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Resources for Current ProjectsEdit

The Age of ShakespeareEdit

Age of Shakespeare on Project Gutenberg


 | title    = [[../]]
 | author   = Algernon Charles Swinburne
 | section  = 
 | previous = [[../Chapter |]]
 | next     = [[../Chapter |]]
 | notes    =

The Hunchback of Notre DameEdit

Notre Dame de Paris on Project Gutenberg


|previous= ←[[../Chapter I|Book Third, Chapter I]]
|next= [[../Chapter I|Book Third, Chapter I]]→
|title= [[../../]]
|section= (Book Third, Chapter I)
|author= Victor Hugo
|notes= <div align="center">Translated from the original French by [[Isabel F. Hapgood]]</div>

=== Book Third, Chapter  ===

Ulysses (novel)Edit

Ulysses on Project Gutenberg

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| next= [[../Chapter |Chapter ]]→
| title= [[../]]
| section= (Chapter : )
| author= James Joyce
| notes= <div align="center">This edition of Ulysses by [[Author:James Joyce|James Joyce]] is based on the pre-1923 print editions. Chapter divisions and titles, though not present in these editions, have been added to avoid confusion and aid the modern reader.</div>