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  • Book of Knowledge: Fundamental (Basic) Principles of the Torah, Ethics, Study of the Torah, Idolatry, Repentance.
  • Love (Adoration): Laws Concerning Reading of the Shema'; Concerning Prayer(s) and the priestly benediction; concerning tephillin (phylacteries), mezuzah and scroll(s) of the Torah; concerning fringes; concerning blessings; circumcision. Yale: Concerning the recitation of the Shema (plain); concerning prayer and the priestly blessing; concerning tefillin, mezuzah, and the torah scroll; concerning fringes; concerning blessing; concerning circumcision.
  • Seasons: Sabbath, Erubin, concerning the observance of rest on the tenth of tishrei, concerning the observance of rest on the feasts, concerning leavened and unleavened bread; concerning the ram's horn, concerning booths and concerning the palm branch; of the shekel-dues; concerning the solemn announcement of the first day of the month, concerning fasts, concerning reading the scroll of esther and concerning the feast of lights. Yale: Sabbath; `Erub; Repose on the Tenth of Tishri; repose on a festival; leavened and unleavened bread; ram's horn, etc.; shekel dues; sanctification of the new moon; fasts; megillah and hanukkah.
  • Women: concerning marriage; concerning divorce; concerning levirate marriage and formal release from the obligation of entering into such a union; concerning virgin maidens, concerning a woman suspected (by her husband) of infidelity.
  • Holiness: concerning prohibited sexual relations; forbidden foods; ritual mode of slaying animals for food. Yale: Forbidden (Illicit) intercourse; forbidden foods; sehitah.
  • Specific Utterance: concerning oaths; vows; of the nazarite; appraisals and of things devoted to the sactuary. Yale Asseverations: Oaths; vows; nazariteship; valuations and things votive.
  • Seeds: concerning the sowing of diverse seeds; gifts to the poor; heave-offerings (dues to the priest); tithes; second tithes and the fruit of the fourth year from the planting of the trees; first-fruits and other gifts to the priests outside of the sanctuary; sabbatical year and the year of the jubilee. Yale: Agriculture: diverse seeds; gifts to the poor; heave offerings; tithe; second tithe and fourth year's fruit; first fruits and other gifts to the priesthood; the sabbatical year and the year of the Jubilee.
  • Divine Service (in the sanctuary): concerning the national sanctuary; concerning the vessels of the sanctuary and those who serve in it; concerning admission into the sanctuary; concerning restrictions in regard to (sacrifices on) the altar; concerning the procedure (in the offering up) of sacrifices; concerning the daily offerings and additional offerings; concerning sacrifices that have become unfil (to be offered up or consumed); concerning the service of the day of atonement; concerning trespass [=unlawful use] on things set apart as a sacrifice or on property of the sanctuary. Yale: Temple Service: the temple; vessels of the sanctuary and those who minister therein; entrance into the sanctuary; things prohibited for the alter; the manner of offering sacrifices; the daily offerings and tdditional offerings; hallowed offerings rendered unfil; the service on the day of atonement; trespass in regard to sacred objects.
  • Sacrifices: the paschal offering; concerning the celebration of the festivals; the first-born; concerning offerings brought for transgressions committed in error; concerning those who have to bring sacrifices as an atonement; concerning substitution. Yale: Offerings: the passover offering; the festal offering; firstlings; offerings for transgressions committed through error; concerning those whose atonement is not complete; concerning substituted offerings.
  • Purity: concerning defilement by a dead body; concerning the red-heifer; concerning the uncleanness of leprosy; concerning the defilement of a couce or of a seat; other original sources of defilement; defilement of foods; laws of vessels; concerning ritual baths. Yale: Cleanness: corpse uncleanness; red heifer; those who render couch and seat unclean; other faths of uncleanness; the uncleanness of foodstuffs; utensils; immersion pools.
  • Injuries: concerning damages to property; concerning theft; concerning robbery and concerning things lost; concerning one who commits an injury to a person or to property; concerning murder and concerning the preservation of human life. Yale: Torts: damage by chattels; theft; robbery and lost property; wounding and damaging; murder and the preservation of life.
  • Acquisition: sale; acquisition of derelict property and gifts; neighbors; agents and partners; bondmen. Yale: sales; original acquisition and gifts; neighbors; agents and partners; slaves.
  • Judgements: hiring; concerning borrowing an article and deposit; concerning creditor and debtor; plaintiff and defendant; inheritances. Yale: Civil Laws: Hiring; borrowing and depositing; creditor and debtor; pleading; inheritance.
  • Judges: concerning the sanhedrin and the penalties within their jurisdiction; evidence; concerning the contumacious; mourning; sovereigns and wars. Yale: Concerning the sanhedrin and the penalties within their jurisdiction; evidence; rebels; mourning; kings and wars.