of this act, transfers shall and may be authorized, of so much of the stock standing to the credit of any state, pursuant to the report of the commissioners for settling accounts between the United States and individual states, and the act passed thereon, intituled “An act making provision for the payment of the interest on the balances due to certain states, upon a final settlement of the accounts between the United States and the individual states,” to creditors of such state, who were such, prior to the first day of July, one thousand seven hundred and ninety-three, as may be necessary to satisfy their respective demands: Provided,Proviso. That no such transfer shall be made but with the consent of the said state and its creditors.

Approved, January 2, 1795.