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  • Arabic "reversed comma" diacritic— ʽ
  • use {{smaller|A.D.}} for "A.D." in small caps. e.g. 1066 A.D. to get a similar size as in printed book (and copies as capitals).
  • Use ℔ for lb. (pound weight symbol)
  • Unicode symbols e.g.⪪ ⪫ ⩾ ⩽
  • Greek example: <span title="bous">{{Polytonic|βοῦς}}</span>βοῦς (hover mouse over to show English)
  • Greek combining diacritic ͡ e.g. κοιμ͡αν - alternate is the character with tilde ᾶ from the Greek character selection box
  • Unicode Table for Hebrew
  • em quad "& #8193;" (without the space between & and #) - em quad space between bars: | | (=non-breaking em space)
  • 1 11⁄16 alternative to 11116  1{{frac|11|16}} or   111/16  1{{sfrac|11|16}} or   111/16  {{EB1911 tfrac|11|16}} 111/16
  • Angle bracket image (can be used in chemical equation)       (File:Langle.svg|12px) "Category: Angle brackets" in Wikimedia Commons or
  • Angle bracket symbol 〈 (HTML symbol #9001) from
  • Hexagon ring, point up  
  • division slash ∕ normal slash / greater than with bar ⪫
  • more greater than type signs: e.g.
  • Both sub-script and super-script: hπ1
    — ''h''<small>{{dual line|{{Polytonic|π}}<sub>1</sub>|''p''<sub>1</sub>}}</small>
or h24 — ''h''<sup>2</sup><span style="position: relative; top: 0.5em; font-size: 0.75em; margin-left: -1.2ex;">4</span>
 &c. (2)
{{MathForm2|(2)|<math>E=\int_{t_0}^{t'} p'dt + \int_{t'}^{t''} p''dt+</math>&c.}}

Table tips:

For collapse border table with indent e.g. {{ts|ba|bc|margin-left:45px}}
HTML table with collapsed border: <table border=1; style="border: 1px solid black; border-collapse: collapse;">
Column or Rowspan with border: colspan="2" style="border: 1px solid black;"
Row height:|- style=line-height:85%;
Hanging indent (first line left) <td style="width: 50%; vertical-align: top; padding-left:1.0em; text-indent:-1.0em;"> (padding-left:2.0em; for 2nd column for gap between columns.)

Useful templates: {{Template:EB1911 contributor table B/entry ‎

{{Fine| {{EB1911 Page Heading| e.g. {{EB1911 Page Heading||Blantyre|Blasphemy|43}}

{{EB1911 Article Link|

{{Font-variant normal| particularly for use in Contributor table to bypass the default small caps

{{EB1911 Shoulder Heading|Classification of the phenomena of life.|align=left}} (e.g.)

{{EB1911 footer initials|Leonard James Spencer|L. J. S.}}

or just : e.g. {{EB1911 MG}}   where MG is the author initials. See Category:EB1911 contributor templates for available contributor templates

See for list of authors (Vol 1) for list of authors (Vol 5) etc.

{{EB1911 Coordinates|11|12|13|E.}} for 11° 12′ 13″ — or shorthand {{11co}}

} - large bracket etc. see for use in table; or use {{brace2}} template which gives:  

Use of a correction: e.g. <span class="correction" title="amended from magna">magma</span> or
<ins class="correction" title="'situtated' in original">situated</ins> or
Use SIC template: {{SIC|situtated|situated}} → situtated

Good example of table with indent and 90% font size: Good example of chemical formula:


Category:EB 1911 no volume (592 at 15 April 2017, 561 at 27 April 2018)
Category:EB1911 non-transcluded articles (86 at 15 April 2017, 74 at 27 April 2018)

Alternate sources of EB1911 text: or e.g.
  or e.g.
Vol.5 (for vol. 20 etc.)

Defunct website:

Some mis-scans in EB1911:

Mis-scan correction Mis-scan correction Mis-scan correction Mis-scan correction Mis-scan correction
afllxed affixed Amencan American An1ong Among a11d and Anttquntes Antiquities
Brographza Biographia Brttannzea Britannica bmshes brushes
clomng clotting Connor! Comfort coinmune commune circumsta11ces circumstances
cinusque cujusque cuttlngs cuttings
dejatto de facto Dictiormaire Dictionnaire diierence difference
dijlcult difficult clitiicult difficult
Emry. Ency. Englrsh English fiber über
held field nerce fierce nnal final Enally finally
hnger finger hre fire fiuorspar fluorspar Hoor floor
dame flame iiy fly frariqaise française
haernolyrnph haemolymph Hzstowe Histoire Htstory History llc he
h1m him hrs his
Indlan Indian Insl. Inst. rn in 111 in
]. J. Tapan Japan lean Jean Ioan Joan yudicia judicia
kabbahstic kabbalistic
L'Archilecture L'Architecture Vécoriornie l'économie Ltfe Life Lotus Louis
lrttle little
magnincent magnificent inaritime maritime menioir memoir mérzle mérite
ii n na1ned named
cg of oj of oil off orinces orifices
ox1dat1on oxidation
Pe11insular Peninsular Penrnsular Peninsular prenx prefix Propertzes Properties Polztzk Politik
q.11. q.v.
Realencydopädie Realencyclopädie Russ/ey Russkey
scriptortbus scriptoribus Spzrnnal Spiritual sulier suffer seivice service
Sohwelzers Schweizers Stoolsworterbuch Staatsworterbuch
T1betan Tibetan t1ll till ty111g tying
uniwcrsal universal
Wash1ngton's Washington's Wtlltarn William /Vhatever Whatever wh1ch which
whiiling whirling WhlC1I which
I7th 17th


Did a lot of The Dictionary of Australasian Biography. Some common mis-scans:

Mis-scan correction
Bar. Rev.
be he
bis his
Bight Right
Elisabeth Elizabeth
6 5

Other useful ref. works The New Student's Reference Work