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This text has been translated from Latin. The source text for the translation may be found here. The source itself is free from copyright restrictions, and the present translation is a collaborative effort by Wikisource contributors. You are invited to expand and improve this translation.

Optional: Other classical translations; some works may be translated from more than one language.

Optional: Other English translations of this text, in the public domain or otherwise free of copyright restrictions, have been used as a resource for this translation. These include:

Optional: Other copyrighted English translations exist. These include:

The translation of this work is currently || complete || still incomplete, but contains most of the text || incomplete, but contains a significant minority of the text || incomplete, but contains selected chapters/sections of the text || incomplete, and only fragments of the text have been translated thus far.

The quality of this translation is currently || an initial attempt || a first draft || a completed draft || This translation has been proofread and peer reviewed. {D-C-B-A?? Sounds a bit too American}